Moral Med Media: Heavenly lost money – Wengthaxing has 22.5% of Adefi 22.5%

According to the German football media ”Sportbuzzer”, the Wengthaxing Club at the Bavarian League will receive an unexpected harvest, which is from 2018 Adequi transfer Salsurg Red Bull.Attached provisions in the contract, the provisions signed at the time ago, if the Adeemi will leave from the Austrian champion team, Wengtha will be divided into 22.5% of the transfer, if the current playerThe value of 30 million euros on the market will be calculated. Then this club in the Bavarian League will receive ndtv english news latest approximately 6.75 million euros, which is not different for a half-sports team.

Ady dd national channel live is born in Bavaria. When I was a child, I entered the Bayern Qingxing Camp, 20india hindi samachar12 joined Weitehaxing, I have been working in 2018, and then brought to Salzburg ndtv app for smart tv red cattle at the age of 16.
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