New high? No ancients before? Count MLB may be broken this season

At this moment, most fans are all carefully concerned about whether their teams can break into the playoffs, so that this season will continue to continue. But at the same time, it should also be noted that there are also players who have shown excellent players this season. Hereinafter, several records listed in the official website of the Great Pilot Orientation or is likely to be broken.

Christian Yelich: The first 50-stricken player in the history of the big league

Possibility: still need to work hard

In the history of the long big profit, no player has reached a single season 50 bombard. Therefore, single is a ”opportunity” to reach this milestone, which has already been a dariedly the grade of Jeriqi. At present, Jedich has a 39-year-old horn of the entire League, and it is also 23 pirates. Therefore, he needs to knock out the 11-year-old horn and have to run in the 43 game left of the Milwaukee’s wineman. 7 pirates successfully reached a record of this before.

This is not a simple thing, but it is not impossible. Despite a short period of time, Jeriq, who is ready to return to the wineman, continue to go out in accordance with the current walk, he will still play a 53-stricken season, just to meet the standard.

Ronald Acuna Jr.: 40 Boom 40 Piracy

Possibility: tentacle

Before on Tuesday to the New York Metropolis, Akunia’s results came to 35 bombardment with the most of the 29 pirates with the country’s alliance. 30 Boom 30 Pirates Tickets are tight in hand, and Cacona will also become the second young member of the 30-30 club – the Shenmike Timmed by the Los Angeles Angels (Mike Trout) In 2012, he played 30 bombing 49 pirates in 2012. Although not the youngest, Akunia is likely to have a better floor, that is, 40 piracy clubs.

Atlanta Warriors have only 34 games left this season, and Akunia is a 5-year-old homework, and it is successful with 11 piracy. If he can maintain the hot feel after the all-star game, he will become the fifth person in the 40-40 club and the youngest one in all members.

Other four are Alfonso Soriano 2006 46-Bang 41 Pirate, Alex Rodriguez, 1998 42-Bang 46, Bali-Bonz ( Barry Bonds) In 1996, the 42-poby of 40 thieves and Jose-Camsetch 1988 42 stolen 40 stolen, and the four young Rodriggs were already 22 years old, can’t now Cao Dia 21 years old.

If the Warrior’s Plank Star, if the rhythm is followed, there will be 45 bangs 38 thieves, so the 40-40 club’s ticket does not look so far, and this young man will chase this record. It will also be a very interesting thing.

Justin Verlander’s career thirty-thousand times

Possibility: a bit chance

Before the start of this season, Willand’s 200-time score has been coming to 2,706 Sanzhen, which means that he needs a single season 294 times, and it will take the third thousand three thousand times in the season. However, 294 three 振 振 is reached, but also Will be his career. Now entering the mid-August, it seems that Willland is going to take the ticket to the celebrity hall this season, which is a three thousand tri-three vibrations, still a bit likely to exist.

At present, Wrande has accumulated 228 seasons, 2934 careers. In the 37 games in the Houston Space team, he needs to cast 72 times to reach a goal. In the 37 games, Willand is expected to come to seven times, so he probably takes a average of ten trimesters per game may take this career milestone.

It is worth mentioning that Willands have been in five consecutive games, and the other more than two digits of the player. If any pitcher is likely to surpass more than 72 times in the next 7 times, Wulland can say that it is one of the best solutions.

Pete Alonso: National Alliance / Grand Alliance Xiu’s own record

Possibility: full master / need to work hard

At present, Alonso (this season’s 40-year-old homework) is only one step away from the national alliance, the current record is the Cody Bellinger of the Los Angeles Dodge. The 40-year-old record of the year. However, if you want to challenge the record of the Alliance, the Alonso may need a wave of fire.

The current rookie season is the 52 bombed by the ”Judge” Aaron Judge, New York, in 2017 (for the end of the Belling Jie Nian), if it is ”Great Polar Bear” A Rondo wants to break the record dialogue, then you need to sweep 10 in 38 games in New York, this is still a bit difficult.

