New York derby moves! The official sun is in the sun, Durant smiles, Harden is relaxed!

On December 1st, Beijing time, 2021-22 season NBA regular competition is in the battle. In today’s Eastern Focus Battle, the Nets will welcome the challenge of the Nicks team at home. This is also the first time in New York, so that many fans attracted many fans.

In order to prepare the game, the basketball team came to the home court. The Nets officially sun-made the players’ warm-up photos, and the players such as this Bryi have entered the mirror.

The most promisbies are undoubtedly Durant, Durant wearing a basket training dress showing a smile. In the nearby interview, Durant said confident: ”I feel that I can integrate with any system, I can put together with any player. No matter how, I can figure out.”

Another superstar Harden is also in the warm-up training. From the expression, Harden treats today’s game attitude is still very easy. However, Harden’s recent play is not good. He only got 46 points in the last 3
games, and the number of mistakes was more than 15 times. Today, Harden has contracted the Wesbrook of the Lakers, boarded the head name of https://www.maillotsbasketfr.comthe mistake!

Then, the Nets released a photo of the night view of Barclays, suggesting that this war is touched.

As of today, the basket team ranked 1 in 14 wins and 6 negatives, 11 wins 11 wins 11 wins and 9th.