MLB13 day review: 18 game war giants defeated Rocky White Socks

According to Beijing time, in addition to the Sinnati red people and the Shenglu Quantian, the remaining 14 teams have games, but the Detroit Tiger is a game of guests in Guest Mingninida. The game is as follows. The results of this day: Los Angeles Angel 1-5 Chicago Bear , Pittsburgh Pirate 6-3 Washington National (10 Bureau), Chicago White Socks 9-6 New York Yangji (7 bureau), Tampa Bay 11-7 Toronto Blue Bird, Baltimore Mojie 4-6 Boston Red Sox, Philadelphia 9-1 Miami Madolin, New York, Mandari, 6-2 Atlanta Warriors.

Auckland Sports Home 8-6 Texas Tour Cavalry, Cleveland Indians 1-8 Kansas City Royal, San Dowa Colorant 2-1 Arizona Rattleson (18 bureaus), Houston Space People 10-6 Seattle Sailor

Los Angeles Angel 1-5 Chicago Bear

The Los Angeles angel in the top of the game is a visor, the scene challenges the Chicago bear of the season, this season, I want to take advantage of the game in the series of battles, I know that I have been hit by the lower half of the second half. . The angel team first hit the home run by Ruzzo, and the Wilson Contreras. Although the angel team is in the fourth game in the fourth game, the score is shrunk, but the next semi-bureau’s Bote’s Botch will quickly return to a Yangchun. The difference has been maintained at 3 points.

The Cole Hamels of this game, Cole Hamel, handed over the eighth game, a six-oscillator, and the second half of the sixth game in the sixth game was hit on the second bought of this game. Baseball, let the game lose the suspense, and finally the bear team defeated the angel at 5-1, and terminated the other party victory.

Pittsburgh Pirate 6-3 Washington National (10 bureaus)

The Washington, which was a big season, Washington, who was at home to Welcome the Pittsburgh pirate, sent a new classmate Corbin, and a young pitcher, a young pitcher, the rise of Shanghai’s piratory, Williams. The first firing of the two sides is very good today, the Williams 6.1 bureau’s pool, facing the national attack power is only hitting 4 security and smashing two points, and Corbin has handed over 7 Location and losses, I also sent 11 three vibrations. In the case of two sides, it is very pressing, and the key to the competition is on both sheds. The two parties of the season are very unstable, and this game has also become a microcosm of this season.

First, the national cowshed at 2-1 leader by the pirate line three security, the score, followed by the next half, the pirate cowshed by this game double-gun, the second, the second, the second Booming score. After the two sides were finished, they entered the extended competition with 3-3, and the sacrificial strike after the pirate line was hit to cause the national post-support Pitcher’s mist. When a person is out, the pirates of Moran is critical time, three points of home run, breaking the deadlock, and final pirates are closed at 6-3.

Super New Show Meneze played a good performance of single field

Super New Show Meneze played a good performance of single field

Chicago White Socks 9-6 New York Yangji (7 bureaus)

New York’s dose of heavy rain does not pour the enthusiasm of the baseball, and do not pour the feel of the Chicago White Sox Super New Show Xiamenez (Eloy Jimenez). The super new show that just signed a large contract of 46 million US dollars, he greeted with the fans of New York with a single game. In this fact that the storm of the competition was finally ruling in advance, the leader in the United Noy is the first leader. Although the first bureau first allows the white stockings to get the score, the ranks of the diamond lines have been in the first and second biases. However, when the 4-1 entered the game, Yangji may not think that the gunfire of the White Sox Today is so fierce.

First, in the 4th game, it rely on the second base of Leury Garcia, and the next game rely on Alonso (Yonder Alonso) and Himenez, two-point score. Despite the idea of ??this, the 7th bureau’s backham Moncada and the back of Himenes made the game to 9-6 points, and the excessive rain will also make the alliance to decide this field. At the end of the game, the 9-6 White Sox terminates the recent wave of losses.

Tampa Bay 11-7 Toronto Bluebird

The US League East District Lead Tampa Bay is the Toronto blue bird in the same way, and the hot line is still very good in touch. Austin Meadows and the central bearer Lowe two Under the leadership of the young teenage, the seven games have been greatly leading the top 8-0. However, the Blue Bird Team is not willing to show weakness. The second half of the seven game suddenly broke out, and after the first player watched a blue bird team wandered a sigh of attack, 6 points, suddenly score gap, only 2 points left, A game is even more divided by the other party’s mistakes.

Seeing the pitcher, I can’t press it. The radiance is once again sent, and the two long play will re-reiterate 3 points. The 11-7 tapes let the Terminal Alvarado cast a relaxed, and finally Also close, 11-7, the radiance has achieved five consecutive victories.

Baltimore Gold Of 4-6 Boston Red Socks

Recently, a slightly improved defending Army Boston’s red socks touched the same partition with the same partition in the same partition. The Rodrigue Rodriguez traded from Jinyang team has completed the counterattack of the former teammates. 6.2 8 times of the game lost 2 points, which is very enough for the socks. The three-game Half Benintendi will support teammates, and the next Logarts and Nunz Nunez have also contributed two points. Although the 7-game Half Herdess Small Smith (Dwight Smith Jr.) hits two points to move, but the red sock line retransmate to pull the division back to 6-2 quarters.

However, this season’s red sock record is not good for the post-aid pitcher. At this time, it is almost staged by the drama. Fortunately, Bresier is closed, and the red socks will win the home.

