NBA referee declared the official report! Life and death moments before the Nets twice already illegal profit lore Adelaide Randall wrong he really did not spray

Beijing time on November 2, NBA officials announced the Nets game against the Knicks referee reports. In the city PK Nets and Knicks, the two teams played inextricably, until the last moments of the game, the Nets
only rely on James – Johnson’s two free throws for a 112-110 victory over the Knicks.

Harden scored 28 points the first half, second half, but only six points, game scored 34 points and 10 rebounds three double data 8 assists. Durant feel not very good, shot 10 of 23 scored 27 points, 5 rebounds and 9 assists. Randall Knicks when they strive against Durant, 22 voted 11 scored 24 points and 9 rebounds and 8 assists.

For a close, even to hit a winner only rely on the lore of the game, the last two minutes can be said that life and death moment. The referee whistled every time are likely to affect the final outcome of the game. The campaign referee gives the NBA’s official website reported last 2 minutes, a total of twice Missing, the Nets are profitable. Let’s look at these two times Missing:

1, when the final 1 minute over 50 seconds, Randall post-up shot is not Harden. But in fact Harden when the defense, hit Randall’s arm, which affected Randall shot. This should be the primary Harden defensive foul, Randall should get a second chance free throws. The referee Missing, let Randall less two free throws.

2, the game the Nets last attack, Johnson Nets players into the basket causing the Knicks defensive foul, get two free throws. James – Johnson then made two free throws in the game lore. But the referee report notes: James – Johnson was fouled before, the Nets players Adriano has been 3-second violation.

This is a direct outcome of the game decided the Missing. If the referee whistled Adelaide offensive three seconds, then James – Johnson, no free throws, and the ball will be returned to the Knicks, also left the game for a few seconds, the Knicks have the opportunity lore.

In fact, the end of the game, Randall to spray 35 referees, to referee questioned. The last time the Knicks James – Johnson foul that the referee whistled the No. 35. It now appears that Randall really did not spray him wrong: since been staring at the basket, Adelaide offensive three seconds Why have not seen it?

But there are also fans think, in the circumstances, the referee blowing Adelaide difficult to attack three seconds. The referee should send the game to the players decide life and death moment. How do you see it?