MLB7 daily view Frequency broadcast Yang base vs red socks US East Enemy again confrontation

At 7:30 on September 7, Beijing, China continues. Two major giants in the Eastern United States, New York Yangji and defending the World Competition Champion Boston socks will launch the first consensus of the four series of competitions, and both parties will play 15 times this season. Will the video live this game, welcome the fans to watch.

Battle review

The hostility history of Yangji and Red Socks has been in nearly a hundred years, and last season also meets in the Meidian partition. At that time, the https://www.mlbboutique2.comYangji, who was returned to the rain in this season, although the injury was one of the largest alliances, the team stabilized by the team or the play of the line. The team’s current record is 92 wins and 49 negatives. There are 9.5 games in the rankings in the competition area. It is no longer a problem. The team’s goals have turned to the best record for the General League regular season.

After successfully winning the championship last season, the performance of the red socks can be described as big mirror. From the stage of opening the season, it is bad, and there is no improvement in the next few months. In the playoffs hero Nessen – Joaldi lacks for half a year, the ace first Chris Sersel is not good in the first half of the year, and now it has been reimbursed. The collective sluggage of the initial rotation caused only 75 wins and 65 losses in the record of red socks, and there is still 6.5 winners behind the external card. There is only 5% in the playoffs.

Game point

Due to the sect of the enemy relationship, even when there is no desire to seek, it will go all out, not to mention that both sides have a goal, but it means that the two teams will not only for themselves, but also to prevent each other to achieve their goals. And efforts. In addition to the best record of the big alliance, Yangji needs to continue to investigate the performance of the first, and prepare for the insessment in the final stage. The socks are the final battle for the outer card, the team has fully utilized the rules of the larger list in September, and now the cowshed pitcher is more than 17 people. Dash.

First firing

Yangji first: Domingo – Herman (17 wins 3 negative, 4.01 self-blade rate)

Red Socks Purchase: Jessis-Siming (3 wins and 10 losses, 5.
79 self-blade rate)

In the first hair of the basic season, Herman, the smallest name, is the best way, 17 winning investment, the first place, after the decline in June and July, I found it in August. The state is undoubtedly good news for the team. However, it is worth noting that Herman’s main guest farm of this season has a great difference, and the main points of self-sharing is 2.35, the road is as high as 5.45. Come go to Boston, I don’t know if he can reverse the downturn before the scene performance.

The red socks have just signed Xie Xin, who is talked by Milwaukee’s wine, and immediately push him the first hair. Xie Xin made a career in his career in the season, 15 wins and 8 losses 3.50 self-blame rate. However, this season, perhaps because the pitcher https://www.maillotspascherfr.comcoach Derk Johnson is far away from Cincinnati, the overall pitching performance of winemaking has a significant decline. Xie Xin 19 times, 5.79 self-sharing rate is the worst career, and the team will be annotated tween. He should only have a workload of 2-3 bureaus.

Focus star

The focus of the basic season is unexpected, it is a new aid inland hand DJ-Le Mei break. As the first year of free players, he played. 331 / .378 / .531’s brave performance, the hits are currently ranked second in the United States. One year in the team suffering from severe injuries, Le Mei is not only in terms of preparation, and it is also the most stable ring in the warth, and 567 people are leading in the team. The team will continue to rely on his playback on the playoffs.

Although I am sitting in the Metath’s last MVP Muqi-Bates
and the most powerful JD-Martinnes, Duo Socks this year’s true thigh is a guerrilla praise-Bogotz. After the break is over to the team, Boggz has returned the team with the MVP level, and the current strike data is. 310 / .386 / .574, currently, his selection of MVP At least the top five will be ranked.