NBA Evening News: James is inquiry, letters brother eat a month Oreio, Howard understands Stewart

Like NBA friends, everyone! The league did not arrange a competition today, and the players took the opportunity to take the opportunity today, and many players took their families to celebrate Thanksgiving. Although there is no match, the hot news of the field is also worthy of attention:

1. American media sun nearly 15 games statistics: Warriors Sun Net Supreme Data Before. Some experts have summarized: Warriors is very hot, the sun status is hot, the forest wolf is still good and there is defensive, the Net is the best team in the eastern part, the Grizzly defense is very poor, the Lakers are very struggling, pioneers, fierce Dragon, the eagle needs to improve the defense, the rocket problem is very serious.

2, the letter four brothers cooked Thanksgiving food with the mother. Letters brothers come out of the four brothers and mother cooking photos of Thanksgiving food. The mirror is a mother, Sanasse, Yangnis, Costas, Alex.

3, the truth is transparent! Howard: Can understand Stewart, but do things in a time. Howard said that there must be some emotions in the court, Stuart is played with blood, especially for 20,000 spectators, if I think, I will understand his reaction. But the current problem is whether the time and occasion is correct? I think the answer is negative.

4, the media taking the Morrant Edwards snap, Morant: Edwards is different. The ESPN has made a contrast of Molant and Huayuan snail and wrote: pay tribute to these invalid goals. Molant forwarded and wrote: No, Huazi is not unique.

5, letters: I have eaten a month of Olio, and the milk is better. The letter brother said that I am an Auro fanatic fan. The first thing I entered into the league is to buy a bunch of Oreo, because I can’t afford it when I was young. Some people make money will buy a car and a gold chain, and I will buy Oreo. I once a month, when I greener, I started to eat with milk, it’s really delicious, now the milk bubble is a small sleep. snack.

6. Tomorrow, King, James, Rifas played in the war, Alizanan lack. The Lakers updated the lack of injuries, Aliza and Naen were absent from injury, James and Rivos were touched.

7, Tony Allen asked Grizzlies to postpone their jersey decommissioning ceremony to the next season. Because Allen was involved in the scam, he asked the Grizzlies to postpone his jersey decommissioning ceremony to the next season. The original time of Grizzlies was January 29, 2022.

8, Beverly sunlight: Beverly family wishes you a happy Thanksgiving. Beverly pushes the whole family and comes with text: ”Beverly family wishes you a happy turkey.

9. Shari is expected to absent all regular games in this season. Because in the finals of the last season, the injuries of the former cross ligaments were encountered, and Shari is expected to absent all regular seasonings this season.

10, Camaminsky did not reimburse the season, the sun is currently studying his return schedule. It has been reported that Kam Mingski will be in the end of the right knee, and there is a good news. He has not reimbursed season, and the Sun team is evaluating his injury and determining the time form.

11, Wei Shao Sunfun: Our family will send you Thanksgiving blessings. Wei Shao Shinaglass: Thanksgiving and Grateful. Our family gives you a blessing of Thanksgiving.

12, Girona: For a lot of love, especially my girls. Jilo looks back and text: To make a lot of things, especially my girls.

13, Mitchell sunlight: When you are awake, you will take you still 7 or 8 hours to eat. Mitchell sunned and wrote: When you wake up, it feels like Christmas, then realize that you have to wait for 7 or 8 hours to eat # Thanksgiving.

14, emerge in front! James
Little Son Bryce Tanning High School Stays: The first year. James’s little son Bryce updated the social media today, and took out a group of hearing high school stations and wrote: The first year.

15. Platinum sunlight: Another day of training, Happy Thanksgiving. Platinum sun out and Bank training photos, and text: It is also a day of training. The wise man is not distressed, but fortunately, it is fortunate. Happy Thanksgiving Day.