MLB – Woit opens a single field 3 points to play the base 7-3 light tap

Beijing time April 30, the US duty wand big league New York Yangji Giants challenged the San Francisco giant, and the two sides of the truth, the truth of the San Shu, a slightly won, won the one-two stick Mei Xiu and WoitIn the absence of a good performance, the final Yangji took away the game in the game.

Le Mei Xiu once again plays the key role, single 5 play 3 play

Le Mei Xiu once again plays the key role, single 5 play 3 play

Data highlight

Yang Biece: Parrse 5.2 Bureau 8 times three vibration loss 3 points, Woit 4 play 3 hits 3 tap 2 score, Le Mei Xiu 5 play 3 placement 3 score

Giant Team: Port 3 Tit 1 Anwang 2 Total 1 Score, Osts 3 Tit 1 Anwind 2 Pixabay

Game review

The giant team launched ace pitcher

The giant team launched ace pitcher ”Bango” against New York ”Da Maple Leaf” Parxton

Although the injured soldiers are full, the 8 wins and 2 losses of Yangji came to San Francisco and the Giant team. Both sides sent a king to the left, Yangji, which was first sent by James Paxton, and the giants sent a Madison Bumgarner who gave a merits.

Parxton’s current situation can be said to be very good, there is no loss in the past two games, and the two games will send 24 three vibrators! It is a very correct decision to say that it is very correct. Bang Gana This season is a stable stability, and the self-sharing rate is also maintained at sufficient level 3.66.

Giants immediately respond to Yangji's offensive

Giants immediately respond to Yangji’s offensive

After the game, I went first to start the attack. After the road of DJ Lemaheiu, the Gleyber Torres was then supplemented with the second base to help the Yang Bixi, then O’Sela (GIO Urshela)’s point of play, a hit, answered, letting Yangji quickly got 2-0 lead. The giant team also responded quickly, and the second half of the second half of the second half, the high-flying sacrifice of the Buster Posey assigned Parxon’s first point in the three games, but the offensive is also Yangervis Solarte hits the inner wild rolling earth and abruptly, and the Yangji is still a leader.

The state of the Bangalna in this game can be said to be slightly unstable. He can very efficiently grasp the half-bureau of three on three, and he can suddenly beaten in a single half, which makes him in the third The fifth bureau lost the score. In the upper half of the sixth game, the three continuous security of Bangalna once again lost, and the final coach also changed him to open the field, and he did not let him continue to face the fourth round of Yangji line and then enlargement.

Both the king pitcher must not be bad, but the luck is not good.

Both the king pitcher must not be bad, but the luck is not good.

On the first sentence, Parxon quickly fell steady after the first sentence, then he was only hit by a place, until the second half of the 6th bureau came out of the second base, at this time, it was President, a second base of the left. Let Parsston will lose the score again, then Sortt will return to Presses with a hierarchy, and the Parsston is detained.

The next step is the contest, although the pitcher on both sides encounters some small chaos, but still has a few half of the next half. Until the top half of the nine bureaus, the two-point gun of the Chinese and foreign country of Woit voit will open the score to the gap between 7-3, so that the game lost the suspense. In the second half of the nine bureaus, Yangji let the Terminator Chapman (Aroldis Chapman) and finally completed the task, and 7-3 Yangji’s victory in the first battle of the series.

Both parties

New York Yangji

The first stick is two bases D. J. Lemeu (D. J. Lemaheiu)

The second stick, Luke, Voit (Luke Voit)

Third Bar Guer Leber Torres (Gleyber Torres)

Fourth base 3rd base, Gio-Irshela

Fifth rod right wilder card Melon – Maxbin

Sixth Catcher Oster – Romine (Austin Romine)

Seventh stick Chinese and foreign wilder Mike Tauchman

Eighth rod left outer wilder Tayro – Estrada (Thairo Estrada)

Ninth Bar Pitcher James – Paxton

San Francisco giant

First stick Chinese and foreign wilder Kevin-Pilarar

The second stick is a barrier Taylor – Tyler austin

Third stick left outer wilder Brandon – Belt (BRANDON BELT)

The fourth stick arrested Bast – Posey

Fifth stick, three bases, Ivan-Ran Longoria

Sixth sticks Two bases Yanggevis Solarte (Yangervis Solarte)

Seventh stick guerrillas Brandon – Brandon Crawford

Eighth stick Madison – Bunnerne (Madison Bumgarner)

Ninth rod right wilder Steven Duggar (Steven Duggar)

Tomorrow lookout

The second battle of the series, the New York Yangji will send a new person who has a very bright-eyed in this season Herman (Domingo German). The landlord’s giant team was hanged by Rodrick Rodriguez. Herman This season is a medium-sized pillar of the New York Yangji team in the New York, in the ancestors of the avelement Sevilino, which is effective in filling the wheel value during the lack of injury, and 4 wins and 1 loss this season. The record does not say that the self-sharing rate is even less than 1.75.

After Rodriggs did not fall, he was unexpected last year to become a giant round value, this year’s performance is also very stable, and it is currently the most winning pitcher in the giant array. Both sides are the first time I encountered the opponent line, how to adjust the strategy will become a major test of two young pitks.