MLB30 Day 30 Team: Bregman leads the Spaceman selection three less future or bang



The MLB 2019 season has been officially opened, in order to help the new and old fans to familiarize yourself with the status quo of all teams as soon as possible, launch 30 days 30 team special for reference. Today, it is a Houston space.

Team: Houston Space Man

Partition: Menlian West District

World Contest Champion: 1 time (2017)

Previous season record: 103-59 (partition champion)

Team Attack Index: 0.754 (League 7)

Team Score Rate: 3.11 (League 1st)

Director: AJ-Singge

Review on the previous quarter

Last season space people’s line full injuries, Jose – Otti and George – Springer has missed more than 20 games due to injury, and Karlos-Corea injury is more only played. 110 games, the team’s firepower is still obvious compared to the 2017 season.

But the round value of last season is extremely excellent, three first pitcher is full of 200 bureaus, three first pitcher get 200 three-oscillated, four first-year pitcher’s three-ivifier number of three-ivory number, this is Very well-robust performance.

Braggman has become the absolute core of space people

Braggman has become the absolute core of space people

Although the performance of space people is not satisfactory, coupled with sportswaters in the season, the spaceman faces a lot of challenges in the whole season, but the spaceholds have played the outstanding play of the wheel value and Bresman’s outbreaks. I still have a shock and unrequited partition championship and have a winner in the second consecutive year.

In the United States of America, the space soldier is not bloody 3-0 to overcome the Indians and break into the United States. However, the space man showed excellent first firing group this season or not to fight the powerful firepower of red socks, the team’s line was also pressed by the opponent, and the final 1-1 lost the United States championship without defending.

Restay period Important transfer and transfer

Transfer: Michael Blante (Free Player), Robinson – Chrinos (Free Player), Wade Meri (https://www.mlbdrakterno.comFree Player), Alede Mis – Diaz (Transactions)

Turning: Dallas – Kelle, Charlie – Morton, Ma Wen – Gonzalez, Martin – Maldona

Top new show

Flester – Whitley, Kyle Tak, James, Jamedan – Alvarez, JB – Buckoscas, Corbino – Martin

Star player

Although the walked line of space in the season is not very stable because the injury situation is not stable, the three bases of Alex Bregg thoroughly broke out, the 0.396 weighted global capacity ranked fifth, and he was also in the United States MVP The ranked fifth in the selection, the team’s offensive girders were provoked in the case of a poor state of the three core players.

Bregman is the list of episodes of 2015, during the small union period, it is also a quarter, but it has not reached everyone’s expected performance after entering the big alliance, and finally broke out this season, and it is also extremely excellent.

The spaceman also took advantage of iron, and signed a 5-year billion contract with him before the Bregman arbitration period. This is also Bregman, and space people also want to extend the team as much as possible with such operations. Winning the window.

The last season of Justin-Wandard proved that he was still not old, 35-year-old Vlande voted 214 bureaus, sent 290 three vibrations, send 12.2 times every nine games, the San Zhen-assault is more than 7.84 far more than 7.84 Other ace pitcher.

Although Willland finally lost Misnell, I didn’t get the Madi-Fed, but he told people that he was still in the peak with super luxurious data. Space people are naturally reluctant to give up this stable and experienced old, with a two-year 66 million contract to complete the renewal, and I hope that Willands helps the team’s young pitcher growth.

Willland will fight for two years to the airline

Willland will fight for two years to the airline

Cows have always been a pain point for space people, although the book strength of space people looks good, but several post-helpers are very stable, and the team’s cowhed management also controversial. So the spaceman did two important ancctions at the free market at last season, and signed Extto-Londong and Qiao-Smith’s two-way aid pitcher intention.

But the matter is willing to violate, the team’s latter pitcher is undecided, and even the team’s 7, 8, 9 bulld sheds can not be fixed until the team is in the 731 transaction to Roberto – Osuna and Len – Aosona Prestley. Ausuna sold by blue birds due to offices, and was bought by space people, which greatly met the needs of space people.

At the same time, Prestley came to the team last season 23.1 bureau self-discipline rate 0.77, which has been sitting in the team’s 8th game, which is a good thing for himself and the team. The Prestisli break is also completed with the team’s 17 million a year of two-year two-year option, which ensures that space can continue this to cowshed gold partners.

Team outlook

Space people have no more intrinsic reunions this season, more focused on the team completed the two heavyweight renewals of Braggman and Wrande.

Since the success of the spaceman is mainly because of the excellent young players and their child labor contracts easy to operate, once these core players have expired, space people will usher in a huge amount of salary and even extravagant Tax on the situation. How will space people handle their contracts, give up who to renew anyone, do not need to pay a luxury tax, will be a concern.

Springer's space of spaceman

Springer’s space of spaceman

This season spaceman has ushered in a lot of challenges, first Dallas – Kahl and Charlie – Morton enters the free player market, Lance-McCalus also conducts elbow ligament replacement season reimbursement, space People have to change in the first round value.

James who had the opportunity to enter the wheel value can only be played from the cow shed in the injured season in the spring training, and the spaceman plans to use Colin-McCho and Brad, Pikick. The shed pitcher, plus the left-vocal first-occurring wheel value of the Left Putong Sign.

Because Grite Colsi will also become a free player after the end of the season, and Cole’s broker is a famous ”vampire” Scott-Polas, and space people are likely to renew Cole.

However, the depth of space in space is very good, especially the first firing, Fleste – Whitley will not be able to board the big alliance in the middle of the season and become an important member of the next year, 2017 The draft three less JB-Buckoscas, Colibin-Martin and Brandon-Brake are very high, maturity is also good, is expected to pick up the flag in the future.

Whitley will become a fidelity pitcher in the future of space

Whitley will become a fidelity pitcher in the future of space

Pitcher rating: ★★★★★

Wat rating: ★★★★ ☆

Expected record: 98-64, partition champion

Preview first

1 Sino-Outer Wilder George – Spring

2 three-speed Alex-Bregman

3 Both Squarie Jose – Otti

4 guerrillas Carlos – Coria

5 left outer wilder Michael – Blantery

6th base, Yeri-Guirier

7 Specify strike Taylor-White

8 Right Outfielders, Yash-Redick

9 Catcher Robinson – Chrinos

Expected list of open season

First Pointer: Justine – Wirant, Grit – Cole, Wade Meri, Colin – McChole, Brad

Terminator: Roberto – Ocuna

Supporting Pitcher: Len Presley, Extto – London, Will Harris, Chris Denski, Frambar – Waldez, James

Catcher: Robinson – Chrinos, Max – Stassi

Wilder: Yeri-Guirier, Jose – Otti, Alex – Bregman, Carlos – Coria, Alede Mis, Diaz

Outfielder: George – Springer, Michael – Blantee, Josh Reissick, Tony Kemp, Jack Marrisnik

Specify strike: Taylor White