MLB2019 Celebrity Pams were officially announced on January 23, Beijing, which exceeded 75% of the threshold to enter the Town of Guke Town this year. The first full ticket passing the top of the Yangji Terminator Leaded the 2017 plane crash. Since the Roy Halladay, the sailor has legendary Martinez, and the ocean name is Mike Mussina.For many baseball fans, we never witnessed Babi Russ, Race, Noland – Ryan, Greg – Muto Heroes invincible, but for some slightly senior fans, he is The only one of the great pitcher, he is a ”surgical doctor”, he is Roy-Hara.Juvenile: Learning is like ”robot”Harry Lere-Hara Dai three in the spring of the Spring of Denver in the suburbs of Denver, he is the old second in the family. There is a sister Melinda and his sister Heather, because his father Harry II has a strong Interest, as the only boy in the home, the father will hopes to be pinned in the Xiao Roy, and Xiaoluo starts to play the game of hardballs. In addition, Harry is a pilot of a food processing plant, so Xiao Roy is very admired by his father since childhood, hoping to be like his father in the sky.Roy showed an excellent exercise talent and physical coordination ability. Denver’s bad weather often made Roy could not go out. He often shut himself in the

basement to do strength training. Harry also built a simple pitch in the basement. Zone and strike zones. Training in the year, Roy became less than other children, this devout Christian focuses on the ”robot”.

In 1991, Luy entered the high school of Alvada. The coach of the baseball team Bas-Campbell found this unadorned jade to start grinding, this tutor who specializes in training pitcher thinks that Roy is very suitable for pitcher, Roy gave up the identity of the play, became a full-time pitcher, and Campbell made Roy to participate in the western suburban off-road training camp, cultivated Roy’s endurance, and corrected Roy’s pitching action, shortened his front. Step length. Four years high school career, Roy sent 48 games, 25 wins and 2 losses, self-blame 0.55, and three consecutive years were rated as a full high school alliance and the entire Colorado high school students. MVP.

Campbell, who was played for Toronto Bluebird, told Blue Bird High-rise: ”This child is unlimited in the future.” The first round of the 1995 election conference first round, blue bird chose Colorado’s high school right pitcher Roy – Ha Laundry.

Cold-level road: Almost complete the no-safe play, and is also returned to the small alliance

Due to the efforts and training in the junior period, Hara worn by the maturity of the age. In 1996, he raised to 1A with 15 winning MVP. The speed of the Hara can gradually cast 95 (mile / hour), plus the shifting balls that the big curves and small alliances started, and several balls are getting more and more cooked. Block, Harraday, 20-year-old, 20 years old, rising from 2A, rising straight to 3A, although the opening of the game is struggling, but he insisted on, became the 5th potential stock of the Blue Bird Small Alliance. In 1998, Hara was sold back to the Blue Bird’s big profore in the spring training, and was put back to 3A. In the last half of Siracon, the Blue Bird’s total coach Tim Johnson decided in the last section of the 1998 season. Will 21 years old to promote the big alliance!

Ji Deng board with 93 ball investment 5.0 bureau blame 2 points, the young boy from a 21-year-old is not easy, and after six days, Harr wear a little bit of the history, blue birds to be a fishing team tiger. Harrah is still an unanimous place, as long as I solve one person, Jara can become the youngest unanimous creator in history, and the tiger is replaced by the Babi-Havinson, and the results Hara The vented ball was bombarded by Hajinson, the no-safe and complete performance did not fly after a ball. This is the case, the outside world is praised by Hara, thinking that this young man will be blue bird. New ace.

The great player has never been smooth, and Hara is indeed stable in 1999, but the blue bird did not urgently use him, but let him be the fifth issue of the team. Somet there is a long relay appearance in the cowshed. In 2000, the 23-year-old Hara has finally become a member of the team’s routine wheel value, and it is the second first hair of David Wells, and the nightmare is coming. Six games, Jara is just a 30.1 bureau, and he was mad 48 security, 16 guaranteed, 6 issued a barrier and 36 points, regardless of how the team adjusts, Hara Dai is always It is impossible to find the normal state, just like suddenly taken the soul, even lost the confidence of the first firman, the time of the Thara in the end of the season, and the summary of the Harbus has created the worst record of the History of the big alliance. When the blue bird coach hopes that Hara is not to continue to use the bullet ball, the contradiction is completely excited, and the Hara is decking 3A, the performance is still not colored, this Blue Bird High-rise army order, 23-year-old Hala Wearing is resected 1A to start leveling!

Not long ago, I was also held on the day, the more I stood, the more I fell, and I watched the blood of the head for one night, and I was in the people.

At the time of the Thala, the night can’t be in the night, often give up the idea of ??giving up the baseball, can be doing for him, what can he do in the baseball? At this time, the Hara is determined from the beginning, and the special league is taken, and the Harda has to accept the treatment of long-distance bus and cheap motel.

