MLB Tiger Affiliated League team pass a player killed due to the accidental scooter accident

On September 3, Beijing time, the capture of the Tigers Small League system was died in the hospital, only 27 years old. Last week he was sent to the hospital because of a skateboard accident.

The police found the maiden in the city of Pennsylvania last Friday morning. According to reports, there was a significant blood in his head, followed by emergency delivery to hospital first aid.

The surveillance camera is displayed, and the mappie in the morning is playing a skateboard on the street. Sudden skateboard stops, he fell straight forward, and the Eri Police Bureau police officer David Swark said in an interview with Detroit Free Media.

”Looks that he fell from the skateboard, the head took the lead. He immediately lost his consciousness after falling.”

The Tiger team said in the statement: ”The Maizi is deeply loved by the players at all levels of our team system.”

Born in Hawaii’s Machi’s small union system effectiveness for the Philadelphie and Yangji team two teams. In November last year, he signed a small alliance contract with the tiger team. This season has played 71 games for the 2A team.

The margin boss Fernando – Ajer said in the statement: ”The Suddenly barteavorous departure of the Ilihai Wolf to the world. Zais is a leader, a good teammate, the player’s good friend, he Active optimistic personality infected a lot of people. Everyone who met him felt his enthusiasm. He has a very positive impact on the team and the entire community. ”