MLB2 daily view Frequency broadcast wine people vs national privately outdoor card suddenly fight

Beijing time October 2, 8:08, the National Washington National Team will welcome the National Baseball Field in the main court, which is a Milwaukee Wine, which is a win-out external card. The winner will advance to the five-winning National Bank of China Partition Championship with the Los Angeles Daoqi team with the best than the National Association’s record. Will live a live video on this game, welcome fans to watch:

[Battle Review]

The Milwaukee’s wine troops will make the historical replay of the China Union Central District. The small market team brewer team team has never won the championship. After 2011, it came to the playoffs in the last season. Two series of battles in September defeated the Chicago Cabin Team, and the routine season and the wallet layout And win 163 in 3-1.

The 20 games in the last session won 18 games, which was originally ambition of the head of the squadron, and hoped to play 163. Unfortunately, in the last series of war, the Calorado Squad is swept in the Snow Mountain Kurs Stadium, but only with the nationals, and will face the most strong first pitcher Xie Zel.

The Washington National Team has achieved 90 wins in the past 4 years, but because of the four games of the Atlanta Warriors in the backward parties, I have to decline the external card. The last 8 games before the regular season ended, the national team has achieved 8 consecutive victories, this period is 54-24 during this period, it can be described as hot. The two teams of this convention season have been confront, and the wineman is 4 wins and 2 wins, and the gap between the national team is 42-38.

[Game points]

After the long regular season of 162 games, the Washington National Team (93 wins and 69 losses) and the Milwaukee Silver Strong team (89 wins and 73 losses) were finally come to a dead-death. War moment. Both parties naturally don’t want to fight back.

The Wine Scenery has never obtained the League champion in Guolian. The only winning champion is the team in 1982, in 1982, in the World Competition, lost to the State of St. Lake. In 2011, the winemaker was owned by the National Union, and won the Arizona Shot Snake team in the National District Partition Championship, but lost to the World Competition of the World Competition for the World Competition.

In 2018, the winemaker won the 163 contest in the battle, and won the Coloradolo Squad in the division, but it was defeated to the National Lanchuan Champion Los Angeles Taoist Team.

The Washington National Team is the least flat team in the playoffs. Not only the team history has never won the championship, but even the World Competition has never been involved, because Washington has never been a round of tour in the playoffs, never obtained the champion of the league. This is unique in the National Federation team. The United States only has the Seattle Sailor Team and the National Team.

Which tragic team will stop again in the playoffs again?

Will win teams will travel more in the playoffs?

Wine Bank first hairpinner: Brandon Woodrf (11-3, self-sharing rate 3.62)

National team first pitcher: Max-Xie Zer (11-7, self-blade ratio 2.92)

On the right of Woodroff, the Woodliver of the Wildee Team was two months after injury. In September after the injury, the 4th game did not lose. Woodrof career is 4 games in the national team (2 times) 2-0, the self-blade rate is 0.96, Woodrof has four seasons experience (1 first hair), the record is 1-1, The self-sharing rate is 1.46. Woodrf can’t be completely recovered, so it is possible to support 6-7 bureaus, but also rely on the shed of the brewer team to support the number.

The ace of the National Team is right to investigate the big pressure of the mountain. When the national team owner coach David – Martinens will first ”either all either no” game, although this is expected, the reactions of Xie Zer is still more intense. . However, Martinez said: ”Xie Zer is excited, I think he is ready.” Xie Zer took a 6 days before the outside card.

This season, Xie Zel cast 172.1, a total of 243 spismals. 35-year-old Xie Zer has a rich playoffs experience, in his career 16-year-old (13 first hair) records are 4-5, and the self-sharing rate is 3.73. He is in the 9 games
of his career, the record (8 times) record is 2-2, self-sharing rate 2.29, this season’s battle wineman is only 1 time, 6 losses 2 points (1 points responsibility).

If there is a need, the other first Stiver – Strasberg and Pike Colbin will play as a truncation.