NBA Color: Net Network & Warriors respectively win the ranking of the lakes refused to loser

Nets VS Celtics

Consolidate Rank Net Service Beat Celtics

American Professional Basketball League Nets VS Celtics (+1.5)

Recommended: Let the victory

The Nets have recently achieved three consecutive victories, and the rankings have finally come to the top of the east, although the team has encountered a small dilemma this season, Qiaoha, Brown and Clarks and others are still in the injury list, but with The warmth of the hingden state and the excellent play of Aldridge, the Nets still can lead in the east, in the game defeating the knight, Al derrich is equally high to get two pairs of two pairs of data, if the lineup is complete They are undoubtedly the most powerful compete for the championship.

The Celtics recently got three consecutive victories. The ranking is also ranked to the sixth of the Eastern China. The Tutum in the team’s dual-core is excellent in the latest state. In the past four games, the field can contribute 33.5 points 8.5 rebound Data, and Brown also ushered in the backfunction with the Rockets, but the team’s role player can provide too little, and the season has been replaced in the season, only 25.8 points of the league, in entering The green army became very passive when the rotation phase.

SMG let’s take the team to open the team to let 1.5 points. Although the two teams have achieved three consecutive victories, there is a respective problem, and the injuries in the basket network are still serious, and the Celtics Brown also has a time limit. The score of the replacement player is also a short board. The author believes that in the moment of the game, the super dual-dual-dual-dual core of the Nets can take the team to win the victory, recommend a victory.

Lakers vs Pedestrian

Refusing to loses the Lakers to take the walker

American Professional Basketball League Lakers VS Pacers (-1.5)

Recommended: Let the victory

The Lakers have just lost to Knicks. In the past five games, they only win a game, and the ranking also fell to the ninth of the West, and the Lakers have encountered serious problems in the defensive end this season. At present, the current field is lost. The two more than 113.4 points are more than the competition, which is lost to Knicks. Although Wei Shao has played a good performance of three pairs, Davis and Tak and others are not good, especially Tak. In the past few, the team needs to help him get out of the predicament, and the game tomorrow’s game James ends can be played.

The pedestrians have recently achieved two consecutive winning, but only in the 13th place in the eastern part, the team played the best performance in the season in the game, and they let this season, the bull in the day, only got it only. 77 points, this also became a new low score this season, and the walker two internal Sabinis and Turner were fully ruled for the penalty area, and the season has been 6.8 seals in the season.

SMG allows the main team to make 1.5 points. Considering that the recent state of the Lakers is not good, the ranking is also the top eight in the western part. James who has just encountered the release of the ban is bound to lead the team out of the predicament, but walk The inside and outside line is balanced, the recent performance of the team is good, the author believes that tomorrow will be a battle, optimistic about the losers to win the opponent, recommended to make a victory.

Horizontal VS Magic

Difficult to defend the lost magic home

American Professional Basketball Less Hornets VS Magic (+7.5)

Recommended: Let the victory

The wasp is overplay, and the recent seven games have only lost one of them. Excellent performance also enabled their rankings to the fifth place in the eastern part, and the team is very good at the offensive end this season. The fields can get 112.2 points of the league, but their loss is the same, and each game can be lost 113.1, the same is the third more, but in the past few games, their defensive significant improvements, only This team can go further.

The magic has recently encountered three losses. At present, they are in the first place in the eastern part. The team is not good in the two ends of the attack and defense. Although there are six players in the lineup to reach two Number, but the field score is only 100.9 points, and the snow is added. The best player Anthony-Koer has encountered a problem of injuries. It should not be played tomorrow.

SMG let’s take the team to open the team, give 7.5 points, considering that the magic has recently encountered losers, Anthony-Cole is also a problem, the team is very bad, and the Hornets have been in the past, and the author thinks tomorrow. The horses will easily win a victory in the passenger plane, and it is recommended to make a victory.

Sun VS Knight

Unable to block the sun, win the knight, continue to win

American Professional Basketball League Sun VS Knight (+6.5)

Recommended: Let the victory

The sun can be said to be the most prosperous team in the general alliance. They have risen to the second position of the western part. They also came to the second place in the latest team strength list. The most recent performance In addition to the exception of Paul, Bick and Entton three players, several other character players are also unable, Payne has got 20 points in the battle of the Spurs, and Cameron Johnson passed seven games. The total negative value of the game is up to +59, keeping this momentum is still a powerful compete for the championship.

