MLB9 Summary: Giants, one-time, Fengcheng, Selgang, 3K, 13K

On August 9th, Beijing time, the US duty wand big alliance again eight games, including Bluebird 6-12 Yangji, Marin 9-2 Warriors, Red Soy 3-0 Angel, Red People 5-12 Bear, Tiger 10-8 Royal, Shuangcheng 5-7 Indians, Giants 5-0 Philadelphians, priests.

Blue bird 6-12 Yangji

The first half of Yangji has achieved 2-0 leaders, and it is Urra.

Go to the third bureau, Yang Jie first rely on the explosion and then the next point, then Urra hit the second home base of the individual single field, Yangji 5-0 lead.Yangji’s offense did not end. After tanhing, Takman also hit a home run, Yangji attacked a 6-point overall situation, and received 8-0 leaders.

Blue Bird Fifth Bureau started counterattack, Derrik Fischer first hit a home run, and the rookie was added to a two-point gun after Chett, and then returned to the home base, the blue bird did notThe people came down 4 points, but it was good to settle the three players in Herman, and did not let the injury continued to expand.

The Sixth Bureau of Yangji’s sixth game is in the upper half of the insurance, and the time when the Le Mei is playing, but the sixth bureau is shorter, and the second branch https://www.fanartikelsportde.comof the Sixth is hit, the six games ended. Bluebird 5-10 backward.

Half of the Blue Bird of the Bluebird left the home base and chaseed a point, but the ninth board of Takman is a hit of a hit, and the final score is locked as 12-6, and Yangji will win.

Marin 9-2 Warrior

In the face of weak travelers, the Warriors have the opportunity to score, and Albes hits the three bases, but then he is touched out when he was rushing.

Marlin fish is very different today, the second stick Castro first hits two-point gun, then Brian Andon hits the backrest of the home run, the Warriors Dallas – Kaher is not a list Catch it first.

The Second Bureau of the Warriors took place to ensure the full base, but Kehier was hit by three people, leaving three people.

Kahir’s fourth game once again, first was first slammed by a three-hit hard, although he caught a double kill, but it was knocked two times, and finally he was hit by Anderson. Three scoops, this is also the second home base of Anderson single field, Kahier has also been replaced.

The second half of the fifth bureau of Malinfish is over, and the three consecutive bodies will be played after two out of the game, and the score will be expanded to 9-0.

At the first half of the eighth game in Akunia homes to help the Warriors, the ninth game is also a point through the series, and the final range is 9-2, and the main scene of Marin fish is overcast.

Red Soy 3-0 Angel

Chavez’s second half hit a home run, this is a two-point gun, red stocking 2-0 lead. Leon’s fifth bureau, I added a home run, and the red hose 3-0 leaded.

Top seventh games in Seluot were knocked out from
Selle, which is just the second place of Selfa competition, the first place in the first game, when he was knocked out by Grand Valley A second base is playing.

Selver finally 97 shots were eight games, sent 13 times, three vibrations were only played two security, and the red socks were 3-0 complete angels.

Red people 5-12 bear

The head of the bears will be divided into the next, and the Brian runs back to the first minute. However, the bear’s first pitcher Hamels immediately put the leader back, after two out of the game, he was knocked on two second bases, and Suarez ran back to flat.

The third bureau of the Bear opened the score, first, Castillanos slammed the home run, then Bryant, the center of Rizuo, and Baidz, walked continuously, Hap is right to make them They have been sent back, and the Bear Single Bureau attacked 4 points to achieve 5-1 leaders.

The second half of the Red Man will be packed, first, Aquino hits a two-point gun, then slammed the series by Iglesia to run back to one point, after the collisher, the hand, Luke Luoy interference, squeezed After returning Paraza, the red 5-5 traveled.

The subsequent game belongs to the bear, the fourth game is half Castillanos to help the bear again, the fifth bureau, Lukero, will hit the hit back Hap, and then have a point.

The Bear Seventh Bureau will then open the offensive. First, the Hap two points can be opened. Then Bryant hits the hitting of the cleaner, the two teammates who choose to be guaranteed are returned to the home, and the bear 11-5 is leading.

The final score is 12-5, and the bear is great victory.

Tiger 10-8 Royal

Duke’s first branch of the two points, the royal 2-0 lead, but the second bureau of the Tiger will exceed the score. The rocker is continuously selected to keep back to two points, and the end of the tiger two games will be more than 5-2.

In the third bureau, Duke was once again hit Boid, and then he was played two points. He also retired from the two games, the two teams warthed to 5-5 flat.

The second half of the Tiger is coming to the next half of the purchase, but in the end they only got a point. The Yangchun cannon in the second half of Kabrera is helped to add insurance points, and the Tiger Four games ends 7-5 leading.

Then the game is the same, the sixth half, the two bureau Gordon played a three-pointed home run, helping the Royal 8-7 again.

But the tiger is not willing to defeat, they first hit the next half of the eighth game, and the ninth party hit a goodbye to see the two-point gun, and the end of them 10-8.

Double City 5-7 Indians

The Second Bureau of Indians takes the lead in score, Puigl relies on the hometown of the three bases, the fourth game, the fourth game, Ramirez and Chipnis continuous two-pointed two-pointed three points, Indians 4-0 lead.

The second half of the Shuangcheng Fourth Bureau also gave two points in the series of sanctures, which will be divided into nearly 2-4.

The second game of Ramirez, the fifth game of the state, helping the Indians got two points of insurance.

In the second half of the eighth game, the double city rely on Sano, Polish, Rosario, chased 3 points, but the top half of the ninth game, Naku is locked to 7-5, Indians The off-site wins the key battle.

Giants 5-0 Philadelres

Two pitots, Nora and Bangana, Nora’s third bureau encountered chaos, and he was knocked on four anaba, including a second base, lost three points, giant home got 3 -0 lead.

The giant’s subsequent game rely on the explosion and the home run again, and the finals will win 5-0, and the Bangana seven games are only knocked out, and they will show the name of the king.

Pride 9-3 Rocky

The Rocky Guest Average did, and Murphyian was sent back to Arenado, but the priest immediately chased the Pacific, and Tatis’s home hit, Huosmo was then played back to Macques, the priest 2- 1 Reverse breaks score.

After both sides, the Tatis’s second part of the Tatis single field, the fifth game, the second half, Brake, hit the Yangchun guns, will be divided into points 3-3.

Subsequent games belong to the priest, the sixth game they attacked a five-point overall situation, and the eighth game Mogurt hit a spring gun to lock the score to 9-3.

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