MLB29 Summary: Metropolis will be filled with gunkeekeas Sheng Daoqi Yangji home lost priest

Beijing time on May 29th, the US duty wand big alliance will fight 16 games, white socks 2-1 royal (picking yesterday), white socks 4-3 royal, red people 11-6 pirates, Yangji 4-5 priest, ray 3-1 Blue Bird, Malinfish 11-3 giants, Jinyu 0-3 Tiger, White Socks 4-3 Royal, Warrior 4-5 National, Shuangcheng 5-3 Wine, Space Man 9-6 Bear, Luo Base 6-2 Rail Snake, Red Sock 5-7 Indians, Sailor 4-11 Cavalry, Dodge 3-7 Metropolis, Sports Home 4-6 Angel.



White Sox 2-1 Royal

The two teams then started to play yesterday, the second half of the eighth bureau is in the second half of the second half, and one person is out, but their player Abrewu hit the double kill.

In the second half of the nine bureaus, the white socks formed a situation, and Sanchez’s goodbye is over the game, and the white hose 2-1 wins, avoiding extended competition.

White Sox 4-3 Royal

Gordon’s first bureau knocked out a three-point gun to help the Royal Beverage, but the white socks first sent a pitcher Gillette in the game lost such 3 points, and the third branch of the white socks will share the score. The fourth game has returned to the ultra-fifth, and the final white socks 4-3 won, one day double game double kill royal.

Red people 11-6 pirate

The fourth bureau of Ditrich helped the red 3-0 lead, the fifth game, he was a two-point gun, the red person 6-0 lead, he completed the single three ring in the seventh place , Red 10-0 lead, lock the victory.

Although the pirates have hit the rushes, they also don’t help, and the finals of the 11-6 wins the pirate.

Yangji 4-5 priest

The priest is almost locked in the victory. After Machado, Hosmo took a three-point gun, and the priest was 4-0. Sanchez’s home running Yangji recovered one point, but Garcia’s anattic gambler returned to 4 points. Yangji chased 3 points in the seventh game, but noji, the priest final 5-4, away from the scene, the end of the 10th rescue.

Ray 3-1 blue bird

The newly joined catcher Darno sacrifices the first game, the first game, the lead, Garcia and Medos’s Yangchun cannon will expand the score of 3-0. Blue Bird’s Ninth Bureau chases a point, the final score 3-1, the ran is home.

Marin’s 11-3 giants

The giant is playing with Panick’s home run, the passenger is born, and the next half of the second half of the Rojas has traveled.

The Sanfasi of the Jastro three bureaus helps the macaron fish beyond the score, and the 5th at the giant first pitcher Samiya, Maruli’s 4 points, including Alfaro’s three Field.

In the second half of the sixth bureau, the Kuper completed a three-component gun, and Erela, who was played again, was completed in the eighth game. The giant recovered 2 points in the first half of the ninth game, but it has no good thing, and the finals of Malinfish at home 11-3 wins the giant.

Jinyi 0-3 Tiger

The two weaker competitions in the United States of America did not wave, and the first two games were 1 point after the two games. The fifth bureau’s Gu derum’s spring gun was locked 3-0.

The first firing in both sides is very good, the Jinyan’s ace pitcher Bandi seven games lost 3 points, sent 8 three-vibration, and the tiger’s Boider Sixth Bureau did not lose 8 times.

Warrior 4-5 National

The fourth place in the fourth place in the fourth game has a bit, but the Warriors have two points in the next half. In the sixth game, the national is hit by the first half, and then she is brought back to the two points. The seventh bureau KFRRK will make up a Yangchun shot. The second half of the eighth bureau of Riley has resembled 1 degree of difference, but Du Lit debut has stabilized the last semi-bureau, and the national away 5-4 defeated the Warrior.

Shuangcheng 5-3 winemaker

The first 6 bings of the two teams did not score, and the seventh place in the second half of the double city has won five points, and Rosario hits a two-point gun. The eighth bureau’s winemaker is also a two-point gun, and the ninth game of graphic is also hit a spring gun, but it is too late, the Shuangcheng finally lived at home 5-3 won this Cross the Union Competition.

Spaceman 9-6 bear

Guriel Ann played Braygman helped the space for the first game in the first game, but the second bureau of the Bear leaned against the three-Zhenyang spring gun, including Hayward and
Russel hit the back of the back Hit.

Space people, first, Breggman’s home run, the game returned to 1 division, followed by the second half, and rely on continuous security union to get 4 points, 6-1 and 3 against the score.

The Bear Sixth Bureau once again hit the home base of the back, got 3 points and chased the score, and Potty hit the second home run. However, after the semi-bureau, Bregman’s two-point gun made the spaceman once again, and the spaceman finally got at 9-6 to win this home run.

Rocky 6-2

The Barters of the Eska Third Bureau made the sound of the snake away, and the fourth Loosian slammed the score, and then could then returned to the Arena’s anti-super score. Eskoban hit the snake, after the score, Luoqui once again doubled, and the final scene was 6-2 at home. SS

Red Socks 5-7 Indians

The first five branches of the two sides have a white coil, the sixth game of red socks rely on an arrest and gaze, and has achieved 3-0 leaders.

Although the Eighth Bureau of the Indians recovered 2 points, the next semi-bureau was 2 points, and the differences did not be reduced.

The ninth bureau, Indians launched the Jedi counterattack, Perez and Allen’s own hits, and Lugopo hit the pre-score, and the Indians received 7 to 5. Terminator Hand debuted, the Indians won this strong dialogue. Sailor 4-11 visit soldier

The two people went out of the game to launch two staggists, the sailor catcher lost the ball, and the two people ran back to the home score.

The fourth place in Mazara took a two-point gun, and the rider expanded his lead. The fifth game of visitors will continue to work hard, and the Agreement is 7 points, of which Gazman hits a three-point gun.

After the sailor, I recovered 4 points, but they didn’t help, and they defeated the 3rd scores of 4-11.

Dodge 3-7 metropolis

The third game of the Metropolitan has achieved 1-0 lead, just a half-bureau, Berinjan took the score with two points, and then the metropolis will be the three bases. Fraser hit the Yangchun gun, two teams The six games ended, and the battle was 2-2 flat.

The second half of the seventh place in Kong Faro hit a full range of guns, and lay a victory in one fell swoop, then two teams had 1 point, and the finals were more than 7 to 3.

Sports 4-6 Angel

Ximin’s first home base hits the leader of the sports home, the second game of Fletcher, retrieving two points, helping the angels over the score. Rastera has added a place of anger, and the angel stands gets 4 points and has achieved 4-1 leaders.

Sportsists quickly chased the score, the second half of the fifth bureau in the Fifth Bureau of Lauren, and the second half of the second half of the Olsen sixth bureau allowed the sight to divide 4-4 flat.

At this time, Da Guxiang stood up at this time. He helped angel more than two points in the nine games, and the angel won such a two points.

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