MLB30 Day 30 Team: Running Snake Front Road Multiple Round River Lands

Spring training, David-Peralta (left) and teammate Kitel Marta in the player seating area active atmosphere

Spring training, David-Peralta (left) and teammate Kitel Marta in the player seating area active atmosphere

MLB enters the spring training, the 2019 season has arrows on the string, to help new and old fans to familiarize with the status quo of all teams as soon as possible, and launch 30 days 30 team special for reference.Today is an Arizona Snake Team.

Team: Arizona Snake

Partition: Guohi West District

World Contest Champion: 1 time (2001)

Previous season record: 82-80 (partition third)

Team Attack Index: 0.707 (League 21)

Team Score Rate: 3.72 (League 4th)

Director: Torry Roculo


2018 is extremely critical for the future strategic decisions of the ball. The opening season continued last year’s good performance, and in April, he played a small climax of the first two waves, which was subsequently fell by several main players’ injuries. The overall performance of the All-Star game presented the trajectory of a strong in January, once occupied the first place in the National Union West.

There is still a great hope to enter the playoffs, but the management does not have a burning farm to change the fight, but a new show that is not high in the transaction. When it comes to the crucial September, the team is full of weakness after injury and conservative transactions, and there is no such thing as a battle with Dodge and Rockey’s playoffs.

The rest period is mainly:

Get a first firman Luke, Waff and Carton, Ruke – Kelly. The free market is signed the rescue pitcher Greg – Holland, Wild Handwell – Florez, Outfielder Adam – Jones and Right Pitcher Merril – Kelly.

Spring training: the tail snake anti-sports home Zach-Granji first 2 games no one

Spring training: the tail snake anti-sports home Zach-Granji first 2 games no one

Star player:

After two all-star wilder Gord Schmidt and AJ-Pooko leave, the most dazzling star of the line is the most dazzling star – David Peralta. Peralta is a large-scale player, and it was a pitcher in his early years because of injury to discard.

Last year, when Lanm, Suaza, Poolock was injured, Pellarta attacked a lot of critical points for the team. There were only 17 bombings in the past a year, and 30 complete hits, the attack index. 868 was amazing, and a silver bat award was obtained. If he can continue to bring surprises, then the problem of firepower output is lacking in firepower output can also be relieved.

The team’s ace pitcher Zach-Grangi has played excellent in the past two seasons. Every year, it takes more than 200 bureaic for the snake, and will take 15 wins and 17 wins. The self-sharing rate is also maintained at 3.20. Despite the growth of age, his straight ball speed has fallen to 91MPH, but the precise call and a strange tail compensate for the short board of the ball.

This year, with him two seasons, Martis left the team, while Granki demanded very high, I am afraid that the new season has to spend some energy and cultivated tacit understanding of this.

平 野 佳寿 成 为

平 野 佳寿 成 为

Pingji Jiashou is a rescue pitcher who is signed from the Japanese duty rod last year. With its own weapon – a sharp pointing football. In the 2018 season, he appeared 73 times and won 4 wins and 3, 32 relay points and 3 rescue success. Under the frequency explosion in the team cowshed, Pingye Jiahou acts as a crucial layout.

Unlike the scenery of the Japanese compatriots of the Japanese Big Valley, Fang Yejia enters the big alliance almost no one concerned, and even many people do not optimize the main force he can stand in the cowshed. He follows the spirit of the ”Weed Soul” spirit of the Japanese League, although it is not in the magnesium light, but it also has the same outstanding achievements as other Japanese players.

Achi-Bradley hits the three bases after the game

Achi-Bradley hits the three bases after the game

One of the finalists of the team, Achi-Bradley, is a team that the team is recognized as a spiritual leader. He was only 1.73 after the cowshed shed in 2017. The most impressive scene must be a three-game race in the national exchange card. I have even got it after the end of the season. MVP ballot.

In 2018, although the impact of the nail crack was reduced, it was not as bright in 2017, but it was also recognized by management and fans.

Team Outlook:

In the Snake team, the strength of the two teams, the strength of the two teams, the priests, the heavy gold, and the case, it can be called ahead, and there is a chasing troops.

Affected by the two major contracts of Granki and Asmani Thomas, the team is weak, so that the trading has traded the contract of the ”Snake King” Gold Schmidt, Corbin, and Pooko. Excellent players in the farm training are also involved in the free market, which makes the team’s strength of the team have received significant losses.

I am afraid that I can’t be a nearly two years of goals. The snake is now in a small part of the RETOOL process, and a part of the main lineup is retained in the offset season. If the ball is not good after the start of the ball, then the team will completely give up this year’s performance to negotiate transaction exchange for a rookie.

Pitcher rating: 2 stars

WORKG Rating: One Star and Half

Expected record: 80 to 81 wins, divided into two

Prepen first line:

1 second base, Kittel Mart

2 Tablets Edward – Eshkiba

3 left outer wilder David –

4 right wilder Steven Supa

5th basement Jack-Lam

6 Chinese and foreign wilder Adam – Jones

7 guerrillas Nick Amad

8 catcher Carson-Kelly

Team estimates to open season

First Pitcher: Zach – Grande, Robie – Ray, Zach – Goldley, Luke – Weif, Merrill – Kaili

Rescue pitcher: 平 野 佳寿, Greg – Holland, Andrew Chafen, Matt – Cook, TJ-McFram, Matt – Andrice

Terminator: Achi-Bradley

Catcher: Alex – Avila, John – Len – Murphon, Carson – Kelly

Wilder: Jack, Lamb, Wilmer – Florez, Kitter Mart, Edward – Eshkiba, Nick Amad, Christian – Walker

Outfielder: Steven Suza, David – Peralta, Adam – Jones, Jaudord – Daren