MLB30 Day 30 Team: Can the sailor in Japan in Japan?

MLB unveiled in the Tokyo Dome, the 2019 season has been opened, in order to help new and old fans become familiar with the status quo of all teams as soon as possible, launch 30 days 30 team special for reference.Today, it is a sailor.

Team: Seattle Sailor

Partition: Meilai East District

The best season post: promotion of the United States of America final (1995, 2000, 2001)

Last season, record: 89-73

Team Attack Index: 0.722 (League 19)

Team Score Rate: 4.13 (League 17)

Director: Scott Serbis


The sailor’s opening season is seriously injured in the field
injury, and has to recruite the team for many years of the hero Suzuki, but he has been forced to be half retired because it is not good for more than a month. Another bad news is that it is half a season for the family’s second base Robinson – Kano. It is expected that the team is quite excellent in the first half of the season, but the bright grade is full of water: the team has 36-21 high win in a worse competition, but this is more luck, Not strength. As the season gradually advanced, the sailor and the partition leader Houston space man gradually became far away, the Auckland sight at the latime was also in the head, but the sailor not only missed the playoffs, but did not even reach 90 wins.

The rest period is mainly:

Transfer: First Punmet Chrysanthemato March (inquate), Wild Hands, Beckham (Free Player), Rescue Pitcher Hunter Strikland (Free Player), Rescue Pitcher Color – Gilin (Free Player), Wrong Hand Malers – Smith (Transaction), Foreign Wilder Dooms – Santana (Trading), Wrong Hand Jay – Bruce (Transaction), Catcher Omal – Navyz (Transactions), Guerrilla JP – Crawford (transaction), the first base Edwin – Enkanasian (transaction), rescue pitcher Zlessen – Bun Testa (transaction), rescue pitcher Anthony-Swazak (transaction)

Turning: First, Pitcher James – Parkston (Transaction), Nelson – Cruze (Free Player), Barrier Robinson – Kano (Transaction), Guerrie Qiong – Segula (Transaction), Catcher Mike Novol (transaction), rescue pitcher Edwin Diaz (transaction), rescue pitcher Alex Kolio (transaction), rescue pitcher Juan Nikasio (transaction), rescue pitcher James – Paszza S (transaction), foreign country hand Gililmo-Eredia (transaction), foreign country – Gamel (transaction), the owner de Dad-Span (bought)

Top new show:

Zuo Dou Justz – Sheffield, Wrong Hand Jales Krenic, right pitcher Justin Dunn

Star player:

Mickey – Harny last year is the team’s thigh, 6.1 victory contribution to lead the whole team, in the ”Sports Pictorial”, a hundred dollars in the ”Sports” selection is the only player in the sailor. Since the team’s victory contribution is the second-to-sixth star of the second to sixth, Harnger can almost say that the underlying head of the management is reserved. He will shoulder the heavy responsibility of the soldor rejuvenation.

NPB Qi Yumi Wuli’s ace pitcher Jane Chry Chrysanthemum Xiong Star scenery, achieving his dream from a small germination. Since Parxon, who just cast an innocent game was traded, the strength of other first firing is more mediocre, Ju Chi Chrysach is equal to the United States, which is pushed to the king, which is a small challenge for him.

Di-Gordon, Di-Gordon, the Golden Fish Period, is the top of the league, and the three-degree ranking Balley, the 2015 season has taken the gold gloves and the silver rod award. It came to the sailor last year to be forced to the Sino-Due, good in Kano, because the ban, let him return to the position. Now the team’s choice is determined to belong to him, maybe Gordon can regain the peak level.

Edwin – Nakaisi has a 32-star performance last year, but the attack index fell from 0.881 in 2017 to 0.810, and the signs of his degradation in his age of 3 began to appear, so he still hoped to shock the playoffs Cleveland India People give him up. However, in rebuild, Enkaisi still has a chance to prove that he is not old.

Suzuki’s contribution to the history of the sailor team, the 2001 new show season and the team won the record 116 win, and after the sailor fell into the dark, I insisted that the companion team was until 2012, he seeks the transaction to make the ball The team has a better turning space. After many years, the sailor still did not build trees, and I also got the old age. Is this the last MLB season, or, the unveiling series in Tokyo Dome is his bid to fight?

Team Outlook:

The team’s break is dazzling, and the main lineup is basically clear. General Manager Jerry Dipo clear the team fully rebuilt this year, but emphasized that it would not be turned long long, I hope to start competition in two seasons. Considering that the strong Spaceman has to maintain a period of time, this way to avoid rhubject seems quite reasonable. However, if the team sent away, whether the rookie exchanged rookie can pick up the girlfriend smoothly, and it is currently unknown. Dipo’s strategy may allow the sailor to return to the season, and it is not necessary to bring the team to the more terrible abyss. It can be determined that this year’s sailors have almost no longer, maybe see if Chrysanthemati can successfully adapt to the big alliance is a more interesting point.

Pitcher rating: ★★

WTR 评 评: ★ ☆

Expected record: 59 to 74 wins, partition fourth

Prepen first line:

1 Sino-foreign wilder Malex – Smith

2 Right outside wilder Mickey – Hanger

3 Specify the fight Edwin – Enkaisi

4th base hand Leon-Sili

5 left outer wilder Domingo – Santana

6 guerrillat Tim – Beckham

7 catcher Omar-Navyz

8 second base hand Di-Gordon

9th base hand Dilen – Moore

The team is expected to open the season (28 people special expansion list):

First Pointer: Malco – Gonzalez, Wade Le Brapp, Ju Chika, Mike Lick, Philox – Ernand

Rescue Pitcher: Cori-Gillin, Anthony – Swazak, Chai Sens – Bradford, Dan – Alavira, Ronis – Elias, Matt – Fith, Zach – Rose Cap, Nick Ram Pollo

Terminator: Hunter Strickland

Catcher: Omar – Navadz, David – Freitas

Wilder: Di-Gordon, Leon, Tim – Beckham, Dirlan – Moore, Dan Vogerbuck

Outfielder: Mickey – Hanig, Malex – Smith, Domingo – Santana, Jay – Bruce, Suzuki, Baden – Bi Shap

Specify strike: Edwen – Enkanasi