NBA focus of interest!The sun fierce basket, Bax Paul has built Harden, Durant has some hand cold

After the start of the game, Bak is very active, first facing Harden jump, turning back and makes him foul, two penalty.Bask This Buri continuous dunk chasing the score, Buck Three-pointers, Paul also shouted, Adezhong shouted, Bridges made ”2 + 1”, the sun has been leading 5 points.Bark played Haden still hit, and later there were three-point spherical shot, and the state was very hot.Durant finally shot, Paul hit the score, and the Sun has received more than 13 points after the Eaton jumped.Adenet has a hand, this Bry is again scored, and the basket is forced to compare.Sun Payne buys score, Boke creates two freezes, Johnson returns, McGi also makes a basket, Thomas breaks through the score, Shame specialty three points.At the end of the
first quarter, the
score on the field is 34-https://www.maillotsbasketnbafr.com20, and the sun leads 14 points.