MLB27 Summary: Dodge Singles Hao 6 Pizza Pirate Royal Extension Sediment

On May 27th, Beijing time, the American Professional Baseball Union conducted 15 games. The results are as follows: priest 1-10 blue bird, light 6-3 Indians, Tiger 3-4 Metropolis, Marin 6-9 National, Dodge 11-7 Pirates, Red Sock 4-1 Space Man, White Sox 0- 7 Shuangcheng, Philadelphians 1-9 winemaker, Yangji 7-8 Royal (10 bureaus) , red people 10-2 bears, Jinyu 7-8 Rocky, Rattlesnake 6-2 giants, visitors 6-7 Angel , Sailor 1-7 sportswater, Warriors 4-3 Rapid (10 bureaus).

Miami Madolin 6-9 Washington National

In the second half, Haoyi Kentrik played Yangchun, the national 1-0 leads. In the third bureau, KFRK and Brian Dozale each rely on an actions to return two points, 5-0. In the second half of the sixth bureau, Michael-A-Taylor and Anthony-Linden returned two points, Juan-Sodo’s high-flying sacrifice will expand the score to 9-0. The eighth bureau is in the upper half, the two points of Nier Walker recovered two points, 9-2. In the first half of the ninth game, Brian Anderson’s Qing Qian is playing, and Walker’s first base will be sent back to 4 points, but he is too big, and the marlin fish finally lost 6-9.

Marinfish first pitcher Carreb – Smith appeared 3 games lost 5 points. The National Team first sent a pitcher Eric Fede, 5 games, no loss, 4 times, Zhen Zhen, win the victory.

Los Angeles Daoqi 11-7 Pittsburgh Pirate

In the second half of the second game, Corre-Sig played the Yangchun cannon, Dodge 1-0 leads. In the second half, Brian Reynolds bombarded two homes, the pirate team 2-1 rebarrup. In the fifth game, Matt Betty played a hit, Dodge 3-2 anti-ratios. Signs played the earth, 4-2. In the second half of the fifth, Adam Fraser played Yangchun, 4-3.

In the sixth game, Joke Peterson played Yangchun, 5-3. Betty caused an opponent’s gaze, 6-3. Enrick Ernande and Osts – Barnes continuously full of homes were sent to the split score, 8-3. Alex Vvuro played high flying sacrifice, 9-3. Peterson played a hit and hit one point, 10-3, the Dodge team got 6 points.

The second half of the sixth bureau, Colin-Molan, Elias-Diaz and Milch-Kabrera’s all points, 10-6. In the seventh place, Betty’s first base will be rewritten to 11-6. In the second half of the ninth, the Barrigence of Gregory – Polish Branch will be divided into the audience in 11-7.

The Dodge team first fought the head of Tianjian Jian Tai 5 games lost 3 points to send 4 times, got the victory. Justine – Turner’s Single Field 5 The pirate team first pitched the pitcher Chris Alcher 5 games lost 4 points and sent 3 three-zither swallow.

Boston Red Sox 4-1 Houston Space Man

In the second half of the first place, Carlos Careya played a hive for a home, and the spaceman was 1-0. In the third bureau, Andrew-Benneuti’s high-flying sacrifice hit a score on the field. In the fourth place, Rafael Dreschers https://www.mlbboutique2.complayed Yangchun cannon, and the reddock team contrast ratios, 2-1. In the first half of the fifth game, Bene Taui caused an opponent’s gaze to return to one point, 3-1. In the first half of the ninth, Edward – Nunnez rolling earth will lock the entire score in 4-1, and the red stockings team finally defeats space people.

The red sock team first sent a pitcher Edwards – Rodriggus came out of the 6 games to lose 5 times. The spaceman first picked up Justine-Wandard 7 games lost 3 points to send 6 three vibrations.

