MLB30 Summary: Bear 6-0

On June 30th, Beijing time, the US Professional Baseball Grand League has conducted 15 games. The fruits are as follows: Bear 6-0 red, Yangji 17-13 red socks, Indians 0-13 Jinyu, Royal 5-7 blueBirds, visitors 2-5 light, national 5-7 tiger, Warriors 5-4 Metropolis, Philadelphians 6-9 Marin fish, Shuangcheng 10-3 white socks, pirates 1-3 winemaker, sailor 5-6Space, Dodge 3-5 Rocky, Snake 4-3 giant, sports home 4-0 angel, rubble 2-12 priest.

Chicago Cabin Team 6-0 Cincinnati

The 8th Bureau of the bear team trunks, Strip, after the 3-bad ball, picked up the red people, and aroused the anger of Puig, Puig rushed to the pitcher, both sides The team clears the bench and quickly pulled him. The Bear team has a good experience in this game, Jin Tanner zero opponent, Bayz Mandarini and Hayward’s wonderful preparation, etc. Winning this game, thrilling the country’s name. But the gap between China’s 5 team is too small (6.5 games).

New York Yangji team 17-13 Boston Red Sox

This is the first game held in London. The first barters of Yangji’s first farther pitcher Pitry Pittolo did not support the first game. The first game ended between the two sides 6-6 flat. However, although both parties are twice scores, the home base is merged and only 6.

Cleveland Indian Team 0-13 Baltimony

I have seen it? Didn’t watch the wrong score, after the Golden Team wins the Indians 13-0 yesterday, today’s score is exactly the same. This is the first
time in the first time in the Battle of Battle, after the play of the battle white socks. This is the trial of the first hair, Jinji’s first pitcher, Kashar, has achieved high-quality first four consecutive times, and the 7th game of this game has not lost 6 Sen oscillation per game rate is only 0.57.

Kansas City Royal Family 5-7 Toronto Blue Bird Team

Although the young team of the Blue Bird Team is very difficult this season, it is gradually glow. 9th, 24-year-old catcher Denny Jensen hits the winning 2 points and goodbye, this feeling is really wonderful for young players.

Texas Tour Cavalry 2-5 Tampa Bay

This game is the first time to show the first time. His father, mother, two sisters and girlfriends come to the course. This encouragement to let Maikai have been in the 6th game. Maikai is a rookie in the first round of the first round in 2017.

Washington National Team 5-7 Detroit Tigers

Although the tiger team headed Gen Haier, the team was expelled, and the Tiger team was finally ended. Players can feel the love of their coach and have stimulated fighting.

Atlanta Warriors 5-4 New York Most Came

In the absence of 3-4, the Warriors rely on the 8th Nick Makiis and the back of the Austine – Riley, and retrapening the lead, and finally victorious. This is the first place to go back to the back of the army.

Philadelphia Philadelphia Team 6-9 Miami Madolin

The reconstruction of Marinfish is reflected in the rise of young first, and the player does not focus on the type of heavy gun. The number of homes of the Marin fish team is the lowest in the big alliance. In the past 40 games, the Malinfish team 22 wins and 18 losses, in the efforts of the amendments to the team’s record. The Maolin Fish team has no advantage, but the game, the Malinfish team will finally feel the home advantage while winning, there are 14,774 fans to watch the battle, this is the weekend competition this season. The audience is up to once.

Minnesota Shuangcheng Team 10-3 Chicago White Six

Mike Copper, who was hit by the ball this Wednes, hit 2 yang spring guns in this competition, two days ago, I hit out of the world and smashed my left ankle Nielsen – Cruz, in this field The game hits 4 security and 2 projectors, get 5 points. Cople and Eddie Rosario hit the 20-sports horn before the all-star game, and the double-city team has two players to hit 20 strokes in front of the all-star game or 1964. .

Pittsburgh Pirates 1-3 Milwaukee Wine

After the 26-year-old young first pitcher, Woodlla, who became the first battle of the National Works of the Season, and although the number of victory figures did not reflect the level of pitcher, but the wineman 14 wins and 3 losses in the competition of Woodllaf, while other first-year-old spears were 30 wins and 36 losses.

Seattle Sailor 5-6 Houston Space Team

Following this time later, the 10th
Bureau, the next half of the space team, Guriel, will become a hero again through the second base. The space team first sent a pitcher Willand was hit 2 Batters, and the 23rd Batters were hit this game, and became the best of the big alliance.

Los Angeles Dodge Team 3-5 Colorado Squad

The Rocky team uses a humidifier in the Kurs baseball warehouse, so it is a lot of terrovity of ”pitcher cemetery”. The first 9 games, the humidifier seems to fail, the baseball is full, and the spocity of each pitcher has skyrocketed. This game Dodge King Card 4 points (4 points self-responsibility) Luoji first grape 106 ball investment 6.2 bureau lost 3 points (2 points), as if the humidifier started normally.

Arizona Snake Team 4-3 San Francisco Giant

The snake team first sent a pitcher Glani never lost the ball in San Francisco. After 7 times before the game, he sent a 5-0 in the game. The spending rate 1.37, this game still continued the unbeaten record, full 7 bureau 6 three vibration 5 Anatm 0 Poster 0 失分. The snake team eventually concluded the giant. However, his magical hits did not play at this game. Before that, Galanji had 3 projectors, 11 security and 6 points, the hits were. 306, the game was completed. 289.

Auckland Sports Family 4-0 Los Angeles Angel Team

The angel team has two universities lying in the injury list, and the left outer wilder hand Jutton and designated against Da Guxiang. The guerrillas Simmons entered the injury list at the end of May and was missing for 5 weeks. This game is three major players to debut at the same time, but only Simmons hit 1 security, and the angel team did not score.

St. Louis Hashque 2-12 San Diego Priest Team

This is the two new show pitcher’s confrontation, the patrue Hudson and the priest of Palak, these two data in the rookie spending of more than 60 bians, however, Hudson cast 1.2 If you lose 7 points, Paid is full of 6 games only 1 point.