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  Nielsen Sports Recently released the ”European Football Roll Report” 2021/22 season, which will also be online interactive interface on Google Data Studio to facilitate users to make more intuitive and customized data analysis. For example, it allows a separate filter or export data record.

  The European Football Rubber Report contains more than 4,000 sponsorship agreements in the past 17 seasons, and compared to the European main league sponsors, including the information of Premier League, surya tv fb Bundesliga, Armor, Serie A, La Liga and Junk. This report adopts new format to ensure analysis of league and sponsors level fine particle size.

  The following is the three essence views of the European Football Rubber Report:

  ”1.6 billion” euro

  2021/2022 Top European Football League is $ 1.6 billion in jersey sponsorship.

  ”Block Chain Company” increase investment

  11 block chains have increased investment sponsored by European football jerseys.

  ”Maximum buyer” aviation, telecommunications and cars

  In the European Five Football League, airlines, telecommunications providers and automakers are the largest buyers sponsored by jerseys.

  The 2021/22 version of the ”European Football Grungy Report” is 4,900 Euro (excluding VAT), which contains data for all 6 markets (2005/06 – 2021/22).

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