NBA: Why is the player from the Lakers?

In the world of football, in addition to the giants and weak brigade, a batch of strong teams have always had a strong sense of existence, not only have many star players in the team, but also occasionally what champions can be taken.

Strong teams often don’t spend the price of the players, give the money, do not form ambition of the championship of the championship.


Even occasionally, it will become a football supermarket, and the player will sell light soon, and the next season will be started to fight for the premium.

But these Chelsea Jersey strong teams often have to spend money to buy a star player, whether it is a little demon, still quite famous players, except for the super star spending money, other players can also spend money. Go buy.

They don’t only sell people, and they will buy people, not like the few black stores, only can’t enter.

Regardless of whether it spent ten golden, these strong brigions have never been ambition for the championship, even in the European War, they easily defeat the team of the low-level league, and even the bureau is normal.

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The League is to come to the crown. If you can’t fight, you will fight for a good rankings.

Such a strong team is like a team of Naples, Seville, Valencia, Dortmund, Leicester, and a batch of a medium-off team. It is also necessary to say the strength of the crown. But it is said that it has a significant gap with the gang team.

These strong brigines always cause countless troubles to the giants, and occasionally take a championship of the League or Champions League, say Liverpool Jersey they are amazing, they have dare to lose, no one dares. Said that they are not strong, the European play is always able to see them.

Only one of the champions, the champion not only brings honor, but also the real interests, and the champion of the Five League, including the Champions League, most of them are ruled by the giants team, these strong numbers are less than enough, ratio There is more than a matter of rest, so the boss of these teams is also very clear about their status.

Instead of taking advantage of the whole force to accumulate the heritage, it is better to make money, and the club can be profitable.

The main direction of these strong teams is the fans income from the team and players, including tickets, jerseys, sponsorships, and more. Secondly, the bonus participating in various events, as well as other hetero-surrounding revenues.

So these strong numbers have a talent, most of them are not left, they are sold to the other party’s quotation.

After selling the rising super-star embryos, they will spend a lot of money to introduce some famous stars, which always keeps the team’s popularity. If the team is not popular, the fans will decrease, and the tickets and surroundings will fall, and it is difficult to attract high quality sponsor.

So these strong teams often buy some first-class players to install the facade, will not only make money by the seller, they are in the strong team, there is a large number of faithful fans, even in the world, a famous football team, can rely on This is to earn money.

The team has money, it can be sound, the boss can make money, and will be able to operate.

Each strong team is everything to make a profit, the champion is the second to the second, and the league is a rank of the European War. Where is the European to play, as long as it is held every season. The ideal player seeks the transfer, and wants to stabilize the players to leave the performance, this is the survival law of the Strong team of football, not for the champion, only for the interest. The fan felt that they didn’t live, the goal of the team is not a champion. It is the goal of the gigaby team. The strong team does not need to shout the slogan so loud, just calculate how much profit this season is.

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