MLB-Tems three-point shelling collapse space people wineman 4-2 get valuable victory

Beijing time on September 4, Milwaukee Brewers home race ushered in the second round of the Houston Astros in the series, although in the second Jushang Ban Reddick helped the Astros 1-0 lead, however, wine man team in three innings with half Braun hits, helping the Brewers team the match, followed by Tai Musi-thirds of a gun directly to rewrite the score to 4-1, despite of the 后斯普林格A Yangchun cannon is close to the score, but in the end, both parties are unlocated to rewrite the score, and finally the brewer team 4-2 defeated the space team.

Space people are currently sitting in the Mei Lianxi District to take a chair. Their purpose is only the championship of the World Contest, and the wine is still looking for the quota of a national affiliate card.

[Data Highlight]

The space team first sent a guerrilla to Bregman, knocked out 2 security, including a river spring gun, gaining 1 point.

The wine troops first pitched the Pitcher Lles Pocket 6.1 bureau, lost 2 points, complete the quality first. Toms 3 taps, knocking out 2 security, including a home run, and put down 3 points.

[Competition process]

In the second half of the game, after the two games, Jerege knocked out a second base for the right foreign field, and didn’t have a point directly. However, Braun on the ground was knocked out of a wild rolling earth and was blocked.

In the middle of the second game, after one person out, Toro knocked out the three bases of the left foreign country, and the strong captured the three bases. After that, the Radiss knocked out a one base in the left field, helping the Space People’s team to lay the game. First point.

In the second half of the three games, after one person out, Grisham and Gran Dolue have captured one or two bases with a series of silant formation. Although Jeregia debuted, although the flying ball is out, it promotes Grid Sham to the third base. Left-farm Braun knocked out a place in the direction of China and foreign countries, helping the winemaking team slammed the score, still maintaining a one and two rivals. Toms knocked out a three-year gun in the middle and foreign fields, making the Wine Scenery a leadership of 4-1.

In the second half of the four games, Assia was hit by the sacrifice of the play and pitcher, Lales, but Grisham did not continue to continue the Springs of the Warehouse.

Springer injured

Springer injured

In the second half of the five games, although Springer caught the third number, but after jumping the ball, the head hit the pads of the homework, the space team must not change him. The five games ended, the wineman 4-1 leading the space team.

After the six games, after the two out of the game, the space team was hit by Bregman. The 34th of this season will be brought close to 2-4. In the second half of the six games, Tems rushed directly to the second base with a positive running. But the bacter’s back-end stick has not made more contributions.

After the seven games, after the two out of the game, Gran Dol was knocked out the second base of the right foreign field, and directly captured the spot circle. Jerege is selected from the four bad guarantees, forming a situation in which two people are out of place. However, a rolling earth with Braun was blocked and ended the seventh game.

Thereafter, the game was no longer wave, and finally franked in the Wine Scenery 4-2, with a victory, open the series of compensation with the worship team to compete with the Cong Bear.

[Next prospect]

After this, the two sides will usher in a day, followed by, the wineman will usher in the home and die of the Bear team, the first-hand pitcher, Anderson, this season, 4 wins and 3 losses, The self-population rate is 4.58.

The space team, will settle home, ushered in the series of Seattle Sailor Team, the first battle of the first battle is a good Milly, which is 13 wins in this season, and the self-popification rate is 3.06.

[Two Party First]

Houston Space:

First stick Chinese and foreign wilder Springer

The second rod left outer wilder Blante

Third rod guerrilla Braggman

Fifth stick two based Dians

Sixth stick Toro

The seventh stick right wilder Radick

Eighth bats Maldado

Ninth stick Granki

Milwaukee brewant:

First stick Chinese and foreign wild hand Grisham

Second Bar Catcher Grant

Third stick right wilder hand Jerege

The fourth stick left outer wilder Braun

Fifth stick

Sixth base three base

Seventh stick two bases Spaenberg

Eighth stick guerrillas Assia

Ninth stick, Lles