MLB2021 player voting award released! Da Vallang Pingha Pacific is the best in the United States of America

Although the World Contest is still in progress, some awards of this season have already come out. Not long ago, the MLB player association announced the winners of this season player Choice Award. This award is the ”best player” and ”best pitcher” from the players to choose their own alliance. The final result showed that the best players of the United Unitedity were obtained by the ”two knife” juvenile big valley of Los Angeles angel, and the National Union’s award belongs to the Philadelphia https://www.fanbutikk.comPhiladelphia Star Bearer Bryce – Harper.

In addition, the best pitcher of the two alliances belongs to the Toronto Bluebird’s First Pitcher Robie, Lei and Los Angeles Dodge, Maxi Max – Xie Zer. The award of the player vote is similar to the candidates selected with the American Baseball Author Association, and Da Vali has also obtained two Union’s total ”year the best players”.

With excellent ”two-knife” performance, the United States of Da Gu Xiangping swept the Madi-UNELIT for the United States. In terms of hitting, he knocked out the 46-year-old horn and 26 pirates. The attack index reached 0.965; the ball was invested in 130.1 bureaus.

Blue Bird’s Based on Bluebird, Greoro and Royal Star Catcher, Salvador, Pere, is divided into two or three of the best players of the United States; while Grero is only in the valley in the best player. Harper ranks third.

However, Harper was among the best in the National Federator, and the 2015 MVP this season’s attack index reached 1.044, and he gave a harmonious person, and knocked out the 35 bill. The second place in the National Association vote is the national wilder Han-Sodo, the priest teenager guerrillas Fernando – Titis and the Warriors Triars, Austin, Rayle, and third.

In the voting of the pitcher, the 3rd Sai Yang, the 3rd Sai Yang, who is in the middle of the season, Xie Zer once again showed the gods this year, and the resolution of 15 wins and 4 losses were achieved in the 179.1 bureau, and the self-sharing rate 2.46 was completed. With the excellent performance, he is hard to press the winemaker to send a pitcher Kribin – Barnes and Philadelphie first pitcher Zach-Wletar.

Robbie Ray this season has been a representative, and his self-sharing rate is still 6.62 in 2020, and suddenly dropped to 2.84 this year. Thunder Pocket 193.1, won 13 winning investment, the union is only 1.05, and the ”San Zhen King” was ”Sanzhen” in 248 times. The Yangji Ring Gritt-Cole and the White Soxpedant Lans Lany received two or two.

In other awards, Jinyu Lee Tre-Mancini has participated in 147 games in 147 games this season. The giant veteran cracked man. For 2020 games, this year, he will help the giant to take 107 wins in the regular season. Two people were divided into the best complex prizes of their alliances. The best new show is obtained by Jontessol and red people, Jon Tones, Dizhen, Montercass, and Red.