NBA Ten 13th Star: Harden is not the strongest! I have known more than 5, and the children have read junior high school.

I didn’t have a ball fans who saw it. Have you been okay in these months? I thought that NBA couldn’t see it. CBA immediately quickly completed, but it seems that it seems to be far away. Without the game, let us review the classics. Today, I will choose the NBA Ten 13th Star: Harden is not the strongest! I can know more than 5 old fans, it is estimated that children have read junior high school.

Nova, in 2007, I entered the alliance was selected by the Bulls, and he continued to fight in the 13th jersey. Nova is the best defensive player in the 2013-14 season, career 2 times in the best defensive one.

Knight Traveler Tristan – Thompson, he is a knight team 2016 champion center. Name NBA Modern version of ”Iron”, physical fitness, if the range is farther than he will be better.

Mark Jackson entered NBA in 1987. Although it is 18 times, the next year won the best rookie, which also broke the lowest
position record of this honor. At the same time, Jackson is also the fourth player of NBA history assistance list.

”Surgical Knife” Doug – Christie, to defend the excellent name, career 4 times selected the best defensive formation, more worth mentioning is the 2001-02 single season Christie’s total number of 183 times, ranked 1st in NBA. The number of NBAs were ranked in averaging.

The Warriors No. 13 players are not Chamberlan, and its name is Sarunas – Matthew O’Neis, a Lithuanian professional basketball player. 4th Lithuanian Annual Athletes, European Best Basketball Players in 1988, 1995 Fiba European League MVP and score king, Matthew O’NEs is also a member of the famous Hall, Fiba History 50 high superstars.

Paul – George does not have to make a messenger, which is currently playing in the Los Angeles Clippers. He is one of the most excellent front line players in NBA. The wind is elegant. He is definitely a big heart.

Nash, the ball is called: a football player who is delayed by basketball. Nash is the 8th all-star member, 5 help the king, and the attack organization, a controller defend, 2016-17, won the Warriors.

”Big Dog” Glen Robinson, 1994 Bucks Team Phanti Lang. When I was very red, but the injury was destroyed, only 32 years old during the 2004-05 season, so I finally mixed a championship with the Spurs. Robinson’s career fields are 20.7 points 6.1 rebounds.

Harden, today’s best score defender, no one. His score ability is strong to him, 50+, you don’t feel weird, you can do so like to drink water, this score machine is not the strongest in this list, because the ”emperor” player No one
can ratio.

”Basketball Emperor” Zhang Bolun, today does not mention the 20,000 names, temporarily talk about his 13th jersey, from the Philadelphia Samurai, Philadelphia to the Lakers, Zhang Bollen has always been together with the 13th war, saying he It is the strongest star in the 13th rush!

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