Hara is starting to face his own problems, not only hire Psychologist Harvey Dofman to treat his heart, but he and his pitcher coach Mel-Quinn, made an amazing decision: Change the pitching posture! Quant believes that Hara has a height of approaching two meters, so it is used to use high-pointers from a small time. With the speed of the ball and go, the opponent is suppressed, like Li Wei to kill enemies from the top of the head, just fierce, However, after changing the pitching posture, the arm and the neck are opened to 45 ° when they wore ahead, which is often the three-quarters of the three sides of the trip, as in the hands of the long whip, variation, and odorlessness. I have even, at the same time, Hara worn into the law of the speed ball, integrating the two stitching speed into the weapon library.

Step by step, Hara wore returned to 3A from 1A, July 2001, he finally returned to the big league, in the remaining season’s 16 first hair, 5 wins and 3 negotiated self-lost scores 3.16, 96 times, the last season Scene to the Indians, Hara Dai 2 security finished, declared his full blood return! Bluebird has developed a grand plan for their future tribute.

The injury has repeatedly impeded the way forward

In 2002, the first four games were issued in the first 7.0 bureau, and the self-blame is low to 2.48. Then, the blue bird will win the victory in the blue bird, before the get out of class, the blue bird has only won only 20 wins 33 The negative bleak score, in which the Hara won 6 wins and 2 losses. Such excellent performance has finally selected all the star games at the age of 25, and completed the 19 winning votes all over the season. For the fifth low of the United States, 168 three vibrations were the sixth day of the United States.

In 2003, Hara was launched by the blue bird. In May to June, the 11 games in May to June, the average gaming 7.1 bureau, although it took 8, the whole, the whole, was born 27 points, However, Hara is always able to deal with the crisis, and minimize the loss, this 11 game Hara is all winning, and the entire 2003 season, Hara is investigating the highest 266.0 bureau, although The score of 3.25, but he was strong, he won the 22-time victory of the Blue Bird’s team’s history, and there were 200+ Senui, 9 full-time investment and 2 games, and the giant investment of the United Unitedity was old. , The new king is standing, and Hara has won his first race prize.

In 2004, the Hara wear gradually felt the burden on the shoulders. In the summer, because the shoulder injury Hala wear two degrees were put in the injury list, and the change in the Carter ball was also affected, only only to play 21 8 wins 8 wins and 8th loss scores 4.20, less than 100 times, 2004 seasons only achieved a bad achievement of 64 wins and 97, the general coach Tusca is smashed, John Jims came to the stage.

In 2005, Hara Dai Dongshan will start, and the first 18 games have won 12 wins and 4 losses, and the averaging 7.2 bureau, the self-signs 2.33, the WHIP value is low to the lowest 0.960, and it seems to be hitting the second class Yang. In July, the game of cavalry cavalry, Hara worn by Kevin-Men, who was hit the tibia, in the 2005 season, and it is also a new season for two consecutive seasons.

Just as the Blue Bird team ”thigh”, injury hinders his advance again and again.

Conquer Canada: Super Continuity is like Taishan

In the Ice Hockey League, countless Canadian stars superb ball skills make American fans to confess, it can make the Canadian fans in the United States, there are not many Americans, the NBA Raptors ”Canada Flying People” Wens – Carter, another It is our protagonist Roy-Hara.

In 2006, Hara is only a injury warning for the forearm muscles. This season he was full of 220.0 bureaus, 16 wins and 5 lost 3.19, 132 times, and Hara worn in the Saiyang Award. Yu Hanyu-Santana and Wang Jianmin, the blue bird finally broke through the encirclement of Yangji’s red socks, with 87 wins and 75 negative positions.

Hara Dai has also made a full-time full of blue birds.

Hara Dai has also made a full-time full of blue birds.

I don’t know, the Hara is also yet, and the 2007 season is because of the appendix removal surgery. Although the pitching of Hara is not affected, several big scores will make Hara’s self-sufficiency of 3.71 end season. . Although it looks like Harra, it has achieved the same 16 wins in the 206 season, but if it is not a cowshed, he should be able to get 20 win.

In 2008, Hara was built in the sixth consecutive year, and Wang Jianmin’s stretch card peaks, Harrah Dai defeated, but many years later, it completely survived the injury influence in Hara worn in 31 Years in this year, I have done a career representative season. Due to the powerful capacity, Hara is full of 246.0 bureaus, 20 wins and 11 losses, self-signs 2.78, 9, 2 games, WHIP is low to 1.053, only Unfortunately, in the voting of the Celeron Award, he lost to the Indians’ left, and the future of the Future shock champion Cleve – Li.

