Morning Post | Castrol becomes a British official sponsor; Amazon actively acquires NFL Media minority equity

A few days ago, the Shanghai Changning District People’s Government and Li Ning Group conducted a contractual framework agreement, and Li Ning Group Shanghai Headquarters and the Yangtze River Delta Global Business Headquarters officially settled in Shanghai. The headquarters will be based on cross-sectoral coordinates, improve product performance, retail operation capacity, etc. The location is located in the 22nd Street Cultural Square, 28 Street Street, Huayang Road, Changning District. The area covers an area of ??approximately 1.6 million square meters, with a total construction area of ??approximately 114,000 square meters, a comprehensive commercial building group integrating art, culture and green. Next, Shanghai Changning District and Li Ning Group will also build a full range of exchange cooperation in many fields such as sports and cultural development.

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Castrol becomes a superior official sponsor

Premier League and Castrol will open new cooperative relations in January 2022. On the basis of successfully sponsoring the International Football World Cup and the European Cup, Castrol will cooperate with the Premier League to attract fans from the British local and include Chinese, ASEAN countries, the Middle East and Europe. Jia live more intended to promote its electric vehicle lubricant series, high-performance lubricant, and its continuous development of services and maintenance.

Amazon actively acquires NFL Media minority equity

According to the US media, Amazon is in the leading position of the acquisition of NFL Media minority bidders. In June this year, there was a report that NFL is exploring the possibility of selling its media services, including NFL NetWork, Redzone, and According to the Wall Street Journal, the Alliance has invited Goldman Sachs to explore various options, including a sale or more minority. It is reported that Amazon is negotiating with NFL and hopes to acquire the shares of the shares of the alliance media assets.

Ford fully supports New Zealand women’s football campaigns

The New Zealand Football Association announced the establishment of a three-year groundbreaking partnership with Ford New Zealand, mainly in the women’s football. This cooperation represents Ford’s major investment in New Zealand women’s football from the national team to the grassroots level. James Wil, General Manager of New Zealand Football Association, Partnership: ”The headline of this cooperation is the title of the female football team. This is the first time the New Zealand’s national football team has a title partner, but it also directly penetrates development. In the system. ”” Women’s football continues to develop rapidly, and will reach explosive growth in 2023. Ford has always realized the opportunity to provide this gift for partners, we are very happy to open this journey with them. ”

South Korea has been held in 2024 World Table Tennis

On November 25th, Beijing time, 2021 International Table Tennis Conference was held during the Houstun world. The meeting voted in Busan City, South Korea, received the right to hold the 2024 World Table Tennis Championship. Previously, it was affected by the new crown epidemics. It was originally scheduled to be canceled in Busan. The new International Table Tennis Chairman Petra Solin said: ”Congratulations to all members of Busan and the Korean delegation. I am looking forward to the 2024 World Table Tennis Championship. I also believe that Busan will hold a grand grand World Table Tennote. Incentive to millions of people around the world to participate in table tennis projects, enjoying the fun of table tennis. ”2022 and 2023 World Table Tennis races were held in Chengdu and South Africa.

Sports Data and Technology Corporation Genius Sports In the third quarter of 70%

Sports Data and Technology Genius Sports created $ 69.1 million in the third quarter of 2021, an increase of 70% year-on-year. Genius’s net loss in the third quarter is close to $ 70 million, which is higher than $ 1.8 million in the same period last year. As of 9 months of September 30, the company’s net loss was $ 539.8 million. GENIUS also adjusted its 2021 group revenue to $ 255.5 million to $ 260 million to $ 257 million to $ 262 million, which is equivalent to more than 70% year-on-year.

Gap’s female sports brand increased by 41% from 2019

The GAP of the clothing retail company released the third quarter, the company’s polimer tamil live news revenue reached 394 million US dollars, down 1.2% year-on-year, net loss of 15.2 billion US dollars, and last year’s profit of $ 95 million. The loss of this quarter is mainly due to new crown epidemic leads to factory shutdown to affect product production. On the other hand, Gap’s women’s sports brand Athleta remains growing. In this quarter, Athleta sales increased by 2% year-on-year, an increase of 41% compared to the same period in 2019.

Energy Beverage Company Monster is considering incorporating wine giants constellation

Reuters News, Energy Beverage Company Monster is discussing with the merger of US india today tv live news wine giants Constellation. The total market value of these two companies is close to $ 92 billion. Bloomberg news, MONSTER has discussed the details of the transaction with the business consultant, but it is not clear that it is a comprehensive merger or asset transaction. The company reported two weeks ago, although the net sales still have increased, it is still facing supply chain challenges, container shortages, US and Europe, the Middle East and the low freight efficiency low in the Middle East and Africa.

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