NBA scored king’s disputes gradually clear, Curi Durant

On November 29, the NBA regular season has conducted a quarter of the schedule, and the contents
of the teams have gradually become clear.

The Warriors rebounded this season, and the record exclusively, and it seems to return to the intensity of the ”Cosm” period. The baptism of the sun experience the finals, this season is calm, and the regular season 16 has achieved his strength. The NBA Jinli, such as the Bucks, Nets, Heat, and other NBAs are also steady their records. The Lakers who expect them in the season seem to be looking for their own winning spoons, and the pain caused by the three giants will continue.

Finishing the team, the NBA star personal play is also the topic of the fans.

NBA Division this season seems to be between Duku two. Two people are also as very tacit as they have been teammates.Both Kuri and Durant played in 19 games. They all won the total score of 544. They all have a score of 28.6 points..

However, in the long run, Durant’s probability of winning the probability of winning
is bigger than the library. Owen issues have not been solved. Harden offensive ends can’t look back, and the basket needs Durant’s powerful score capacity. In the opposite library, there are many games in regular games, and the Curie is not much. The Warriors still take the opponent, the warrior is more integrated. Of course, you can’t ignore the competition of other players such as letter brother.

Regardless of the results, Kuridur is still the strongest player this season. It is invincible in the world.