MLB6 Summary: Bodi Seven Playing Point Bear Reversible Search Sock Socks

On June 6, Beijing time, the American Professional Baseball Grand Union conducted a 14 game. The results are as follows: Shuangcheng 7-9
Indians, red stockings 8-0 royal, Yangji 7-11 blue bird, light 4-0 tiger, space people 1-14 sailor, sports home 9-10 Angel, Philadelphie 7- 5 priest, Warriors 4-7 pirates, giants 0-7 metropolis, rocky 8-9 bear, Dodge 2-3 Rattleson, Marin fish 8-3 winemaker, white hose 4-6 National, Jinxi 1-2 Rangers.

Minnesota Shuangcheng 7-9 Cleveland Indians

In the case of the first game, Ramirez took the lead in making the Indians lead. On the second game, Cologne’s two-coloraity is all the points, after this, the Baxon’s three-point gun made Indians against the rather, the third bureau, Nelson-Cruz, knocking out the spring gun. The other party’s capture mistakes and the point of the Lamires are reduced to 2 points. The Yangchun cannons on the fifth bureau, once again let the Shuangcheng expanded the lead, the fifth bureau, the second base, the second base, and Lamis’s security, the Indians reort the score.

The seventh place to be rewritten in Poland, to rewrite it into 7 to 5, the seventh place under the second branch of Luppo’s two-point gun and Perez’s Yangchun cannon let Indians complete the anti-super-super-super, the eighth bureau Xiaolin’s Yangchun cannon make Indian People lock the victory.

Shuangcheng has 7 points, and then aid in Brek Parker 1st, lost 3 branches. Indian cowshed cars have received effects, Lin Mu, Lugopo and Ramirez have a single game.

Philadelphia 7-5 San Diego priest

On the second game, Jay Bruce and Scott-Grid’s second base, the Philadelphie took the lead in achieving leading. The third bureau, the three-point gun, Will Miles, the Yangchun cannons, completed the priests. On the fourth game, Bruce uses Yangchun cannon to make Philadelphrons to follow the score, the fifth bureau, Panthai-Franz’s security priests sustain the leading advantage.

The seventh place Shangcheng people set off the three bases of Ernandes, the second base of Harper, and the Best of Segola, let the team equalize the score, the eighth game Shanghai Serry and Corina Padian Let Phi Mivia finally completed reversal.

Philadelphians Harper, Segola, Bruce have a single play, cowshed 4.1, no loss, let the team complete reversal. Priest Macha, Miles and Allen have a single Auntie performance.

Los Angeles Daoqi 2-3 Arizona Snake

The third bureau’s two-point guns, the two-point guns, and the stalemate of the competition. In the fourth place, in the case of the first base, there are two out of the game, David-Peralta’s second base is playing the snake to pull back a point. In the eighth place, in the case of the two bureaus, Jerrod Daisen’s second base is playing the score snake. Since then, the two sides entered the priest of the priest, and the 11th Bureau under the Peralt taped again, and finally the snake came home to kill.

Dodge first pitched his hand, Tian Tian Jian Taidu 5 games, 7 times, three vibrations, only one point, the snake cowshed 6 bureaus did not distort the team reversed partition leader.

New York Yangji 7-11 Toronto Bluebird

The first bureau, the two-point guns of Lan Dolk, let the blue bird take the lead in leading the lead, the second game, the card-Bijo’s security series, let the blue bird will expand the score to 3 to 0. Fourth Council Gary Sanchez’s Yangchun cannon makes Yangji break the scratches, and the fifth upwards rely on the series of tandems that will be tailed in the single bureau. The fifth bureau is a timely score, the sixth bureau, the sixth game, the three-point gun, the three-point gun, the Sixth, see the winning hope, the seventh place, Ernand, the second base, the second base, will be divided into points Reduce to a point. The eighth bureau’s blue bird relies on the three-haired home base of Grero, Grinsque and Durole.

Yangji first pitcher Parxon 4.2 bureau lost 4 minutes and 3 points, the whole team 9, 7 points, 7 points, 3 crosses. Bluebird first pitched pitcher lock 5 games lost 4 points, Gristom completed a single field.

Colorado, 8-9 Chicago Bear

The fifth bureau, David-Bodi’s three-point gun broke the stalemate, the sixth game, Arena, Murphy and McMima s series, the Rocky tales. In the case of the Sixth Bureau, the inquiry is taken to knock out, after this, Kangrtreras is swayed back to the touch ball, and David – Budi is knocking in another full base. The second base is sorted and clear, and the bear is also absolutely leading 8 to 3.

On the seventh place, Store, Dar’s Anwang Sanner plus Arena’s high-flying sacrifice assault Rocky to narrow the division to 1 point, the 8th Bureau, the crucial moment, Bodi’s security points, the first Nine Besid David Dar’s point is still unable to change the destiny of Luoqui.

Rockstore, Dar and Arrecain have Duoan play, the first firing Herman 5.1, lost 8 points. The bear’s first pitcher Dabi repair 5.1 5 times a three-vibration loss defeated, David – Bodi single field 4 counting 4 安 打 包 7 points.