NBA: Trail VS Nuggets, the former is a good condition, and it is not difficult to win the game.

NBA: Trail VS Nuggets, the former is a good condition, and it is not difficult to win the game.

Beijing time November 24th, 11:00, the NBA regular season will continue, this game will usher in the trading of the Blazers and Nuggets, and the two teams have certain strengths in the past,. The two teams of this game are naturally received by everyone. Therefore, what will be done on this game, how will we combine the lineup of the two teams.

Portland Pioneer: This season’s trainee’s performance is really difficult in the conventional pretext. At the beginning of the regular season, the pioneer’s state is very fascinated. Even in a game, I got a score of a bit, but recently the picture of the trailer was very good, and 4 wins and 2 losses were obtained in the recent 6 games. This is inseparable from the status of Lilad, and Lillad has also refreshed its highest score this season in the recent game. This also breaks the championship of Lera 2., responding to Lillad is the core of the trailer. The trails of three consecutive victories have been continuously achieved, and the nearest morale is very high. Even the very fierce bulls this season also fell out of the pioneer’s feet, and the strength of the pioneers was visible.

Denver Nuggets: The Nuggets in this season is the mid-ruled medium, and the results of 9 wins and 8 losses in the 17 regular competitions this season. Currently ranked 6th in the west. The reason is that Nuggets are not very good in recent games, and only 2 wins and 4 negative records in recent 6 games. I have encountered three giddiers, the team’s morale is also relatively low. At present, Nuggets need a victory to increase morale, but because the team’s core player is about the lack of lack, the strength of Nuggets is a big discount. Yoski is undoubtedly the core of the team, and there is no Joji’s Nuggets is difficult to organize effective attack. Therefore, the Nuggets will be lost in the recent competition, and Jochi does not know when it will come out. Prior to this, the Nuggets wanted to win, I am afraid it is very difficult.

As for the two teams in this game, from the strength of the team, today’s pioneers, the overall strength of the team is worthy of being affirmed, and this game is not difficult to laugh, it is not difficult.

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