MLB29 Summary: Jinyu 13-0 race in Indians

On June 29, Beijing time, the Great Position of the Great Works continued to fight, a total of 14 games, the specific competition is as follows: Dodge 9-13 Rocky, sports home 7-2 angel, sailor 1-2 space people, Shuangcheng 4-6 White Socks, Pirates 3-2 Winers, Parlin 1-3 Pride, Rattleson 3-6 Giants, Indians 0-13 Jacquard, Royal 2-6 Blue Bird, Bear 3-6 Red People, Philadelph 2-6 mall fish, visitors 5-0 light, national 3-1 tiger, Warriors 6-2 Metropolitan

Dodge 9-13 Rocky

The strong team of the two countries launched an offensive battle on the snow mountain.This season has a very excellent Dodge first pitcher Liu Xianzhen, swallowing a bitter fruit on the hill, 4.0 bureau pool is hitting 9 security, lost 7 points in the season, was hit 3 projector, and 4 timesAnd 1 time.

The first four games 5-2 lead, however, in the fifth bureau, the fire is bursting, plus the anticipation of the patriarchal, 8 points, not only the anti-Chabit points will be divided into 5 points, 5- 10.

However, Mangsi has three-way guns in the sixth game, and there is 1 point in the eighth game, and the Dodge will be chased to 9-10; however, in the second half of the eighth game, Rocky has 3 points, once again Pull the gap, completely cast the momentum of the Dodge counterattack, and finally win.

Indians 0-13 Jacquard

Clevan Jie was again injured again, but the ending was actually in the last 1.2 game, and it was very bad. The Bunch of Indians also seems to have lost their confidence, and was washed 13 points by Jinji Blood Washed by the Alliance.

Jinyu Captive Xisco 3 security 5 points also ran back 3 points, Santander 3 security 4 points to win 2 points, the audience

The game Jinyu Wat has a total of 16 security, only 5 times.

Double City 4-6 White Socks

White socks will pick up the big names in the United States. The high efficiency of the white socks is the key to win. Although only 9 goals are hit, they have got 6 points, including McCain and Ximenes 2 points. And the double city has only Sano to play a level, and 2 sports hits 4 points.

Pirate 3-2 winemaker

The winemaker is sluggish, and only Toms won 1 point, the first point is because the pirates first pitched the Pitcher Acr’s explosion.

Kevin Newman in Pirates is recent state, this also uses Yangchun gun to pull 1 point for the team; the first half of the eighth bureau will share the score, and the top half of the ninth game is Newman’s hit to help Dia Zeained proled, the ultimate pirate reversed.

Warrior 6-2 Metropolitan

Metropolitan first pitched Digromon’s rules of 6.0 bureaus, ”slight” lost 3 points, and the team is behind 2-3. However, the worst cow shed pitcher in the big alliance once again discovered the reversal, the eighth game was 3 points, resulting in the score to be opened, thereby losing the hope of the pursuit.

The Warriors’ s Soro Ca continued to be robust, and 6.1 The game lost 2 points to win the 9th wins, the line, Kamog and Rilei jointly contributed 5 points.

Annabill Sanchez is the key to winning, 6.0 bureaus only lost 1 point, sent 8 three oscillats; three relay pitcher also played outstanding, did not hit it, stabilized down. In terms of work, the two teams’ playback is not highlighted, but the relatives of the nationals are better than the performance, the teenager strokes the 14th project of the season, helping the nationals to take the lead.

Rouvery 5-0 light

The light continues to struggle in the abyss, 3 wins in the nearly 10 games, 3 wins, only leading the third red socks 2, and enters the prospects in the playoffs. First, Pitcher Chrinos 6 lost 4 points, 3 of whom slammed, helpless lines were like the winter, and the whole field hit 3 security and swallowed 11 times.

The visitors continue to win, and the excellent state of the line is a key point. 8 is 5 points, and the 8 points are selected.

Philadelphians 2-6 Marinfish

Philadelphians were defeated by the Mall fish in the country, the second, three sticks, Anderson, and two people jointly contributed to 5 points. Philadelphie is a unique scenery, relying on Pitcher Vichazuz’s 2 points, the only fraction of the audience, but the pitching work is not finished, 4.1 bureau lost 4 points, accept the 5th game Failover.

Bear 3-6 red

The bears fell into the disadvantages behind the four games before the game, and Hames only lost 1 game and lost 1 point because of injury. After the game, the team had confirmed him to enter the 10th injury list. The Montgomery 2.1 bureau loses 5 points, which directly leads to the loss of the bear, especially in the fourth game, and drop 4 points.

The red man’s Wando is hot, 4 counts of 4 安 安 2 2 points, Senzer and Igo Layes have obtained 2 points.

Royal 2-6 blue bird

Royal Sixth Half of the sixth game after half of the 2-0 lead blue bird. However, the anti-attacking of the blue bird will start from the second half of the sixth bureau, first in the small Gurier knock out two points of guns, then Su Jiade Yangchun cannon 1 points; the second half of the eighth game, is a small Guiri, single The field double sound score came to 2-4; Grinsk’s two-point guns made ratio in 2-6, and the royal family collapsed at the end of the game.

The blue bird’s small Grriel continuously twice, only 4 games sent 5 bills, this season contributed 14 projectors to play 33 points, recent excellent strike status, let him sit stabilize the launch lineup.

Sports 3-2 Angel

Exercise home Lesson Hands Olsen hand, 3 security wishes 5 points, I will take 2 points, the second stick Cartan has ran back 3 points, and can contribute 2 points. First pitcher Füls 6.2 bureau only lost 1 point, and won the 8th win.

Da Valiang is the best in the angel stroke, and 4 players will be 1 point. But unfortunately, the teammates are not in the state, and the audience hits 8 security hits only 2 points, forming 19 restrictions, visible The opportunity is not ideal.

Sapphire 1-3 priest

The red scitch lost 1 point in the sixth game, and was bombered out of the Yang Spring. After the Spring Spring Cannon, and the latcho was back to the back of the bacterium to fight against the rather. Receive the failure. In the second half of the eighth, it is the roll of Hosmer, although it causes himself, but the help team friendly, eventually win the game.

Snake 3-6 giant

The giant sporadic point slowly gave the opponent to the opponent, although there were 18 restrictions, but also knocked out 12 security, Presca 2 points, Dickson 2, 2 points.

Although the snake is also knocked out 11 security, only 3 points, the restriction is up to 23, and a lot of opportunities are wasted. The pitcher Mike Flight 1.2 bureau lost 3 points and the score was pulled off. Although 1 point in the first half of the ninth game, the snake failed to recover 4 points.