Mike Trout: The most accumulated victory contribution before 28 years old

Possibility: absolutely

Even if the season is drawn today, Turd will create the highest victory contribution before the age of 28. According to the Baseball Data Statistics Website Baseball Reference Statistics, Truite surpassed the 69 victory contribution of the Detroit Tigers earlier this quarter. It is an amazing 71.8 that is more amazing today. Turt will continue to pursue the fourth break of two-bit victory in his career – only three famous hut sigtars in history: Babe Ruth, Willie Mays And Roger Hornsby has handed over more than 3 double-digit victory contributions.

Now, interesting problems are coming. Terace can surpass which celestial star’s career victory contribution value ”always” at the end of this season? This sounds scary, but if you can get 10 victory contributions this season, he will have 74.0 career accumulated contribution. what is this concept? Many celebrations, such as DEREK JETER DRRK Katt (DEREK JETER) Cumulative 72.4 Victory Contribution, Colorado Suri Star Lali – Walry Walker is 72.7, Cleveland India Team is a leader Jim Tom (Jim Thome) is 72.9, ”Heavy Injury” Frank Thomas also accumulated 73.9. Even if Truite has not reached the feat of the double-digit number of the season, watching him beyond the aforementioned names or a very interesting thing.

D. J. Dj Lemahieu and Little Fernando – Tatis (Fernando Tatis Jr.): Combating Wang Baoshen

Possibility: within a achievement

In his first season of ”Down Mountain” came to New York Yangji, Le Mei was currently hitting the entire US League (or even alliance) at 0.339. For him, it is no stranger to hit Wang Baoshen. He has already won one in Colorado, when he was in Colorado, in 2016. However, if he can maintain this lead this year, he will keep this leading advantage. If he will take a career, he will also become the first person in history – since the era of the live ball, no bearer can cooperate with the National Union I won the throne of the king.

Xiaoda, this season is very amazing young rookie, and there is also a chance to create history. After a while after the injury was missing, he finally accumulated a lot to fight against Wang Baosu in the near future. At present, Xiaodatis is still behind the strike list of the national alliance leader, Jeric’s approximately 20,000 points. It is more advantageous to small Tatis, because of few counting, a wave of hitting rates will increase the amplitude.

If it is finally able to reverse the king, he will become the youngest blow king in history with the age of 20 and 270, than the 1955 Detroit Tiger Team Big Senior Aier – Calian (Al Kaline) To be young ten days. In addition, there is no national union’s rookie to win the king, the small Tatans and the Worth of the Pittsburgh Pirates, Bryan Reynolds, have the opportunity to create records.

Liu Xianzhen: The minimum self-score rate since the lowness of the handstuffs

Possibility: relatively low

Among the 22 seasons of this season, the Los Angeles Daoqi’s Han Zuo Zuo Xian Zhen vibrate the 1.45 self-vocality rate of shocking ghosts. In the past 17 games, only the fraction he lost in two games was more than 1 point. If he can maintain such an amazing step, he has hungred the sword to 50 years, since the official of the Great Pilot, the first-hand spending rate record after the pitcher is lowered. The current lowest record is the legendary pitcher of the New York Metropolitan team, Dwight Gooden, and Turden handed over 1.53’s self-sharing rate at 1985.

Yes, now Liu Xianzhen’s self-sharing is already lower than the 1985 Turden. It should be said that since the era of the live ball, only a speaker has a low score rate than 1.50, he is the famous Hall of the Shenglu Luku team, Bob Gibson.

However, for Liu Xianzheng, it is still difficult to maintain the current ultra-low blanking rate. Remember the National League Race Award last year, a season of the trusdom of the big trumpk de Grom (Jacob Degrom)? So, his sporthood is still 1.70. Or, with the left and right fate of the Dodge, Clayton Kershaw, Impressed with Grand Grienke? Their season performance was once again amazing. In 2014, the Grandgi, 2015, also handed over ”only” 1.77 with 1.66 self-blade points. It can be imagined, this is a very rare thing, maybe Liu Xianzhen can be said, but it will definitely need a day’s place.

