MLB1 Day Summary: Xie Zer War Tiger 14K Grand Valley Xiangping double sound weakly rescue

On July 1st, Beijing time, the American Professional Baseball Grand Alliance conducted 15 games, the results were as follows: Yangji 12-8 socks, Indians 2-0 Jinxi, Royal 7-6 Blue Bird, Bear 6-8 RedPeople, national 2-1 tiger, visitors 2-6 rays, Philadelres 13-6 macarth fish, sailor 1-6 space people, double city 3-4 white socks, pirate 1-2 winemaker, Dodge 10-5Rocky, a snake 4-10 giants, sportsmen 12-3 Angel, Rapid 5-3 priest.

Washington National 2-1 Detroit Tiger

In the fourth game, in the case of one or three bases, there are two out of the game, Suzuki crepts the stalemate of the game, the seventh place, Brandon-Dickson’s Yangchun cannon make the tiger to equalize the score, but the eighth game on Anthony -The Yangchun cannon of Linden makes the national re-acquisition.Finally returning to Detroit Marcos Xie Zer used a 14th Senuct to help the team to take the victory.

Minnesota Shuangcheng 3-4 Chicago White Socks

The third bureau, Eyan Moncada’s two-point gun makes white socks lead the lead, and in the case of the sixth game, James McCain and Jo Jie – Jay continuously sanctically rewritten 4 to 0. The seventh game, Nielsen – Kruz, burn out two points, but unfortunately Mi Gal-Sano’s point or unable to change the land of Double City.

Seattle Sailor 1-6 Houston Space Man

The first bureau JP-Crawford’s Yangchun can make the sailor to lead the lead, but the spaceman quickly rely on the second base of Jordan-Alvarez’s first game. The third place is also the contribution of Alvarez when he has someone who has someone. The eighth bureaus rely on the tandem and the other party’s mistake, and finally defeat the sailor at the end of the main family. 8 wins.

Pittsburgh Pirate 1-2 Milwaukee

The first game of Mülch-Kabrera allowed pirates to lead the lead, in the fourth place, in the case of one or 2 bases, the winemaker Pitted Zach – Davis knocked out the score . Since then, the two sides have fallen into a pitcher war, and the eighth games under Eric Times’s spring cannons make the winemaker’s home to pirate.

Los Angeles Daoqi 10-5 Colorado

On the third game, Matt Ti Ti’s todded took the lead in achieving leading, the fifth game, the passing of the passing of the other’s pitcher, the sacrifice of the front of the Tian Tian Jian Tai, and then the Peterson’s security saga is 3 to 0. The fifth bureau Charlie-Blackmont’s point and David-Dora three-unit gun make Rocky instantially super-score.

The sixth bureau has set off the attack frenzy. When the base is in the case, Tener is swolled back to the sliding score. After that, Peterson, Pii and Mangxi’s sanctuary let the Digital single bureau turn 6 points to complete the anti-superchard. On the 8th Bureau, Berlinjie’s point of viewing insurance points, the ninth bureau, Bradmont’s spring guns only saved some lotus faces.

Arizona Snake 4-10 San Francisco Giant Man

The second bureau’s two-point guns made the giants leading the lead in achieving leading. In the case of some people in the third place, Plarth’s right time to be rewritten into 4 to 0. Fifth Council Wagas’s high flight sacrifice to break the snake, but the seventh place, the giant will once again set off the attack frenzy, the six joints of the Six, the joint attack, the six-point lock win, eventually lost in Bonamana 7 times Leading the giant home of the giant.

Auckland Sports Home 12-3 Los Angeles Angel

The second game of the second game of Shang Pingdel and the fourth game of Shangluiyano’s second base will make the sports home to get 2 to 0 lead, the fourth place in the big valley Xiangping’s Yangchun cannon break the sky. The fifth game on Matt Chapman’s three-sided score has changed into 5 to 1, and the sixth bureau’s point of Karhorn’s point makes angels again close the score.

The eighth attendant rely on the other party’s continuous gaze and 7 points below the joint attack, including the second base of Chapman’s running, the eighth game, the eighth game, the eighth game, the first single game, the season, the first single game, lost The angel winning rate after the ball fell below 50%.

Kansas City Royal 7-6 Toronto Bluebird

The second game of Lucas Duddad took the lead in letting Royal lead, the second game in the case of 2, 3stro, there are two outslast, the blue bird set off the offensive, Luke Meri’s three bases Since then, Sogch’s two-point gun makes the blue bird lead 5 to 1.

On the third game, the royal family also formed a series of series, and the four consecutive patriarchal s series jointly attacked 5 points and then achieved leading. The fifth game is on Holk Holle, the Yangchun cannon attacks the insurance points, the fifth bureau’s lower Sogk single field cannon, but unfortunately the blue bird is still at home or not.

Chicago Bear 6-https://www.fanartikelsportde.com8 Cincinnati

The first game under Suarez’s three-point cannon let the red man get the perfect opening, the sixth game, the felic-Elvin’s point, let the red people get 4 to 0 lead. The seventh bureau picked up the offensive, and Almora’s point of view made the bear to break the scorpion. After that, Shuvabo’s two-point gun broke the division to 1 point.

In the case of some people in the eighth game, the continuous security of Elvin, Farmo and Senzer is divided into 5 points, and the ninth board of Jason-Hayward’s three-point gun is also Unable to change the destiny of the lobby of the Bear.

Philadelphia 13-6 Miami Manalin

On the first game, the second base was hit by the two bases. Bryce Harper sent him back, and the third game was in the third game, and the Philadelphie used two pirate tactics, Scott. – Ginger Successfully stole the home base to score. The third bureau, the Halot-Ramirez broke the score of mare, the fourth game, Brad Miller, the Yangchun cannon, the leader, the sixth game is also Miller’s tap to set off Philadelphia The offensive of the 7 points of the human cooperation is locked.

The sixth bureau, Holch-Alpha, the 10th era, the seventh place, the seventh place, Bryan Anderson’s three-game, and the opponent’s explosion proof will shrink the marin fish. By 4, but the eighth games on Bryce-Harper’s two cannons, the Philadelphians will take away the victory.

Texas Ranger 2-6 Tampa Bay

The second bureau’s lower Joey-Windle’s high-flying sacrifice is the lead in leading the lead, the fourth game, Joey Gall’s two-point guns let the rider abundance. In the fourth place, in the case of someone who had a point, Kirmier’s tale is equalized. Since then, Wili-Adams’s second base will make the radiance. The fifth bureau, Tommy-Fan Yang Spring cannon, the leading, the eighth bureau’s three bases in the Barter, let the light home will win.

Cleveland Indians 2-0 Baltimo

After the third game, Oscar Meta was knocked out the second base to beat, and after the latter-Santana’s peace of manufacture, the Indians took the lead in breaking the deadlock, and then the two sides still fell into the pitcher. At the seventh place, the Indians were made such as the method, and the Meika’s second base was played after Santana sent him back, and finally the Indians took 2 to 0. The Indians first pitched the pitcher Bieber 8 games 11 times of Zhenzuo won the seventh wins next season.