MLB10 daily audio DC Si VS red socks red socks

Beijing time on September 10th 07:10 will stage a focus war, from New York Yangji as a guest Bosteon Feni Stadium, challenge the defending champion Boston Red Socks. This is the last game of the Four Series of ”Fat Socks”, will live broadcast on this game, welcome fans to watch.

Battle review

The four series of series, the two teams have killed two wins. After winning the third game in the series, Yangji is a 94-win-50-negative record and space person, and the only four teams are currently on the only two team winning rates to stand 65% team. Yangji stabbed up to 74 of the team in the Fire Red August, and broke the alliance a single month team. At present, Yangji’s team has accumulated 268, breaking the record of 267 bombings last year, only in the 275 bombard in Shuangcheng.

Red stocking is almost impossible to surpass the Yangji, the situation of the United States and the United States and the United States is also very disadvantageous. At present, there is a position in the outer card. The light of the same region, the leading red socks 9 wins, the second is the sportsman in the West District, leading the 8 winners. And there is also a central Indians who are chasing the rays and sportswells, and only 1.5 winners with the outer casing. There are only three weeks left in the conventional season. If there is no intention, the two Mid-Dianjiao card tickets will be scored by the three squads of the light, sportswate and the Indians.

Game point

The gap between the two sides of the competition is as many as 17.5 winners, but the power of the two teams can be said to be very small, plus red socks have the main family’s profit, and the victory is still difficult. In addition, the two pre-issues are the strong left of the first level of the first stage, and this pair is in the face.

First firing

Yang Biece First Pointer: James – Parxon

Red Sox First Pointer: Edward – Rodrigs

Yang Bi team sent James Parxon as a first-hand pitcher. The 30-year-old left pitcher from Canada is in the middle of the day. In the last day, the first time I have lost the seven games when the cavalry cavalry is lost, and the new high 12 times of the season. Parxon has recently received a summary of the victory, and the self-sharing rate is 2.98 of the ace level.

The first firing of red socks is Edwards – Rodriggs. The 26-year-old left vote from Venezuela is the most excellent first-hand pitcher in the red socks, and 17 winning investment will be the most, and the self-sharing rate is 3.81 is also the best in the first round value. He is more excellent in the main scene, and the 14th game will win 8 wins and 1 defeat, and the self-sharing rate is very excellent 3.24. Rodrigs’ reception is also quite excellent, and nearly 15 consecutive wins. He recently first, the first time, the seven games poised, and won the victory.

Focus star

Yangji’s team leader, the 36-year-old owner of the 36-year-old Brett Gardner came to the end of the career, and the performance was still excellent. Since I landed in the Great Union in 2008, he has been playing this New York Giants, 12 balls of merit me, helping Yangji won the last World Competition in 2009, and the only star game in 2015.

”Gardener” is very strong, this season has been brought into 21 projectors, chasing personal career records, attack index. 808 set a new career.

The red socks have the wiring of the top three of the Alliance, and there are up to four beats of attack index more than .900, to know that the current alliance has only 29 qualified attack index at. 900. Among them, Zander Bogaerts has become the most fierce guerrillas in this season, the attack index. 948 ranks first in all guerrillas.

The 26-year-old top of the Caribbean Island has been sent out of the 31stball playing and 105 points of hits, and the hits are broken. 3%.