MLB21 Summary: Red Socks 17-6 Counting Jinyu Dodge 8 Board Incentives

On July 21, Beijing time, the US Professional Baseball Grand Alliance conducted a 15 game, and all the teams were hanged.The results are as follows: Rocky 5-11 Yangji, the priest 5-6 bear, Metropolis 11-4 giants, white stockings 2-1 light, blue bird 7-5 tiger, royal 1-0 Indians, visitors 1-6Space, Luzhou 2-3 red, Philadelphie 1-5 pirates, sports home 5-4 Shuangcheng, national 5-3 Warriors, red stockings 17-6 Jinyu, winemaker 8-3 Rattles, Angel 6-2 sailor, marin fish 6-10 Dodge

Rocky 5-11 Yangji

Yangji stroned to win Luoki for two consecutive days. After this battle, Yangji got 5 consensus, with the best winner of the Grand Union, the first name of the United States of America, and Rocky has suffered 6 losers, and there is currently falling to the second countdown in the country.

Yangji has received 5 minutes in the second half of the 2nd place, and a total of 11 people, relying on 5 security, 3 times, 5 points, directly kicking the score gap, Nka Nasi succeeded yesterday , Today play a long contribution of 3 points.

After the end of the Kanji 4, he got a leader of 9-0. However, in the middle of the 6 games, the Yangji first-year field will encounter chaos, and he has been knocked out, especially the three-point gun in Arrecain made him hurt, so he still fully This bureau, also successfully got the seventh day.

Pride 5-6 bear

The two teams fell into 5-6, and the end is still this score, but also let the bears first send Jin Tanner to get the 7th wins in the season. After the Jinbreier joined the bear, the 7 rescue opportunities got 6 rescue Success, but the self-sharing rate is high, still needs to be adjusted.

4 points in 5 pins of the priest were relying on the home base, the name of the promotion is Tatis, Machado and Lunfe, the bear, although only one projector hits, but this three-way gun makes the bear reversal The score also got the final victory. It is worth mentioning that the Bear Cows 4.0 bureau is only played with 1 security, and no score is lost.

Red stockings 17-6 golden

Red Socks Yesterday, 2-11 lost to the midclo cushion. Today, I used a more ferocious fire to retrieve the face. I played 11 amps. I didn’t have 12 pieces of swearing. I founded only 6 restrictions. Crazy got 17 points, blood washed Jinyan.

Nang Socks played a play today, in which Xiao Bradley played 2 three-component gun contributed 6 points to play the most prominent performance, Bates, Dres, Martinens, more than 2 points, even The arrested arrest of the play is also the output of Yangchun. But it is worth noting that even if the teammates make a score in the morning, especially in the upper half of the 4 games, the red socks first pitched Posso still in the 5-way pitch to play 11 The bails lost 6 points, ERA is still 5.61 that continues to rise.

White Sox 2-1 rays

In a game that can be defeated in the opponent, the rays will be a lot of money in the future, and the yang, the spring socks, and the rollies will be held in the extension, and the finals will be lost, bitter. Swallowing 5 losing, only 1 red hose is only one game.

White Sox Catcher McCain arrested the last time in the whole game, the rays of the radiance, P., a stick, a stick, a stick, and drag the game into extended competition. This home run also makes the 6th rescue in the Panben season. In the extended competition, the light did not play a place, just relying on the opponent’s mistake and keeping twice a barrier package, eventually reversing the opponent.

Sports 5-4 Shuangcheng

The two sides exchanged many exchanges in the competition, and the sportsists got 3 points in the upper half of the 7th game, and the next half of the next half was again lost. Fortunately, they got 2 points in the 9th game, and finally defeated the double city in 5-4, and got a valuable victory, and 57 wins and 42 losses in the row list alone.

The mood of the sportsman first pitched Anderson’s game is a big big land. Although he was hitting 2 yang spring guns in the first bureau, he first let the Shuangcheng continuously 17 players out of the game (including once Double kills and played), the end of the 6 games only used more than 70 balls, and finally waited for the firepower support for teammates, so that he won the qualification, but unfortunately, the second half of the 7 bureau, he faced the first player in the double city and then be bombed The spring gun is helpless.

Shuangcheng 9 bureau has solved the livelihood of the player, and the rescue pitcher Rogers lost 2 points and swallowed the victims.

National 5-3 Warrior

In the early morning of June, the team is considered to be a seller, but the team has excellent performance during the star competition, and the record is gradually improved. At present, it has already raised the national trade name of the country with 52 wins and 45, which also makes those including Yangji. It is greatly disappointed from the national hand.

This is the direct dialogue between the two teams in Guandong District, and the victory relationship is also more important. The nationals get 3 points in the upper half of the 5 game, laying the advantage, and finally defeat the opponent by 5-3, in the already turned In the 8 games, 5 wins and 3 defeat temporarily lead. However, there are 11 games in the future of the two teams to play, who can achieve the advantage in direct conversations, and it is likely to get the name of the country.

Winemaker 8-3 Snake

The snake first pitcher Glankey 7 bureau only dropped 2 points, sent 9 three oscillars, and returned to the throne, the noise team cowshed and fired, and the 2 game lost 6 points, and finally reported 3-8.

After winning this valuable victory, the winemaker was defeated with 52 wins and 48 in the Second Daiwai Dao card second, and continued to follow the name of the boudoad of the same area. Last year, the country’s MVP Jeregi single field 3, although there is no home run, running back 3 points, there is still a chance to compete for the national
association to fight the Three Congratulations.

Marin fish 6-10 Dodge

Dodge first pitched the pitcher Koshagou 6 bureau was played in 2, I didn’t lose, I sent 10 three vibrators, the performance is quite excellent, and the team is unstable after the end of the battle. Also let Kokos lose the qualification qualification. Fortunately, the team got 4 points in the second half of the 8 game, and finally there was no victory.

After the double change, Betti played the three-year gun in the previous few days before, today, when the hero was in the hero, the team was chased by the macarth fish, and the momentum was under low, he played a three-point gun. Help the team re-leaders.