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My Campus Football Dream Series – Taround Grassroots

Published: 2021-11-04
Source: Qinhuangdao Training Base
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Today we continue to tell you about the story of 2020 National Youth Campus Football Coach State Special Training Course. The master’s name of the story is called Zhang Tim Fu, 31 years old, from the central elementary school in Hechang Town, Longchuan County, Heyuan City, Guangdong Province, now engaged in campus football for more than 5 years.

Teacher Zhang likes to play football, like to watch football games, and love football. He was able to learn that he can participate in the 105th campus football coach national special training, this rare opportunity can make him move forward again in the football teaching steps, learn to update more live hindi newspaper practical knowledge . So before the participation, Teacher Zhang has set up a small goal: enhance your football professional knowledge and skills, and better as a campus football coach, contribute to the Chinese campus football development.

Teacher Zhang has his own understanding of how to be a good football coach: ”Football teachers are direct implementers of campus football, we have to change concepts, continue to optimize training methods and forms, and profoundly understand the complexity of campus football, correctly handle Health relationship. To be dedicated to respect, teach people, no regrets, do extraordinary work in ordinary positions, contribute to the development of their own strength. Football can cultivate perseverance, and The spirit of the team of others is unseen, and the football, this sport can let the swiss airlines mumbai contact number players know anything through everyday exercise, and the year is hard work and training to achieve results. Instead of being succeeded overnight, the road to grow will not be smooth. Football can motivate them to face the thorns of the front road, do not bow on the frustration. Football is a kind of education that improves personality will make each child will make each child. Both become a sunny teenager. ”

Talking about the development of campus football and the school’s campus football. Zhang said: ”Under the great situation in the country, vigorously develop the campus football, we must seize the opportunity, dedication, learn the new concept of campus football, based The campus football is actually played, makes achievements, winning the trust and support of the school leaders, and strives to make www breaking news bangla contributions to the campus football. He City Town Central Primary School has the following initiatives and results in the development of campus football: first is the establishment of a complete rules and regulations The school has formulated the implementation of the campus football work organization, the team selection, teaching management, breading training and competition, sports safety, teacher training, inspection supervision and other aspects of rules and regulations, and continuous improvement; second is regularly carrying out campus football league; The school has continuously improved sports facilities, purchasing football and various types of football related equipment, football training facilities safely, and sent sports teachers to participate in various football special training. ”

Through the latest update today high-intensity learning of this training course, Teacher Zhang said that he harvested a lot of scientific, design training courses, the diversity of the topic training methods, the normative nature of basic technology, and the dedication of teaching work. In addition to thank the lecturer’s hardship teaching and uncommon teaching, I would like to thank Qinhuangdao base staff. They have paid great effort in teaching arrangements, logistics support, and epidemic prevention and control. Thanks to their strong support for students, they have their hard-working guards.

Finally, Teacher Zhang Timu said that football is more than just a strong sports, but also an important part of education. The development of campus football is inseparable from the hard work of the football coach. As one of them, he also serves as a football aaj ka samachar aaj ka coach. It is not only to teach children to play, but also use football to play a good function, stimulate children to learn motivation, and promote children to develop. He will also use his own love to the football, practice a campus football coach, silently do a good job in campus football, and cultivate a batch of players and continue to stick to it.

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