NBA Boston Celtics Basketball Operation President Danny Anji has promoted Hech’s famous Garnett, Pierce, Lei-Allen three giants to achieve the wins, and once again built Boston into a team. He can be said to be a big name in today’s NBA. On the strength of baseball, it may be in the history of NBA.Take the effect of NBA to fight MLBAnji is a Celtic baseball operation president, before the NBA player, the Boston Celtics, the Sacramento Kings, the Portland Pioneer team and the Phoenix Sun team, and the green army won the championship. . This resume wants most basketball fans clear, but before, Anji also gave MLB before the career, and it was three years.In the history of professional sports, there were not many players who were fighting NBA and MLB and totaled 12 digits. The most famous of the 12 MLB NBA players is Anji. Speaking here, maybe someone will ask, Michael Jordan and McGidi also fight the rod, is it not high?After the first retirement of the NBA career, Jordan did to fight the rod, but the baseball team called the Birmingham is the Subordinate team of the MLB Chicago White Six, belongs to the 2A team. The McGrady’s Value Rod League is called the Atlantic Alliance, which is another duty rod of the MLB, the strength, between 2A to 3A, because the player of the league is usually two after the MLB system League team. Anji is effective, the big alliance, the strength is 3A, the highest level of the MLB system. Therefore, Anji is not over.Blue bird, the youngest barrier playerAnji was selected by the Toronto Blue Bird Team in 1977. And in early 1979, the League was started. Anji MLB career is playing two bases, and you can also serve as a three-yield and owner. During blue bird effectiveness, Anji has played 211 games, with a hit rate of 0.220, complete 146 security, and two home runs. It is worth mentioning that Anji is still a blue bird team to attack the home run, and he is only 20 years old and 77 days.Although the data of Anji Great Alliance is not outstanding, it has also taken it, especially for the first three years of his baseball career, did not enter the peak period. After the three seasons for the blue bird, Anji decided to fight NBA. He was selected by the Boston Celtic team in the 1981 NBA draft. In order to get Anji, the Celtics not only face the legal dispute, but also have to buy Dai’an in the Blue Bird team. It can be seen that the general manager of this green army is hot.Effectiveness in the universityAnji is still studying at Yang Hanhan at the University of Anji in 197 9. In 1977 to 1981, he studied in Yang Benhan University, and from 1979 to 1981, it was the three-year time of Anji’s Great League. Why is Anji to fight the rod as a college student?Here, you must first clarify that in the US professional sports, many players are reading, such as NBA, hondon, Peng, etc., is a diploma during your career. Therefore, Anji is not surprising during the fighting rod.According to MLB, uniseeds will not be able to participate in the draft unless the year is completed. Anji in 1977 did not meet any of the above, but the MLB’s draft shows another, that is, high school graduates can participate in the draft before entering the university. The MLB draft is June, and June 1977, Anji has not upgraded to the university, so he can participate in the draft.The last doubt is why Anji as a university https://www.fanbutikk.comathlete can also participate in the professional league.Sports wonder: three major sports have a treeAnji engaged in sports in college is basketball, and in 1981 NCAA mad March, I investive in the University of Notadegist’s universities. Anji also won the highest honor of the University Basketball in Dashang, a high honor John – Wooden Award.It is possible to play a university basketball and play professional baseball during the university. Anji can make two projects and is not easy. But this is not the side of his most cattle. Because Anji is a baseball, basketball, rugby tribic stars.Anggi-efficacy in the high school period is the football team in the Northern Egyptian high school in Oregon, once found by the Oregon’s football team is the top call of the team. At high three, on the football project, he was also rated as a member of the best team of the United States by ”Grand View Magazine”. In fact, Anji is the only player in the history of American Physical Education, Basketball, Baseball. Since this record, there is no old man before.