The nearest state of the knight is not very good. They have fallen all the way to the 10th place in the eastern part. Although there are more than eight players in the team to achieve two digits, but serious injuries The problem is still brought to them in trouble. In addition to the season reimbutton, Mobley, Garland and Osman have different degrees of injury, tomorrow’s game wants to stop the difficulty of losses. Not small.

SMG allows the wins to open the team to let 6.5 points, take into account the strength gap between the two teams and the status of the team, the sun is obviously higher than the knight. For the sun who wants to continue the momentum, face strength. Weaker Knights will not let victory slip away, the author thinks that the elements will win in the away, recommend a victory.

Bull VS rocket

The rocket is home to the enemy’s bull continues

American Professional Basketball League Bull VS Rocket (+8.5)

Recommended: Let the victory

The Bull is defeated by the pedestrians. At present, they are still 12 wins and 6 negative rows in the eastern part, and Wu Chiwei’s lack is still a small impact on the team attack. The overall hand of the game for the pauses is not good, and the whole team is only equipped with the two, and the two have only cut 35 points. However, I believe that the team will not always feel so downturn, and then face the rocket is a good adjustment opportunity.

This season, the goal of the Rocket is a straight finger, and the 15-game defeat is currently the longest loser this season. Although the team is in order to exercise young people, Sierras is not clear in tactical arrangements. The whole team is scattered, basically who takes the ball to play, even if he gave a lot of enthusiasm, but finally did not get the ball, the Rocket also needs more effort to tactically.

This game, the competitive index opened the visiting bull, and the current rocket appeared from the field. It did not compete without competitiveness. The team did not have much tactics. The player is not very good. This is a game that helped the bull to retrieve the status, it is recommended to make a victory.

Raptors vs Grizzlies

Grizzly master

American Professional Basketball League Raptors VS Grizzlies (-3.5)

Recommended: Let the division win

The Raptors currently 8 wins and 10 losses in the Eastern Ministry of Eastern, the recent total of the overall state of the Raptors, only one game, the game against the warrior, the game, the battle, the scenery, Siankam, still The next 21 points 6 rebounds, but Trent and Van Fri is not good, and the two-point foreign embossed 20 times only hit 6 goals. Annno is missing the Raptors or lack of a more important points.

Grizzlies 9 wins and 8 losses temporarily in the west, and the game is 119-118 with 1 points of excellent force Kazz. Morant showed a full-scale cut 32 points 7 assists, Jarren Jackson also got 26 points and 8 rebounds, and completed a three-minute lodging, another young player Bain has grown quickly, this season became A stable offensive point of Grizzlies, which also makes Brooks and Melton’s impact on the team.

The game SMG index opened 3.5 points to let the Grizzlies, the Raptors recent state is not ideal, the Grizzlies just quasi-lore when jazz is the momentum of rising, and is currently Grizzlies can score more points compared to Raptors Raptors rely too much on the outside feel, promising the Grizzlies Raptors won at home, we recommended handicap primary wins.

Pistons VS Bucks

Bucks home victory over the Pistons in full blossom

National Basketball League Pistons VS Bucks (-14.5)

Recommended: Let the division win

The piston is recently suffered three straight, but their recent opponents are faced with the Warriors, the Lakers and the Heat such a powerful enemy, the overall performance was good for the team, every game fighting to the last moment, for the Lakers and the Heat two games are the highs, the performance in the opening encounter under good circumstances reversed, indicating that there are a lot of places this young team needs to grow.

Bucks after Middleton rejoin seems back on the formal, they have recently made four straight east has risen to eighth, the last game they face lowly magic only a half, let the game into garbage time . With Middleton contain letters brother in the field can get more space, although the last game. He’s got only 12 points, but contributed nine assists. As they get back the state, the defending champion for the championship will be back on the road.

The game SMG index Bucks let out of the home team 14.5 points, the Bucks after Middleton rejoin getting better, playing the game is magic bloodbath, overwhelmed face another underdog eastern branch, the Bucks do not estimate encounter too much to resist, once again optimistic about the Bucks won by a landslide, recommended handicap primary wins.

Heat VS Wolves

Heat burns away to Wolves

National Basketball League Heat VS Timberwolves (+2.5)

Recommended: Let the victory

Heat currently 12 wins and 6 losses came in the eastern part of the second hot pursuit Nets, recently six games they lost only one game. In addition to Butler steady play, the Hero bench once again usher in the outbreak, he finished 12 of 21 shots scored 31 points and eight assists, reflecting the ability of origin for the Sixth Man Award contender again. Heat this season either on both ends has a very good performance, their biggest goal this season is the championship.