Abbert Pujols: Career Home Based on the
top five / career

Possibility: Still need to work / probably

Although Petiys is no longer the super-star in the year, this old 37-year-old old will still have a stick to Dingjiang Mountain, and now he is now challenging on a list of career. illustrious name. Currently, there are 651 Batters’ Popputans, which is expected to challenge the San Francisco Giant’s Legendary Star Willie Mays’s career 660, and this will also enable him to enter the top five top five . Perhaps this year’s difficulty is a bit high, but a hot hand can make him advance progress.

As for the number of beats, Putue has reached the default condition to enter the baseball name – career 3000 security. At present, it has surpassed the 3166 Popputs of the Triassa Beltre, and will challenge the fifteenth place in the list of paladers, and the famous guerrillas of Baltimo Golden Queen (Carl Ripken). Jr.) of 3184, and his possibility of overtaking in the end of the season is still very large.

Grrit Cole / Chris Sale / Max Scherzer: Historic Calescent Rate

Possibility: medium

Look at the single-season victorization rate than the Houston Space Man’s king Cole is currently 36.8% of the list: ”The right hand of God” Pedro Martinez is 37.5% achieved in 1999 And ”Monster” Randy Johnson is 37.4% in 2001. Gone. These two seasons are two famous Hall of his life. Cole is now with them thanks.

At the same time, the Boston Red Socks The ace Levant Selle is a second of 35.3% in Washington, which is currently rehabilitating. They need to continue the three-oscillating more than a record of the right hand of God, but the three have such strength.

In addition, the three pithers also challenge other records and milestones. Cole can challenge 300 three-occurred single season (although the injury in the past few days made him challenged slightly more difficult), Sel is to pursue the 2000-vibration of his career. She Zel is to challenge the fifth season to lead the national alliance in the Sanzhen list (even though he took a break in the injury).

Minnesota Shuangcheng Team / Baltimony Morning: Team Sports

Possibility: Basically stable

After the play of 124 games, the powerful stroke of the Minnesota Shuangcheng team has been bombarded 240 projectors. The record of a single team is a single season 267 that was created by New York. It seems that the double city team has to innovate, it will be, the problem is how high can they brush a record? At the same time, the New York Yangji team also seems to refresh the team to break the number last year, and they also knocked the 227 strokes in 129 games.

At the same time, Baltimore Gold Owi also wrote another home running relevant record – the number of homes hit by the pitcher group. They were just hit out of the season’s 248 stroke, broke through the single season of the US alliance. It seems that the golden team pitcher is to refresh the 258 records of the 2011 Cincinnati Red Squad. It is just a matter of morning and evening.

Mike Trout / Christian Yelich / Cody Bellinger / Pete Alonso / Haolch – Sorell ( Jorge Soler: Team Personal Home Based on Record

Possible: Both broken records

Tuurot is currently 41 projectors, according to the current step, the season is 53. The single season of Los Angeles Angels is 47 Troy Glaus.

Jediqi currently hits 39 projects, if the current step is turned, the season is 53. The monopolist individual record of the Milwaukee Wine team is 50 PRINCE FIELDER in 2000.

Berlinjie is currently 42 projectors, according to the current step, the season is 51. The Los Angeles Daochi’s single season individual record is 49 SHAWN GREENs in 2001.

Alonso is currently 40 strokes. According to the current step, the season is 52. The new season of the New York Metropolitan team is 41 of Carlos Beltran and Tao De-Hang Deliy in 2006 and 1996 respectively.

Soreger is currently 35 strokes. If the current step is turned, the season is 52. The monopolist individual record of the Royal Kansas City is Mike Musticas, 38 hit by 2017.

Perhaps not all of the above people will write a new record of their respective teams, but Alonso is https://www.maillotspascherfr.combasically stable with Sorell, others have a lot of probability to write their own records.