MLB30 Day 30 Team: Guoxinzhong District Zhanxiong and a small bear need to take a bath

MLB entered the spring training, the 201https://www.mlbtrojerdk.com9 season has been unable to help new and old fans are familiar with the status quo of all teams as soon as possible, and launch 30 days 30 team special for reference. Today, the Chicago Winnabar is introduced.

Team: Chicago Bear

Partition: Guo Sai Central District

World Contest Champion: 3 times

Last season of the season: 95-68 (2nd in Guohuan Zhongzhong)

Team Attack Index: 0.744 (League 5th, League average. 728)

Team Score Rate: 3.65 (League 5th, League Average 4.14)

Director: Joe – Madden


In 2016, the bear team broke the goat magic and broke the 108-year championship. In 2017, the Winnam Team and the Los Angeles Daoqi team competed in the National Union champion failed to defend success. In the 2018 season, the bear team has been in the leading position of the China Union Central District, but in the final critical battle in the regular season, it is chasing the enemy Mirovyki wineman team, leading to the play. The bear team fainted to the wineman after the wineman team and the Colorado Squad team showed the karafen, and although the regular season has achieved 95 Sheng but once again challenge the throne of the National People’s Championship.

Star player:

At the age of 26, the Nickname ”Magician” Harvey – Bayz, from Puerto Rico, is a rookie signed in the first round of the 2011 Cabin’s first round, in 2014, the big alliance, the first game The base team hit his career on the 1st, the winner of the game is also the winner of the game. It is the first player who hits the player in the first show extending in the first show in 2003 – Kabrera. . Bayz slammed the 4th field of the battle of the Redquet team in the 2015 season, so that the bear team was successfully promoted to the National Union Championship.

In 2016, the 4th game of the national joint group, the 4th game of the battle giants, Bayzan played Hayward to score the war, so that the bear team succeeded, the National Union Championship was successful, becoming the 1907 Ji Mi Slai Since Gol, the first binnaby player in the season, and only 19 players in history were in the quarter, and Bai Zez and the first hair picked up Qiong-Lezt won the National Union Championship. Valuable players. In the 2018 season, Bayz was first selected for all stars. The most valuable players in Guoxian were selected, 34 projectors, and the 111 points of the Leader.

The 27-year-old Chris Brines is a rookie signed in the first round of the Bear Team in 2013. The year’s homeway is a pitcher Apel, and is taken away by the space team. If the space team chooses Brines, then the bear team will sign Apel. Destiny is so bright, Apel is signed by the Space Strong, gave the Philadelphians after the 2015 season, 2018 Apel announced bidabell of the baseball career, and Bryant’s first show in 2015 The alliance is selected to select all the stars and will be selected for the Best of the National United States. The 2018 season Blanter was 10.85 million US dollars, created a record of the first arbitration annual salary of the big alliance player. Bryant and 330 million Mr. Harper began playing baseball together since 9 years old.

In May this year, the 38-year-old old Zibris has been selected for the whole star, participated in the three world contests, and two champion rings have been harvested for two consecutive years, respectively, the 2015 Royal Team and the 2016 Cabin Team. He is all the owner of all, mainly prepared two bases, and also acts as a guerrilla and owner, and the left and right hands can hit, known as ”super tools.” In December 2015, Zabrist was signed with a 4-year $ 56 million contract. In 2016, the fourth game of the Battle of the Battle of the United States, the fourth game of the battle giant, Zhibaristan made Bryante, opened 4 points reversal and successfully promoted the championship. The seventh place in the seventh game of the World Contest, Zabrist’s Anattan Order, the bear team scored a lead, and finally won the most valuable players in the World Competition.

35-year-old Joan-Leicester is a pitcher for the Bear team, will be a pitcher in the 2019 season of the courses. Leicester is a rookie in the second round of the 2002 Red Sox, and the contract is $ 1 million is the highest in the second round of the new rookie. In 2006, the Great Alliance was in the same year, and the same year suffered from cancer and defeated the disease. In the 2007 World Competition, the 4th game of Warlon, 5.2 Bureau 3 security 3 guaranteed 3 three vibration, becoming the third place in the history of the Great Pilot. In the 2013 World Contest, the arms of the war, the first and fifth game won a victory to win the red socks. In December 2014, Leicester was signaled with a 6-year $ 155 million contract. The most valuable players who have won the National Union Championship in 2016.

Team Outlook:

In the 2019 Sino, the country will be the year of the group and the smoke. The Red Squad of the Kuanlian Central District of the Countertoire introduced the foreign wilder Pyg and Kemp and the first farther Alex – Wood and Sunni Gray, the Red Bird also introduced the original random snake team all-star strong boot-gold Schmidt, the original Indian team strongly invests Andrew Miller and renew the first pitcher Miclecales, the winemaker renewed Musticas and signed the Catcher Asman-Gran Doline, Pirate Team The big movements were completed before the transaction in the 2018 season, introduced the original ray king pitcher Chris Archer.

The bear team is quiet, but still renewes Hames and Kunata. Dabu was a recovery, and Thatwood’s spring training was relatively stable. The team’s lineup is different from the championship, although the pitcher is older, but the team is young and mature. The chance of the boulder name in all teams in all teams is still the highest, but the gap between the opponents will be small, and the variables are also large.

Pitcher rating: ★★★★ ☆

Wat rating: ★★★★ ☆

Expected record: 92 wins, partition name

The team estimates to the opening season

Albert – Amora Chinese

Chris Brines

Anthony – Rizui

Harvey – Bayz guerrilla

Ben – Zabriste

Kyle Ware-Schwabo

Wilson – Kanditus Catcher

Jason – Hayward’s right wilder

Team estimates to open season

First Pointer: Joan – Leicester, Dabi Repair, Cole-Hamels, Kyle Hendrick, Jose – Kunna

Rescue Pitcher: Brad – Brak, Taylor Thatwood, Steve, Schiek, Brian – Danzin, Carl – Edward, Brandon – Kingsler, Mike – Magnoli, Di Long – Metales, Alex Mills, James – Nonwood, Landy – Rosario, Kyle Ryan

Terminator: Pedro Strip, Brandon – Moro

Catcher: Wilson – Kanditus, Victor – Carratei

Wilder: Anthony – Rizo, Harvey – Bayz, Ben-Zibrist, Daniel – Deskarso, Chris Bryant, David – Baodi

Older Hand: Kyle Schwab, Albert – Amora, Jason – Hayward, Mark Zambinis