MLB19 Summary: Angel Shocking Anti – reverse

On April 19, Beijing time, the game of the United States has continued, and today there are 10 games to open. The specific competition is as follows: Dodge 3-1 winemaker, Philadelow 2-6 Rocky, Jinji 6-5 light, Royal 6-1 Yangji, Blue Bird 7-4 Shuangcheng, White Socks 7-9 Tiger, Giant 2-4 National, Snake 4-1 Warrior, Red People 4-1 Prica, Sailor 11-10 Angel.

Philadelphians 2-6 Rocky

The Rocky Site showed the super offense on the snow, especially Ryan McMama, single-standing double-cannon, the first is in the second half, a high-flying home base of a right foreign country 3 points. However, Philadelphie immediately countered, in the upper half of the seventh place, Leaven, the two-point gun, and the score came to 2-3. However, Rocky immediately turned off the confidence of the opponent, the second half of the seventh place, first in Stori flying to sacrifice the fourth point, then the second home of McMama hit, two points can make ratios in 2 -6.

Jinyi 6-5 rays

The Mid Lian Big Big Ray was on the ground. The two sides of this game have been attacked, and the score has been a striking state. The first thing to score is the light, Tommy Fan Yeeg, and the Jangyu is 2 points in the third joint attack. The third party is also Tommy Fan, and the sun spring cannon chase points, 2-2.

Fourth, seventh, eighth bureau, Jinji has launched a stack, gain 1 point, and leads 5-2. The second half of the eighth bureau and the second half of the ninth bureau, Zunno and Garcia’s home running the rays and stubborn scores, Jinyu Pitcher Guifu Rescue failed, the two sides entered the extended competition.

The 11th game of the extended competition, Rifadard secondary equation is a prostitute for Jinyu, and finally defended.

Royal 6-1 Yangji

The two sides got 1 point in the first bureau, but after this, the Yangji was completely suppressed by the royal line. Sorreger and Ohne have brought the Yangchun gun in the Second Bureau and the fourth game, and the Royal 3-1 achieved leading. The seventh game, Merirfield strikes the second base to help Martona ran back to score, 4-1; then Mondesi Gaofei sacrificed 1 point. The ninth party, the second high-flying sacrifice, sent back to the royal number.

Blue bird 7-4 double city

The Bluebird of Grrick, the first game, contributed to the fourth stroke of this season. Rosario will also share the score in the second game. Reclude and Baxton respectively contributed to the point, the blue bird 1-3 is behind.

In the fourth game, the blue bird is 5 points, and the two-point guns of Somick come to the order. So Jiade’s class, the second base, the blue bird gets 3 points, 6-3. After the blue bird, Ernande and the Shuangcheng’s Rosario knocked out the Yangchun cannon, the score was finally 7-4, and the Rosario single field in the Shuangcheng.

White Socks 7-9 Tiger

The two sides of this game is also alternating, the tiger is the first to score, the second bureau and the fourth game attacked 2 points. White socks are in the fifth bureau and sixth games, with Sanchez and Ximeis’s attacked 3 points, and the tiger’s gaze mistakes lost the 4th point, and the white socks 4-2 lead the tiger.

The next sixth, seventh, eighth games, both sides come to me, each attacking the score, has been hit from 4-4 to 7-7, to the second half of the eighth game, the tiger rely on two high flying sacrifice to play again The score is superior, and the leading advantage is kept, defeating the opponent.

Giants 2-4

The first bureau is short of Qimmiman knocking out of the second base to help the people take the lead in score, and stroke the first point of the team. In the third bureau, Sodo personally became inserted, facing the Poetle of Pos Meilan, and also used a second base to send back to Runned, and the national leading advantages were obtained.

In the second half of the fourth place, the score is still the national, and Du Fu hurts the top of the foreign country, the giant 0-3 nationals fall into the unfavorable situation. The second half of the fifth bureau, in the case of the base, the capture Gomers is selected from the four bad balls, the national is squeezed into 1 point, 0-4.

In the middle of the eighth game, the national first pitcher Corbin clamped almost a whole giant line, finally started a total, Kraz knocked out the left outer wild flight, let Londorian run back to the home score, The giant breaks the scratches, 1-4; the top half of the ninth game, the giant has not given up the game, and the London is flying to the second minute, 2-4. Unfortunately, the giant fails to fill the backwardness of 4 points and eventually defeated.

Snake 4-1 Warrior

In the first place, Adam – Jones rushed to the earth, but accompanied by the point, the snake took the lead in score, 1-0.1 division score maintained to the seventh game, Walker bombarded two points, brought back the top Jones, Rattleson 3: 0 Leading Warriors. Subsequently, Amed’s venue is equipped to make the snake to get the fourth minute. In the second half of the eighth game, Fremman knocked out the far-reaching home run, helping the warrior to get a comfort, and finally the snake 4-1 defeated the warrior.

Sailor 11-10 Angel

A floating to attack, the first six games in the game belong to the sailor team, they attacked 10 points after the seven games, and the upper half of the seven games ended at 10-2. Among them, the second bureau is on the second bureau to stand three-point gun, helping the sailor 4-0 lead angel. The sixth bureau is the first half of Jili, and the two-point gun has come to 7-2, this is his 5th volume this season. The seventh place gave a second branch of the team, and the score was expanded to 10-2.

Seeing the sailor is about to be stable, but the wind is muttered, the seventh place is short, the angel attack, such as the flood decide, the union attacks 7 points, and the score will be poseded by 10-9; and in the eighth place 8 points were flattened by a yang spring gun with Fletcher. However, the sailor is fortunate to pass, the ninth game, a rolling place in Bruce, sent back to precious 1 point, Eliaz finally closed, the sailor was thrilling.