Minnesota recent state rebounded made four straight, but they face the opponent is not too strong. Downs in recent games to show their strength, pelicans play against the game he scored 28 points and 10 assists, Edwards increasingly stable this season, he is currently averaging 22.2 points, 6.2 rebounds contribution. This time they face this season, the Heat can play excellent what kind of performance is worth watching.

The game SMG index out of the visiting team the Heat make 2.5 points, although the recent wave of Minnesota-game winning streak, but the opponent is not strong gold content is not too high, the Heat has maintained a relatively high level, with the outcome from the point of view of Bad Heart Le led the Heat clearly superior, it is recommended to take away the heat away victory, recommended handicap customer wins.

Wizards VS Pelican

Pelican poor state Nanzu opponents, the Wizards win away to stop losing streak

National Basketball League Wizards VS Pelican (+4.5)


Beijing time on November 25, 2021, Pelican sits at home against the Wizards.


Wizards: eight villages barrier (personal reasons), Constance Bell (ankle), Bryant (knee ligament), Winston (hamstring).

Pelican: Graham (foot), Silva (illegal doping ban), Williamson (left foot), Holmes (right fibula stress fracture).

Was rushed to the eastern top of the Wizards recent experience 4 Halo 3 negative state has dropped slightly, these four games of their two games the Hornets and Miami, just to get him a win in Miami, the Hornets suffered a double play relatively poor performance, especially in the face of the road Hornets general record, so that the latter snatched a victory in Washington, the game face of runaway back line combination Hornets, Wizards Bill here and Dinwiddie total 29 shots and 7 really no way to resist the opponents. November remaining four games, the Wizards will open a wave of four straight, the only good news is that in addition to the Lone Ranger, the other three teams are not the first eight Western Conference teams.

Despite the recent Ingram back, but still can not find pelicans aspects of a way to win, they lost four games in the past five games, with the downturn in the state before the Clippers to get a victory in the opponent’s body. The comeback Ingram whole state is also very general, the last two a total of 27 voted 6 to get 21 points, defeat the Timberwolves game is only nine points but there six turnovers.

The game SMG out at home transferee 4.5 pelicans, pelican state general recent two games lost by a large margin, the Wizards recently suffered a Waterloo state, but from the point of view of the balance of power, the Wizards still win a chip, eight days before the two teams had a fight, when the Wizards win win win the game, the main negative recommendation transferee.

Sir VS Thunder

Sir strong offense and defense, Thunder home intolerable rival

National Basketball League Sir VS Thunder (+12.5)


Beijing time on November 25, 2021, the Thunder sits at home against the Jazz.


Thunder: Alexander, Man (ankle).

Sir: Hughes (sick).

A jazz Han Fu Grizzlies end 3-game winning streak, in the case of the first two warriors west, the sun did not make mistakes, Sir ranking for this loss is hit. In fact this loss is also very unfortunate, Sir, when a minute left in the game leading by six points, but then they continuously make mistakes, and ultimately suffered a third of lore Jackson. But Sir current pressure is not too much, except under a road outside face of Oklahoma City, they have two games back home underdog pelicans, this wave of schedule for them is not a small benefit.

After a wave of four straight, Thunder recent 6 games, lost five games, only tasted victory in the vice squad rocket body. But the team is currently going through a painful rebuilding period, so winning or losing is not important, but rather the team’s No. 6 pick of this year gradually into the state hope to see Thunder, the rookie is now four consecutive games scoring in double figures, there are get two pairs of data, including data against Atlanta sent versatile 15 + 7 + 8.

The game SMG out of Thunder home transferee 12.5 points, although on a Han Fu Jazz Grizzlies suffered defeat, but before their three-game winning streak midfielder margin of up to 23 minutes, if it can be seen playing jazz along the rolling can almost rival, Alexander Thunder here a high probability of injury, the transferee main negative recommendation.

Eagles VS Spurs

Eagles state was good but poor performance away from home, the Spurs end losing streak at home escapement Eagle

National Basketball League Eagles VS San Antonio Spurs (+4.5)

Recommended: primary wins transferee

Beijing time on November 25, 2021, the Spurs sits at home against the Hawks.


Eagles: Hunter (right wrist), Ocon ancient (right shoulder).