Philadelphia Philadelphians 1-9 Milwaukee

The third bureau is shorted, this – Gamel slammed the Yangchun cannon, the winemaker is 1-0 lead. In the second half of the fourth place, the Spring cannons of Asman-Graniro and the Pitcher Brandon-Woodrf played two points, 3-0. The second half of the fifth bureau, https://www.fanartikelsportde.comChristian-Jeregian Yangchun cannon, Gran Dolue’s roll earth, Ernan-Peret’s Yangchun, Woodrf’s security, 7-0. In the upper half of the sixth game, Philadelphie rely on Andrew-Napo’s Yangchun gun recovered one point, 7-1. In the second half of the eighth game, this – Gamel single-rang, and also locks the entire score in 9-1, and the wineman wins the city.

Philadelphians first pitched Zach-Eflin 3.2 The bureau lost 3 points to send 4 times three vital swallowed. The winemaker first pitched Brandon-Woodrf 8 games lost 1 point to send 10 three vibrations, and the attack ends 2 pans 2 points, got the victory.

New York Yangji 7-8 Kansas City Royal (10 games)

In the second bureau, the first base of Clint-Frazer is an amaten to let Yangji team 1-0 lead. The second half, Martin Maldonado’s three-component guns let the royal team 3-1 anti-ratios. In the second half of the fourth place, Len Ohne slammed the Yangchun, 4-1. The second half of the fifth bureau, Hunter Docho and Haolch-Sore Herbie played two different guns and Yangchun guns, and the royal team 7-1 leads. In the second half of the sixth game, Graceber Torres played a three-component gun, 7-4. The first half of the ninth game, DJ-Le Mei Yu and Alon Hicks’s first base, hit 3 points, and pulled 7-7 flat on the field, the competition entered the extension. The second half of the tenth game, whip-Merfield knocked out, and the royal team 8-7 kills the foundation.

Yang Bi team first pitched Doming Ge – Herman’s 5 game lost 7 points to send 6 times a three-vibrating loss. The royal team first sent a pitcher Danny-Dafe to the 6th game lost 4 points, of which 1 was blamed, sent 4 three vibrations, and did nothing. Kevin McChaki won the victory, Hunter Dozil single field 4

Cincinnati Red Man 10-2 Chicago Bear

The first game, Euhnio-Suarez’s first base, and Jose-Iglesias rolling the earth, 2-0, the red team leads. In the third bureau, Suarez played a high flying sacrifice, 3-0. The second half of the sixth game, Kyle Farmer’s second base is playing, the explosion of the opponent pitcher, Joe Vo Tour’s high flying sacrifice and opponent’s gaze, let the Red people get quiz, 7-0. In the second half of the sixth bureau, Wilson Kangrtreras played Yangchun, 7-1. In the middle of the eighth game, Suarez played a high flying sacrifice, 8-1. The second half of the eighth game, Haville – Bayz Kaar, 8-2.

In the first half of the ninth game, Ket Casari played
two points, and the audience will be divided into 10-2, and the red people defeated the bear. The Red Strong Pitched Pitcher Tanner-Roak came from 5 games to send 9 times. The Bear Team will send a pitcher Jose-Jintana’s 5.1 bureau to lose 6 points, of which 5 is self-responsive, send 2 three vibrations, swallow the defeat.

Texas Tourist 6-7 Los Angeles Angel

The first half, Mike Truite played Yangchun, the angel team 1-0 lead. The fourth game, the first half of the autumn and Hunter Penz each played a spring gun, and the rider 2-1 rebarrup. The second half of the sixth game, the second base of Pens, Logan – Fuez’s first base and Ruge Dad-Odor’s first base will expand the score to 5-1. In the second half of the seventh place, Louis Lunfu and Truite have returned two points, 5-4. Da Guxiang Ping played the high flight sacrifice to equalize the score on the field, 5-5. Then, Kyle Di Di has brought two points in the explosion, and the angel team 7-5 leads.

In the first half of the ninth game, the autumn and credit played the second base to send back, 7-6, the angel team held this point of leading advantages, and the final 7-6 defeated the cavalry.

The ride first sent a pitcher Aliier – Hurado appeared 6.1 Location lost 2 points to send 3 times a three-vibration unrelated match. The Angel Team first made a pitcher Andrew-Hiki’s 5 games lost 2 points and sent 8 times. Louis Garcia got the victory, Justnet Anderson rescue success.