NBA official! James banned 1 game, Stewart banned many games! Lakers become big winners | Madison | James | Lakers

  The NBA official announced the results of the conflict in the Pistons and the Lakers, and the Lakers’ star James banned a game, and the Pistons were banned.


  The main referee of the Piston and the Lakers Competition Foster said that Stewart’s push to James is a noble penalty when he is free. James’s actions after the dead ball is a clear second-level malicious penal, because it is an unnecessary and excessive action of shoulders. Stewart rushed to James for 3 consecutive times in the conflict, it was considered to violate the behavior of sports morality, so it was sentenced to two technical fouls.


  James was very calm after the malicious foul, and did not provoke the meaning of the event again, so only one game was banned. Although there is only one game, it still creates history. According to statistics, this is the first time James career was banned.

  Plus the expelled
competition in the piston competition, James career is only expelled. The first time is the knight period, James is expelled by the decision of the referee, and that is not added to the ban.


  According to industry insiders, James is helpless this time. James had been pushing him before making a movement of the elbow, but the referee did not blow. Coupled with the Lakers, the team morale has a little low, James is also anxious to get angry.

  James is definitely intentional, but he didn’t expect to hit the eyebrow bone of Stewart, causing Sturt blood flow. The eyebrow bone is very fragile. Once it is broken, it will follow blood.

  After I know that I hit Strut, James immediately apologized, but Stewart was anger, and did not listen to it. After Suttt 3 times to James ”charge”, the things will be expanded.


  In other words, James has a no heart, because of various reasons, it has caused a sensation, which led to James being expelled + 1 game. Because 1 was banned, James will miss away from the game to the Nicks. Madison Square garden is called basketball holy land, and it is still a blessing of James. Lao Zhan career has been 28.1 points in Madison Plaza Garden, second only to Jordan and Kobe (at least 15 games), ranking history third. When James was swinging, he did not think that his unhealthy move will make your opponent blood flow, will make yourself missed the game of the guest Madison Garden Square. I must regret it very much at the moment.


  According to the name of Shams in Pat McAfee, James tried to get the phone number of Stewart after James, I hope to apologize to Stewart again and inform him that his elbow behavior is unintentional.

  Although Stewart is a 1 party, because he tried to launch a ”charge” to James for three consecutive times, it violated sports morality, so two games were banned. According to the official report of the piston, Stewart sews 5 pins in the eyebrows after the game, and it is just right to take a rest.


  However, according to NBA rules, the ban is no wage. Salary expert Bobby Marks calculated the wage loss of the two, and Stewart lost $ 45,201, James lost $ 28,4004. But James has a high annual salary, and this season is $ 411.8 million. Moreover, James farm has high income than his salary, is a fine of $ 28,400. Stewart is different, his annual salary is only $ 3.12 million, and there is no income outside the field. Young people pay for their own impulses.


  To say this conflict who is a big winner, there is only a lake. Before James is expelled, the Lakers have dropped 12 points behind, and they will lose the game. After the emergence of the conflict, the Lakers refined the three armies won the game. After the game, the players such as Yodi, Xiao Jordan said they have to win this game for James. In addition, James is fined, the Lakers will saving a luxury tax of $ 14,2002, saving a salary of 532,508 US dollars, almost the annual salary of Revus.

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