Spurs: Cacau grams (personal reasons), McDermott (right knee inflammation), Langdale (health and safety protocol), Collins (left ankle).

This last season and reached the Eastern Conference finals the team recently finally get back the state, home Long as a team, they took the bonus 5 and even won five straight at home, this wave-game winning streak of the gold content is not low, including Bucks beat the Celtics, Hornets and other great strength of the team, the most important thing this team can play too many people, the current team can maintain nine regular rotation, which does not include trapped Hunter injuries and Austrian Kongwu.

With Murray 18 + 10 + 11 three pairs of data, as well as the efforts of all the players, the Spurs once the sun down with 12 consecutive victories, but in the end they did not lack players tied round crucial missed opportunity, but also the game to show the team’s progress, in addition to the Murray-round performance, Vassell and Walker’s rapid growth makes the team back line to become happy trouble.

The game SMG out the Spurs at home transferee 4.5 points, the two teams recent record and status huge difference, the Eagles offense and defense is very strong wave of five straight, the Spurs, who have lost five straight hard to get a win, but this By contrast eagle from Chupan 4.5 points to 3.5 points allow justified, plus an eagle on the road is not that good, I still have faith in the Spurs win game losing streak ended. Recommended transferee primary wins.

Trail Blazers VS Kings

Blazers bad away record, the king blocking end losing streak

American professional basketball league Trail Blazers VS Kings (+3.5)

Recommended: primary wins transferee

Beijing time on November 25, 2021, the king sits at home against Portland.


Blazers: None.

King: Woodard (hamstring).

Long as a home team, the Trail Blazers with the recent wave of sweet Schedule 4 even made four straight at home, and the next season the team won nine of 10 home called the strong, of course, their road record is quite appalling now kick away the 8 lost seven games, only the vice squad in Houston who tasted the taste only away win. Even so, the Blazers last season and started this mass of dead air is now much better for the team, which 利拉德拜托 beginning of the season and won the depressed state of the Week last week, you can see his status pick up is the key to the team’s revival, after only 4 points against the Pacers, Lillard followed by 8 games scoring in double figures, this eight games dropped 31 three-pointers, averaging dropped nearly 4 on three points, to know the previous nine games before dropping 18 three-pointers.

King’s record this season is still in the doldrums, and the team has become the league’s first team coach fired, they fired at Wharton before the last game, but then the game against the 76ers they are still not able to reverse the situation, in the face 76 people missing three core, they still did not fight back losing end.

The game SMG opened abroad Wang home transferee 3.5 points, the Blazers this season road record is pretty bad, but the recent 4-game winning streak plus Lillard recovery, in the face last nine games won only one game at the king, but only 3.5 points of support, I believe that this handicap Handicap easily lead the Blazers to become popular, should be doing exactly the opposite, it is recommended transferee primary wins.

76 VS Warriors

76 hard core missed making the threat, continues to lead the Warriors home win easily

National Basketball League 76 VS Warriors (+10.5)

Recommended: Let the division win

Beijing time on November 25, 2021, sits at home against the Warriors 76 people.


76: Green (hamstring), En Bide (health and safety protocol), Riehle (left knee meniscus tear), Simmons (personal reasons), Harris (buttocks).

Warriors: Andre Iguodala (hip), Porter (left foot), Wiseman (knee), Thompson (Achilles tendon).

The face of the king just fired coach and unrest, 76 people in the absence of En Bide, Harris and Simmons case still won the game, in the case of the Big Three missed a game because of various reasons, 76 people with a plus sets new bench played a good game, a well-deserved playmaker Maxi and scored 25 points, this is his last seven games to get 20 + points 6th game.

Yes, you read that right, Curry and lay win. Raptors face the crazy double-team defense, the audience Curry 2 of 10 shots, including 1 of 6 from three-pointers only 12 points, perhaps to see his teammates double-teamed and has received ”angry wrestling mug”, Victoria this is a Hopkins scored 32 points, scored 33 points in the match Poole, no ultimate warrior with a spray brothers ”spray brothers-style” performance to win the game, you know, one of the real brothers spray under field g Levin will come back, this is the team’s scary.

The game SMG out of the Warriors home to 10.5 points, the current injury list view, 76 signs of the three core has not come back, so more than 76 people a team play account for less than any cheaper. Warriors team here and everyone can score and playing at home, I believe that if 76 people three core did not play, then the Warriors a victory is inevitable, it is recommended handicap primary wins.

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