Mutual brush record! Letter brother and three goals in the final fairy fight, for three years, do this again

On December 2, Beijing time, Milwaukei Strong deer took 127-125 victory to Charlotte Yellow, the letter brother finally looked at the last moment, and he was almost in the negative angle against the anti-basket wipe the ball to enter the ball, complete the governance. At the same time, the letter brother has also set a data record.

According to statistics, this is the fourth time in the last 5 seconds of career in the last 5 seconds, which is the first time in the face of Knicks in 2018.

At that time, in today’s game, both sides became 125 flat. In the last 5 seconds, let alphabetic brothers killed the ball after the ball, then the negative angle would be entered, and the killing is completed.

This service, the letter brother is 37 minutes and 41 seconds, 24 shots 15, three points 4 in 1, the free throw 13 9 cut 40 points 12 rebounds 9 assists, the performance is extremely good.

In addition to the performance of the letter brother, Lamelo Ball’s performance is also very excellent, and the two even staged the fairy fight. At the last moment of the competition, the three-ball hit is highly difficult three points. This service, three goals cut 36 points, which is also a single record of 34 points before, and creating a new career. It is a pity that the letters brother will be killed on the basket, and the three-ball empty cuts new high.

This service, three goals cut down 36 points 5 rebounds 9 assists, after the game, the two exchanged jersey to respect each other, and both sides also got a wonderful game.