NBC guest found Jackson a big habit expert to analyze this helpless group

On Monday, the Night Saibal’s Mosa Crow against New England Patriopters to the fourth quarter, Lamar Jackson completed 8 yards of Nick Boyle, National Broadcasting CRIS Collinsworth referred to a very interesting detail in the broadcast.

He observed the details of Jackson’s movements, he found: ”Raar Jackson habitually will reach the towel. No matter what, he will pass the towel today.

I don’t know if this is Jackson’s habitual movement, it can look from this game, it seems to be such a thing. ”

As a football, it is like sports, regardless of the coach and players, I have tried to detect the spider mart in the habits of the opponent. From the position of the offensive front line player or the seat before the kick, many coaches and players can read numerous information from the middle.

This is also an important part of football – reconnaissance and anti-reconnaissance, all the teams do not have to observe their opponents, and they are also adjusted accordingly.

So, this time, Corin Swives is really discovering the secret of the crow attack? For a exploration, theathletic reporter deliberately returned to all 65 files in the crow competition (the last three junk time in the game is not Calculate, but calculated three times because of the offense interrupted by fouls, the total number was unchanged).

Through the two perspectives of coach and TV, he recorded the situation of Jackson’s towel and to observe the subsequent offensive options in the crow. The relevant results are as follows:

Will Jackson wiped towels will pass it?

the answer is negative. The whole game Jackson has a total of 39 towels. In the attack, the crow passed the ball for 21 times (accounting for 53.8%), and the ground promoted 18 times (accounting for 46.2%).

The choice of the full game Crow 65 offensive is: the ratio of the passball is 41.5%, and the proportion of road propulsions is 58.5%.

From this data, if Jackson rubs his hand with a towel, the probability of the crow passes the probability of attacking is high. But this does not mean that Jackson will pass later. The following two examples illustrate this.

When the competition attacked, Jackson handed over the ball to the running guards, Mark Ingram Jr., and Englera successfully advanced 3 yards.

In the second quarter, Jackson kicks up, and then wiped the right hand with a towel after completion. After the kick, he gave the ball to Enghere Laham.

At the post-match conference, reporters specialize in the discovery of Colin Sworth to find out to the crow, John Harbaugh, asked the Habo Focus.

”I don’t know how to answer this question, believe me, most of this detail, most of us, have already taken into account.”

If Jackson didn’t wipe your hand, what kind of attack is the crow?

26 files attack Jackson before kicking the ball, there was no hand, the crow’s offense option was: the pavement was pushed up to 20 times, and the passing of the ball was 6 times.

From it can be found, if Jackson doesn’t wipe the hand, the crow chooses the probability that the road advances will be much larger. However, in view of Jackson usually wiped hands, it is one or two seconds before the ball. If the defensive player is too concerned about Jackson, it will affect the overall defensive deployment of the team.

What is the crow’s offensive options?

On the fourth time, when Corin Swarth raised his theory, he looked at Jackson when he was broadcast, and then he handed the ball to the running guard.

At that time, Collin’s reaction was: ”Now our guess is not established. Maybe there is a crow staff is listening to us to broadcast, they remind Jackson: ’Hey, guy, rub the ball after running back (Don’t let People are wearing it). ’”

If you rule out the number of offensive files after Corin Swarth, a total of 50 files before, Jackson scurstered 28 times – after rubbing his hand, there were 18 choices to attack (64.3%), and there were 10 times. (Accounting for 35.7%).

In the crow overall offensive option, 24 (48.0%) passed the ball attack, 26 (52.0%) road advancement.

Thus, the results are similar to the previously mentioned. When Jackson rubs his hand with a towel, the probability of the crow passes is higher, but this will definitely choose to pass after Jackson. Before the ”Tips” of Corin Swood, Jackson handed the ball to the record of Engugaha.

During the 2-wave offensive period in the second to third quarters, Jackson touched towels 6 times, but he only chose a pass attack.

It can be seen that the conclusions of Collivans have some impression. In summary, Jackson This fine action does not pay much attention to the opponent defensive group.

Like the patriots coach Bill-Bellikik, the old rivers and lakes, will never put their minds on such details.