Celeron pitcher Aru Tower also won the 100th victory of career

Celeron pitcher Aru Tower also won the 100th victory of career

Philadelphia 9-1 Miami Marin

It is also one of the teams who have replenished resilings, ushered in the superceharpend, and the first-class capture of Harcheng Philadelphia, the gunfire of the Philadelphia, who is the JT REALMUTO, is a daunting, this The game is also very good showing the power of their stroke. The upper half of the three games started from the first rod McCutchen, and I went 5 points in one breath, and the victory was held in hand early. At this game, the game Philadelphia ’s first pitcher Atrieta is excellent, and the 7 bureau first lost one point, and sent 8 three-vibration. It can be said that it is blocking the Marin fish. Dead.

The 3 points of the new class of the eighth game of the new classmate, the 3-point home base, the final homework, the last hope of the Malin, and the Flight Philadelphia team 9-1 lightly took the macarth, and continued to be in the death part of the national affiliate. Remain competitive.

New York Most 6-2 Atlanta Warriors

It is also a strong team of the National Union Eastern District. After replacing the new general management, I decided that the New York Metropolitan team of Madosham finally champion Atlanta Warriors last year, both sides want to win this game, let yourself
Have more advantages in the competition of the partition champion. This game will send Wheel Wheeler to the Warriors Young Pitcher Lite Wright. After the quotation of a snail, it will take advantage of the quarter, plus a few young rookies that have been cultivated, and the strong pitcher of the famous alliance is optimistic about the quota of the competition. The competition already has a place.

The power of the line is also revealed in this game. It is not a welcome to the rookie, and 8 security guards, including the Brandon Nimmo, the 8th security. Let the other party who are dissatisfied with the four games to drop 6 points. Wheamen, the 6th game lost two points and sent 8 three times, and finally led the team with 6-2, which was hosted to win, and hunted to the position of the leader in the country.

Auckland Sports Home 8-6 Texas Tour Cavalry

This is another game of cowshed. The Auckland Sports Family team has leaned by the series of batches of the back, let the leader in the front of the Cavalry game in the priest of the Caval Cavalry, eventually defeated. The ride soldiers hit the fellows of the Sports Family in the game, and the four games were overlined by Kabrera (Elvis Andrus). The two home bases played a large leading 6-1. I know that the cavalry team pitcher group collectively exploded, first, first, Drew Smyly, 4 points in the sixth game.

In the replacement of his players, they also finated firefighting one by one, so that the sportswate had to share the accounts after the six games, and only the last Gomez (Jeanmar Gomez) was not lost. In the end, the sports home is relying on the home base of KHRIS Davis, and the final Auckland sight will win 8-6 reversal.

Cleveland Indians 1-8 Kansas City Royal

The Cleveland Indians who seek defending the US League Central District of Kansas City, the Royal Takasca, the opening of the competition, the opening of the game, is unexpected. In the face of the opening season, it is very downturn, the CARLOS Carrasco, and the lower half of the 6 points, the second half of the two-unit, the second half of the Alex Gordon is used. Also let the Caraisco are in the air. Compared to the bleak of Karaceco, the Royal New Ace Keller (Brad Keller) is very ideal, and 6.2 The bureau is just a point because Naquin’s Yangchun’s hometown is lost. A reward of 10 vibrations opposite. Looking at the strength of the pitcher and the concentrated outbreak of the line, the royal team will eventually defeat Indians at 8-1.

San Di Gigna 2-1 Arizona Rattles

The Alliance is emerging in the San Di Nago, and the parties enter the reconstructed Snake, all sides are sent to the young pitcher. The priests were previously sent by Padak, the excellent performance of this Jun in the spring training, and the snake was sent to Luke Weaver. He is a snake snake. A young pitcher who will play the star Goldschmidt to the Santa Goldschmidt. Two young pitcher chambers of this game are resistant, and they are all outstanding. Padak 5.1 Location lost 1 point and sent 5 three-vibration, and the Weaver 6.1 lost two points to send 8 three-vibration, and become a winning and negative watershed is 7 The priest is a big name, and the second name of the small Titz is hit by the key to hit the point. The final priest team won the low score in 2-1.

Milwaukee Brewing People 8-5 Los Angeles Daoqi

After finalization of the National League championship last year, this two teams met again. Two teams who hit the Changshi today hit the opponent’s pitcher today, and the two teams added 5 projects to make the fans tapped. First, the brewer team uses the first half of the first half, but the landlord’s tag is not only bold, first, the main guerrillas Siki will immediately return to the Yangchun home base, then three The next half of the bureau is replaced with the most recent feeling of the alliance, the hottest Bellinger, and one-to-right foreign country, 3-2 go back to lead.

However, there is a leisure life that has the most valuable player last year? Soon, three consecutive sectors were exchanged for two points, and 5 games were finished with 6-5 leaders. At this time, the Dodge is the weakness of the season – the cowshed again and again, even the end of the Terminator, Jensen, and the final counterattack air flame is placed. At the end, the finals are 8-5 The home is not enemy.

Coloradoli 2-3 San Francisco Giant (18 bureaus)

Yes, you have not mistisred, this game really hits 18 bureaus! At the same time after the two sides of the two sides lost their two points, the cowshed did not think of a marathon war. From the first half of the 7th game, the duck eggs on the scoreboard continued to accumulate, and the two sides walked out of the other person’s pitcher, and the total of 10 pitks on the side of Luoki, and the winning San Francisco giant also sent a total of 9 Famous pitcher. The game has come to the end, and the Rociji even began to make ahead of the firing, and the result is not unbelievable.

At the short half of the 18th Bureau, when the second base of Belt rolled into the home, the Capture of the Ane Nativea did not step on the home, and Belt slipped into the home base to win the winner. 18 Marathon Wars will win the next step by 3-2 giants.