MLB – Way out of the line! Focus on the battle of red socks 19-3 Wins

On July 26, Beijing time, the US duty wart has ended a focus war, and the two sides of the New York is the New York, the Boston Red Socks, Yangji first pitcher field will be thrown in the four games. point. Finally, with the excellent play, the reddings final 19-3 big breaks the enemy, and opened a good head for this series.

Data highlight

The red socks rated the Poshowlosheng Picking 3 points, the high-quality first hair, hit, the reddings team firepower opened, the single hitting the 23 amps, including 4 self-playing, got it 19 points, where Bugatz hits 4 security, Benneuti and Bradley, including 2 strokes, also have a single game, and five people hit two beats.

Yangji’s pitcher field will only vote for 3.1 bureaus and knocked 12 points, and hit the battle, Yangji’s game only hits 7 security, and Woit hit three.

Game process

Two people in Posarllo and Tanka were taken in the London game, only 12 points, and today Posolo stabilized the situation. The first game sent three three times, but the field is a lot I didn’t catch a three-year gun. At this time, I still had a way to solve the player. After I was knocked on the three security, the red socks took place to stand up, Bradley and Bates continuous two-second bases Then 4 points, the first game of Red Sato has achieved 7-0 leaders.

The second game of Yangji began to catch up, and Woit and Torres sent two consecutive place to return to Graggrass on the second base, Takman made a place in the formation of a hit, and then hit the Leme Restaurant Squeeze back, the two games end, Yangji 2-7 backward.

The field has a steady situation in the two or three two games. The second game has also sent two three vibrations. Although the third bureau is captured and occupied by two or three builders, it is still safe to see. However, in the second half of the fourth game, he was thrown again. Dedz took out the home run, and there were two people on the base. Chavez and Morade continuously two second bases and played back 3 points. This ball also returned the field, and the reddock cracked Wazkez could not stop. A second base is playing back to Moland. The self-blaming of the field is also fixed in 12 points, the four games end, Red Socks 12-2 leads.

Yangji Catcher East Gaogah’s fifth game hit a spring spring gun, this is his first bomb, but Posolo continuously solves the next three beats, and did not make damage to the damage.

The second half of the red socks also came up with four seconds, including two seconds bases, and the single bureau will be 3 points to the end of the five games. The ratio is 15-3.

Two sticks before the red socks, Bates and Dels coils will then come back next half, and the red socks at this time have been 16-3.

Siki, the second half of the eighth game, arrested Luai, and he got up the arrest of the reddim of replacement, Raifan, Romahen’s pitch, comparable to the ball machine, a unpleasant ball Trend the center of the tape, and the Bugatz also hit the home run. Although he was hit by Martinnes, it was finally relying on teammates to solve Bestertys and check. Wes, Eighth games ended, and the Red Sox 19-3 leaded.

The ninth bureau, the red socks sent Jewwaldi. He successfully solved the three players who lost their other party. The final scene was defeated with the disparity of 19-3.

Both sides

Boston Red Socks

First stick right wilder Muqi-Bates

Second Bar Tablet Raphael Dels

Third stick guerrillas praise – Bogotz

Fourth rod designated blow JD-Martinens

The fifth rod left outer wilder Andrew – Bene Tau

Sixth stick Bolk – Holt

The seventh stick is a barrier Mickey – Morade

Eighth Bar Catcher Cristian – Watzkz

Ninth stick Chinese and foreign wilder small Jieky – Bradley

First pitcher Rick-Posaro

New York Yangji

The first stick Tablet DJ-Le Mei

The second stick right wilder Alon – Jiaqi

Third stick Chinese and foreign wilder Alon https://www.mlbboutique2.comHicks

Fourth rod designated to fight Edwin – Nkanasi

The fifth rod guerrilla Didi-Greglius

Sixth stick, Ruke-Woit

Seventh stick two bases Grayber-Torres

Eighth stick left outer wilder Mike – Takman

Ninth Bar Catcher Donggang Kyle

First, the pitcher field will be big

Next look

Tomorrow’s two teams will continue to be superior in Boston, and the Yangji will send Parrseton to play, Parrseon’s first session is a slap in the Bay of the Biece 3.1, 4 points, 4 points. However, in April this season, he sent 12 three-oscillated in the 8th game of the Red Socks and only one guarantee. The pitcher sent by the red socks is also the Casana, who came to the team, Casseta played the most excellent in the last few games of the Jinyan team, but the two games after coming to the red socks can only be said to be a strong, long- term In the Gairna Career in the United States East District, 10 times faced the grades of 2 wins and 5 defeats, and the self-sharing rate is still 3.96.

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