New Year New Year video debut on the history of NFL Super Bowl stage show Chinese new division MVP

Beijing on February 4 New Year’s Eve, when we were immersed in the Chinese New Year celebration which time, NFL Super Bowl started in Atlanta. Super Bowl this year coincides with the Lunar New Year’s Eve, and this is the first time coincidence tournament history. In addition to fantastic fierce battle scene midfield and blasting show performances, the Alliance for the majority of Chinese fans prepared a special surprise gift. Before the Super Bowl began, he played the Atlanta Mercedes-Benz stadium big screen a video of NFL players to send blessings Chinese fans – and this is the first time a Chinese New Year NFL’s Super Bowl content boarded the stage of history. [Watch video] more exciting

Video screen, a small player in China and surrounded by traditional lion dance, including twice to China to promote football championship quarterback Wilson, the new division league MVP James and Macho 50th Super Bowl MVP von – Miller many players in the handheld pig dolls and blessing word Chinese knot, speaking fluent in Chinese to say ”happy New Year” to the global Chinese New Year.

Super Bowl is generally held the first Sunday in February, local time, this time often coincides with the Chinese New Year holiday in China. When Chinese fans are still prepared to dinner time, Chinese fans to send blessings NFL Super Bowl spot, which is the global Chinese New Year to the NFL for the first time in Super Bowl site! Super Bowl is the world’s top sports feast, from the ratings and attention, they and the Chinese Spring Festival, as is expected. As Chinese people are looking forward to the Spring Festival the same year, Americans are also looking forward to the Super Bowl every year, and now the Super Bowl has become an unofficial national holiday of the United States.

With the growing influence of overseas NFL football, the sport is currently rapid gains in China. According to league statistics, currently in the country for people interested in NFL reached 30.09 million, to watch NFL Super Bowl has become the choice for the majority of fans to celebrate the Chinese Lunar New Year holidays. When the Super Bowl hit the big New Year’s Eve, is described as good pairs, NFL football’s first New Year’s Eve to send greetings to the Super Bowl site. As the world’s most commercially valuable single sporting event, the Super Bowl broadcast advertising intermittent priced up to $ 5.25 million per 30 seconds. This year’s Super Bowl will be in more than 170 countries, broadcast live by more than 25 kinds of languages, can be described as unprecedented. Players who choose to play video New Year in this time period for China to show the NFL fans full attention and sincerity.

Belong to the four major league, NBA, initiated from 2013 to CNY (Chinese New Year) is the theme of the New Year Lunar New Year activities, the Spring Festival holiday arrangements for the exciting events like the Lakers VS Celtics and so on. As the four most successful alliance in China to promote sporting events, NBA’s successful experience might be drawing NFL, NFL this year’s first choice to send New Year greetings at the site of the Super Bowl event.

In fact, during the NFL’s overseas expansion, China has been seen as one of the key growth markets. In recent years, NFL sustainable use of diverse forms of positive interaction with the Chinese football fans, contribute to their attention and support. 1 spot in the Pro Bowl at the end of the event, NFL Chinese flag football tournament U13 category champions received the official invitation, and the United States, Canada and Mexico the three countries to communicate with their peers and learn to observe the Pro Bowl football training and competition. This is the young players from China were third-degree official invitation to participate in the Pro Bowl-related activities.

During the past five years, an annual average of more than 15 million Chinese fans to watch the Super Bowl live. This year’s 53rd Super Bowl coincides with the Chinese New Year’s Eve, a comprehensive live game event. Fans finally can not work, at home to enjoy the luxury feast this side of the ocean. Watching the Super Bowl dumplings, New Year’s Eve, and with a different NFL spent the last day of the Year of the Dog it!