In 2009, many suffering is half-in, the Blue Bird team, including the fans, it is clear that they can’t renew the Jara again, which is likely to be his last season in the blue bird, even season It is possible to be traded, the rumors are disturbed, and the young first pitcher after Hara is worn, the blue bird records, this is the case, Hara is like a hurricane, the https://www.b2bshopp.comwind is very calm, open the game to get 8 Sheng 1 Negative Help He Career Sixth Selection All Star, General Manager of Bluebird JP Ricady Die rejected the transaction quotation of alliances, let Hara wear completely over the 2009 season, 17 wins and 10 losses, including 9 games After the highest in the past, the highest in the 2nd consecutive, the self-blamed pressure was 2.8 or less, and 200 + K was completed in the second consecutive year. Due to the need for a long period of life, Hara wear must save the ball, this season he nine The bureau is only 1.3 times.

After the season, the Sports Magazine will be divided with Landy – Johnson, Pedro Martinens and C?te work, I selected the best lineup of the first decade of the 21st century, once again proved Hara Wearing thoroughly conquered the Canadian people and conquered the entire baseball world.

The team’s record is concerned, although Hara is only a hand covering the sky, the baseball is not a person’s sport, and the blue bird is effective in the season, the blue bird is best only to win 87 wins, and only Mercai East is the first. Second, Yangji and red socks have been traditional and strong. It is like unable to pass over, and then the gradual growth of Tampa Bay is growing. A generation of Jujo Hara is also getting more and more far away.

Join Philadelres: ”Surgery Doctor” Feng Shen

In 2009, the Philadelphie who had just returned in the World Competition lost the chance of defending, but they had Len Hopard, Raul, Ibiez, Jason, Wals, Jimmy Roches and cut S-Etri, etc., is a strong bar in the peak, which is still a set of lines that can be champions, but the pitcher is only Zuo Cole Hammeris, which is next To make a 46-year-old Jamie Moyer, he took a heavy responsibility. At this moment, the Philadelphie people will spend more to recruit the triumphant pitcher, and Hara is also needed such a strong team to help him achieve the team’s honor.

At the end of 2009, Philadelphians used Catcher Travis Dano, the right pitcher Kyle Drabeck, the three farms, Taylor, three farms, high suggestion, Xiu Duxiu, got the Hara Dai.

At that time, when Toronto, Tom Qico, Toronto, sent a loud nickname ”Surgery (DOC)”, describing its precise sewing speed ball like a surgery knife in the hands of the doctor. Rui, although the peak of the peak is negative to help the Philadelphie people win the championship, but his performance is still unstoppable. In the face of the main line without the strike, the Hara Dai is more calm, plus After the fire behind the line, Hara is self-confident can easily complete 20 win.

On May 29, 2010, Florida Marinfish, Han Li-Ramirez and Dan-Agra, etc., there is no longer in front of the surgical doctor of the surgical doctor, even if it is not mixed once, with Marin The fish in the Figer, Poly-Poly-Poly-Poly-Polygonal, is transferred to the top, and the first place where the Harrah’s career is reached! And did not let any players homing, and Hara wishes the 20th full competition in the history of the big alliance!

The 33-year-old Hara has completed 250.2 bureaus in 2010, 21 winning voters, self-blame to 2.44, 9 fetches, 4 games, 219 times of career, high, so that he has no controversial to win the country Sai Yang Awards, and the second class of career.

The two stitches of Hara did not be known for fast, and the adrenalism in the young and the adenproprine can be circulated with strong psychological quality and the opponent. The big crisis also considered an ignorant, and when they arrived, when the franchisees, 33 He learned more efficiently to complete the game, like Taiji Master, slowly playing, the opponent can see the context of the ball, but weara is only like the second sewing speed ball of stretching card, often The last moment fell to the lower left corner, and the ball was collided with the ball, and he often formed rolling earth and helped Hara worker to solve the runner of the first base.

In the playoffs, no match, make Hara Dai Feng Shen

In the playoffs, no match, make Hara Dai Feng Shen

When the Philadelphie traded in the season, he got a long history of the Spaceman for many years, Osvore, who was ready to impact the playoffs. The National Federal semi-finals met Xin Sinna, the first battle is the first playoff of Hara Dai, when the Philadelphie has fill 4 points in the first two games, including Hara wear himself, let him It is more relaxed in the hands of the pitcher, and the red man has the MVP Joe Vo To, the old man Skot-Romorn and Jay-Bruce, but it is always unable to master the commemoration of Hara, especially In the face of Joe Vo To, Hara is only used in nine balls, and after 104 goals, Harra is sent 1 feet and 8 times, the second game is no place! The second game of Harraday is no place! And this is an innocent game!

