NBA-burst! Old Jim trigger health and safety protocols, fear miss at least 10 days, the Lakers trouble

Beijing on December 1, the Lakers will be away to the king, this is their revenge, but there may be emergency situations before the game the Lakers. James trigger health and safety protocols, will miss today’s game, it also allows the Lakers in dual-core mode.

Lakers officially announced, because triggering James Union health and safety protocols, will miss today’s road game against the Kings.

Prior to the injury report released by the Lakers, James was placed in doubt play list, or suffer the impact of the rectus abdominis strain. Because of this continuous absence before his injury eight games, then return to the state is very hot, but I did not expect to run into this thing, the Lakers this season is really in trouble.

To date, James played only 11 games, averaging 36.9 minutes played, 25.8 points, 5.2 rebounds, 6.8 assists and 1.8 steals.

Now the specific circumstances of James’ has not been updated, just like the words of a contact person, and that he needs to get two negative results within 24 hours on the line; if not, then he will miss at least 10 days. Previously Union have provisions, if players test positive for disease, it would be isolated for at least 10 days. Prior to the Bulls Vucevic are like this, James will not be treated specially, after all, this is about the health and safety issues with
the league.

Recent giant three races feel a little hard to find, did not expect such a situation occurs, the Lakers season is really in trouble. Began as injuries, minor injuries continue to Davis, James is absent after another, only the Big Three Westbrook maintained a perfect attendance, it has not been plagued by injuries. In addition, the Lakers have not yet had full play, Trevor Ariza and Nunn on behalf of the team has not played regular season.

Davis and now have to become less prestige led, and to see this time They can withstand the pressure. Currently the Lakers record of 11 wins, 11 losses, winning percentage of just 50%, this result for them, not very satisfactory, you also need to catch up as quickly as possible, and if the gap was opened earlier, it may not chase.