MLB-Way collective matte! Spaceman 0-4 does not have a cavalry

On April 4th, Beijing time, the Great League of the United States continued to conduct a civil war, and the Texas tour cavalry met Houston Space. Yesterday was the second game, the tournament wins, this game space man round value to another ace pitcher Cole play, but Cole lost 3 points in the 6 game, and the spaceman walked hard, could not The team feeds the score. The swordsman played, and the firm wipes the opponent, and finally, the space man away from 0: 4, and encountered a series of battles.

[Data Highlight]

The ride first sent a pitcher McNa 7.0 bureau to send 7 times of Sanzhen, and Mazara 4 played 2 支 打 2 points, and the Yangchun cannon.

[Competition process]

A few strong teams in the new season were not good, showing slow-hot states, and space people are one of them. This game is round value to Grt Cole first, but in the second half of the first game, the spaceman took the lead in losing. In the first, the second rod, the autumn and Odor, but when the remaining number, first was knocked out by Andrews, and the pirate was successful, Mazara Baseball, I sent back to my teammates, and the first bureau of the ride will take the score, 1: 0.

In the middle of the second game, Coreya was out of the bureau. After the Gurreti Naver Flying ball was killed, the spaceman hit the coach Sinterlen by the protests, and the space man hit the coach. AJ-Singqi is also exported to the field, and the space people are trapped inside and outside.

The sword will first pitched Mike – Although it is not a smooth water, it still presses the walked line of the space, and the spaceman only contributes sporadic and unable to form a continuous attack. Instead, Kole, after the first game lost, the second and third games successfully solved the player, but in the second half of the fourth place, Mazara waved the air and was sent by Zhenzhen. Cannon Garlo received four bad Ball, Kabrera, Rolling Earth, Gallo promoted to the second base. Pens seized the opportunity to knock out the right foreign countries, let the visitors have 1 point, 2: 0. Gutzman relay knocked out the second base to beat, Pens also returned to the home score, 0: 3.

In the seventh place, McNa three times and three easily solve the player, ending the pitching work in this field, after the 7.0 bureau was played 5 security, sent 7 three-oscillated 2 guaranteed, without any loss, showing excellent performance. The seven games shorter James replace Cole spread, Cole is only played 4 security, but lost 3 points, and sent 9 three-oscillated 3 times.

In the second half of the eighth game, James continued to move forward. After the three consecutive signers were swarched, they were born out of the spring gun by Mazara, and the rider will expand the score to 0: 4.

In the first half of the ninth game, the tour soldiers were closing the door, first, Zhenzuo, Coreya, followed by Gudelle high-speed ball out, White also high-speed ball was killed, the game was over, the tournament won the victory.

[Two sides starting]

Houston Space Team:

2. Alt Tuvi two base

3. Bresman

4. Brandhei left outer wilder

5. Correa guerrilla

6. Argelle of Gurret

7. White designated blow

8. Stasi Catcher

9. Redkend’s right outside

Texas City Cavalry:

1. Autumn Credit Specify

2. Odor 2rd

3. Andrews guerrilla

4. Mazara right outside

5. Gallo Chinese and foreign wilder

6. Babrera 3rd base

7. Pengz left outer wilder

8. Gutzman

9. Masis catcher

[Next prospect]

The rider exchanged into angel, and the tourist sent an Aidson Varquaz to play. He finally played for the first time last week, in the face of the bear’s 4th game lost 4 points, he was hit out of 6 security, sent 3 sputum And 4 times, it is not ideal. The earlier, award is already a match for the angel in 2016, and the 5th game lost 8 points. One day, the next opponent is the Auckland sports home, the spaceman is first sent to Colin – Mai Xiu, the first time of Mai Xiu, the first to the light, send 9 three-vibration, 5 games lost 2 points. Mai Xiu as a post-aid pitcher 6 times against the sportswater, 7.1 bureau only lost 2 points.