After 3 to 0, the Philadelphie met the San Francisco giant in the national contest. Hara went up, in the third bureau and the fifth game by the giant eighth sticks – Rose smashed two Yangchun. The sixth bureau lost two minutes later, and the Philadelphians not only lost their main battle, but also lost to the ”monster” Tim Lin Xikang’s pitcher battle. Come to the fifth game, the Philadelphie in 1 to 3 will not be lost, the fourth game is the long way to make the giant to attack the second part.

However, Hara wore pressure, only two points, the audience is only very uncomfortable, and the six-way three points are only in the second place, and the good investment in Hara helps Philadelphone Students, the giant giants often have overtime, their pitcher groups and solid preparations will restrict the spending of Philadelres’ horrible line six games, and the line has repeatedly let the elite pitcher of Philadelphians. 2 More 4, Hara wear the arm of the world competition.

Hara Dai has just become a cover of the baseball 2k11, and the angry Philadelphie is a big hand in the 2011 break. Clever, who federate the cavalry in the first season, and lost to the giants in the World Competition. He was traded to Philadelphians, which was a super-first round value of ”Hara Dai-Li-Oswalt-Hammers”, known as ”Dream Quarttey”.

The Philadelphie has completed the performance of the people in the whole season, and the dream of the dream has completed the performance of people, and the Philadelphie cut the 102 victory of the team history. The 34-year-old Hara won the 19 winning investment, of which 8 After the field was completed, 220 three vibrations, self-bladed 2.35 and WAR value 8.8 were the best performance of career, which made him the eighth time to choose all stars, in the Sai Yang Awards, only the young gram Rretan Kerdo, this season, the last six battles, Hala wear three zero points, although the ”health baseball”, but Hara worn in September to open the strongest mode, prepare for the October playoffs.

Philadelphorer’s Semi-final opponent was September, the first bureau of the first battle was taken by Lance Burkman, but he stabilized, then the seven games The competition only allows the opponent to hit a play, and the line is resurrected in the sixth game, so that the Philadelists will reverse the first victory, and the Hara Dai Bian is only lost three points to win the victory. Then the Philadelphians and the red scitch were caught in the war, and the Clev-Li and Oswart swallowed in the low-score competition, came to the fifth life and death, the first two sticks of the red ramp were Rafaer Fuli and Ski Puri-Schumacher hits long-term hits, and I will lose a point in Jara, and I will start slow heat, but the next game has almost no chance to give the rock, eight games only lost one point.

However, the rickets sent only three days, and once in the Blue Bird period, Kris Copte, who did five years of teammates during the blue bird, and the nine games only let Phili people hit three security, with the last person Ryan Howard was assassinated, Philadelphie and Hara were only losed in this key battle, and Huo Havende fell into the ankle, it is like a fairy, and it will collapse.

According to the ”old uncle” in Hara, his career peaks can last for a long time, but the core lineup of Philadelphians and autumn is not changed. Everyone is old, and the back of the Harr in 2012. Broadenia zone reminds him that you are no longer young, in May 2013, it is affected by the right shoulder, the stadium of Hara has been very bad, 36-year-old Hara Decision to do surgery Remove the bones of the right shoulder, and this, he has not returned to the court.

In the case of the air, this is the world

When the Philadelphie did not kill the playoffs in two consecutive seasons, and faced with big cleaning and renewal, career got everything, but only the world contest, the Harramid of the World Competition, finally extinguished the battle of the burning The heart of the crown, this is a true man with meat, decided to return to Canada at the end of 2013, sign a day contract with the blue bird, bid farewell to professional baseball, he left the big alliance, is 203 wins 105 longs, and The horrible 67-year-old, a complete match, a playoffs, no match.

After retiring, Hara is happy, he is not only a special consultant of Philadelres and blue birds. In March 2017, Philadelria also hired Hara as their ”psychological function coach”. In addition to the Harraday of Florida, it is also a high-quality coach in a high school in Collore. The reason is very simple. His big son Braton is played in that team.

Although retired, it is still doing the work of the baseball, just in the years, everything looks so perfect, November 7, 2017, the dream of Hara is the same as the father. Driving aircraft soared, October, I just bought an icon A5 small passenger aircraft, I expressed my excitement in the twitks, and after a month, this plane crashed in the Gulf of Mexico. According to reports, Hara It is a single driving aircraft travel, and there is no other accompanying passengers, and as for why Hara is sailed separately, two months later, the autopsy report pointed out that Hara is in the body contains morphine, Apherice and Anbi En, etc. Drugs, is this a culprit to causing the juice of Hara? This secret will always be embedded in deep.

”Dafu to save yourself”, ”The Surgery Doctor” is alone bid farewell to the world.

On January 23, 2019, Hara was officially selected for MLB Hall of Fame, and the Harrah Branda also said that if Hara is able to witness it is too perfect.