MLB29 Summary: Rocky 8 Connecting Lock Season After Saiji

On September 29, Beijing time, a total of 16 contestants in the US Professional Baseball League, the specific competition is as follows: Space Man 2-1 Jinyu, Sapphire 4-8 Bear, White Socks 1-2 Shuangcheng (first), White socks 4-12 Shuangcheng (the second), Yangji 11-6 red socks, pirates 8-4 red, Warriors 10-2 Philadelphians, Malinfish 8-1 Metropolitan, Blue Bird 7-6 light , National 2-5 rock, tiger 5-6 winemaker, Indian 14-6 royal, sports home 5-8 Angel, Snake 2-3 priest (15 bureaus), visitors 6-12 sailors, Dodge 3-1 giant.

The US League playoffs has been determined that New York Yangji will usher in the home of the Auckland sports home, and the winners of the two teams will challenge Mei Liandong District Championship Boston Red Lock. Houston Spaceholders will compete with the Cleveland Indians to compete for another Tickets for another Meidian final.

In terms of the National Union, the Milwaukee’s wine troops are only one game of Chicago Bear, China. There is still a chance to compete for the partition, the second part of the partition will face the outer card in the outer card. Los Angeles Dodge wins a game or St. Louis Rock, and the Dodge will take the last bus on the playoffs. Dodge’s co-district opponent Coloradoliji team has locked a rancing ticket with a wave of 8 games, but there is no winning champion in Guoxi District, the Rociki team and the bear team need two games to lock partition championships. . The champion of the National Association will face the National Asian East Champion Atlanta Warriors in the National Assembly.

Slim 4-8 bear

In the second half of the first game, the bear team rely on the Anthony-Rezo’s antecette and the preparation of the Luque team won two points. In the second half of the fourth place, the 1https://www.b2bshopp.com3th of the Chris Bryant Season 13th horn hits the basters to help the bear a point, 3-0. The fifth bureau is shorter, and the high flying sacrifice is sent back, 4-0.

In the first half of the sixth game, Paul-Des Rong’s rolling earth and Masel-Azua’s first base is brought back to two points, 2-4. After the two games, Daniel-Murphy’s high flying sacrifice, David – Bot is selected to be full base guaranteed and Albert-Almora’s anaba will make the wolf bear to get 4 points, 8-2. In the first half of the ninth game, the Red Picking team got two points by a one-standing placement and opponent’s gaze, and the audience was divided into 3-4 rickets.

The bear team first made a pitcher Kyle Hendrix 8 bureau was hit by 7 booths. Only 2 of the National Championships after the victory in this scene, the Red Pitch team is not optimistic after the future.

Yangji 11-6 socks

The third bureau, Gary-Sanchez’s Yangchun cannon and the first base of Jen Carlo Stanton help the team to win 2-0 leaders. The fourth game, the second base of Grayber Torres, Andru-McCachen’s alarm and Alon Hicks’s three-unit gun will be rewritten to 8-0.

The second half of the sixth bureau, Steve Pierce uses a full of the leading advantages of the opponent, 4-8. The seventh game, Luke Voit’s Yangchun cannon, and the preparation of the Red Sox will be rewritten to 10-4. The eighth bureau, Yangqua Alon, Jiaqi’s home run, and Pierce’s first base to play two teams each 1, 11-5. In the second half of the ninth Bureau, Zhanz Bocgauza selected four bad balls in the event of four bad balls, and lock the audience in 11-6.

Steve Pierce Single Field 5 points, including 1 full of guns. Yang Biece first walked out all of them. Yang Biece rely on the victory of this field, established the home advantage of the sports team’s external card. At the same time, the 264-running homer this season also packed the 1997 Sailor Creation Creation Record.

Tiger 5-6 winemaker

In the first place, the Tiger team got 3 points, 3-0, got 3 points, 3-0. In the second half of the first place, the winemaker hits the score, 3-3. Third, four or two games, winemakers have their own, 5-3. In the first half of the eighth game, Darvil Lugo’s career first slammed the score again, 5-5. In the second half of the eighth game, the 20th ethnic group of Ryan Braun seasons helped the team eventually won the victory of this game.

Winemaker Lane Braun 3 security, 2 points, get 2 points. After this game, 93 wins and 67-linked winemakers still retain the hope of the championship of the National Lianzhong District.

Warrior 10-2 Philadelphians

In the fourth game, John Camago’s home running, Charlie-Carriberson and Ronald-Akunia’s leadership makes the team a leader of 4-0. In the second half of the fourth place, Odu Belle-Erera used the second base to make back a point, 1-4.

In the seventh place, the preparation of Philadelphians and then sent to the opponent, 5-1. Eighth, the first half of the nine or two, the four sightedness of the Western Athai, Freddy – Friedman and Ronald Akunia were 5 points, 10-1. The second half of the ninth bureau, the 34th of the Lis – Hoskins Hall Season 34th is hit by the main team, and the whole score Warrior 10-2 Philadelphians.

The Warriors first sent a pitcher Mike Frit Buttight 5 losses of 1 point and sent 9 three vibrations. Freddy – Friedman Single Field 4 security, 1 guarantee, 3 points.

National 2-5 rock

In the third bureau, Charlie-Blackmund season 28th rampant helped Luoji team 1-0 lead. In the fourth game, Trur Trien’s three-pointed two points, the national 2-1 anti-ratios. In the second half of the fifth, Ian-Daysmond and the two home runs of Chris Aneneta hit the Rociji team 4-2 again. In the second half of the sixth bureau, David Dar’s Yangchun cannon locks the entire score in 5-2.

Luoji team first pitcher Kyle Flander 6 losses 2 points. The Rocky team has locked a seating seat with a wave of 8 consecutive victories.

Dodge 3-1 giant

The second half, Nick Hendley’s Yangchun cannon help the giant team first, 1-0. In the third bureau, Manny Mathache used a one-hitting a hit score, 1-1. In the fifth game, Justin Turner’s two-point gun will be rewritten as the Dao Zi 3-1.

Dodge team first picked up Liu Xianzhen six losses. The giant team first pitched Madison – Bontam Gana 6 losses 3 points, and six three vibrations were sent. Dodgers are only a game from the playoffs.

Sports 5-8 Angel

The second half, Francisco-Assia’s roll earth and Taylor Ward’s home run help the angel team 3-0 lead. In the second half of the third bureau, Mike Truite’s two-point gun will be rewritten to 5-0. In the second half of the fifth, Da Guxiang piah played a high flying sacrifice, 6-0. In the second half of the seventh place, the big Valley Xiangping’s antestable help the team a point, 7-0. Andreton – Simmons selected four bad balls in the event, 8-0.

In the first half of the eighth game, Matt Chapman’s antestable to help the sportsist recovered one point, 1-8. Jede Roli’s rolls help the team again, 2-8. Then the angel team offers a mistake to the sake of sports, 3-8. Marcus Simin’s second base is playing base on the two runners returning to home score, 5-8.

Da Guxiang Ping 3 security, two points, get 1 point. Mike Tuur 2 is playing, 2 points, get 2 points, 1 time. Sportsists will fight the New York Yangji at the United States.