NFL 10th Weight Rank Rank: Packaging Coach Titan Tita Fight

The 10th week of the NFL regular season is over, the latest strength list is also met with everyone!After the round, the packaging works first, and the patriot is squeezed into the top ten after a wave of four-game win.Not much to say, the strength of the 10th week of regular season has been ranked, let’s take a look!

NO.1 Green Bay Packaging Work (8-2)

For packaging workers, this is a few weeks of turmoil, Alon Rogers let the team break the team because of the problem of vaccine.The good news is that Luo Jess is coming back, then the team ”will win on time.Rogers did not really ignite the packaging workers, and there were 292 yards and have been copied.When the star runs Alon – Jones injured, the team also suffered a serious blow.Fortunately, another running guard A.j. Di Long station came out of the 22 sho.In particular, it is especially praised by the Green Bay Defense Group, and they seal the Hawks Leadership Leadership Leaders in Russell Wilson.

NO.2 Tennessee Titans (8-2)

Titan’s score is not much, but the team is still moving. After the victory, Titan has achieved six-winning victory, and is currently the first seed of the United States. Make no mistake, this really is a win, pushing the team a total of only 264 yards, in the absence of star running back Derrick – Henry participation in the second game of the Titans rushed the ball only 29 times pavement advancing 66 yards. Although the record is good, but people are still concerned, in the absence of offensive output, this Titan can support how long, if every game is difficult to advancing 300 yards, can not enter the Super Bowl.

NO.3 Arizona Red Spits (8-2)

To a certain extent, the red ramp will be lost to the black leopard, not just a failure, the team has lost the four-point Wei Keller-Murray and the star outside the team. De Andre-Hopkin S. Substitute quartz, Calt-McCay, has not been sharp last week, and his two mistakes were converted to reach. Losing is lost, if Murray and Hopkins can come back in time and come back in front of the marina next week, then this may be just a pain in a period of time.

NO.4 Dallas Cowboy (7-2)

Last week, the cowboy was defeated by the wild horse at home, but they were surprising in the tenth week. In the face of falcon, cowboy can be said from the end to the end, and it has completed it in all aspects. When we saw the powerful denim offset group and Dakoto-Prescot, the familiar denim came back. In the competition, the team only lost 214 yards and 3 points, and the new show line Wei Maika-Parson got the sixth session of the season, and 6 independence. Corner Vef – Digs complete the 8th copy and continued to lead NFL.

NO.5 Los Angeles Ran (7-3)

For the ram, this week can be too difficult. The team has just been repaired by Titan without Henry, followed by Robert Woods ligament torn season reimbursement, the team just signed Beckham and Feng Miller from the market, the first show is 49 people Poured the basin of cold water. Two consecutive games, Matthew – Stafford came out of two copy, and the results of these 4 copying were the same, so that the opponent was completed. There is almost no way to advance, and there is no way to stop 49 people.

NO.6 Buffalo (6-3)

Time is returned to the 9th week, there is no more shocking thing in the Alliance 6-9 to the Americas. Angry Bill met the jet, this time they didn’t have soft, in terms of attack, Bill pushed 489 yards, and the whole game was on the attack. In terms of defensive, Bill forced the opponent’s 5 mistakes until the game is completely handed over, let the opponent enters the end area. The team will follow 6 opponents in more than 50%, and their true challenge is about to begin.

NO.7 Tampa Bay Pirate (6-3)

The uneasiness of Tampa Bay is growing, which is not only related to the team’s conversation, but also the way they are losing. The team attacked and defense was defeated by the mediocrity of unable to mediocre, the luxury offensive group only advanced 273 yards, and sent two ball translations, and the defensive group was unable to resist, causing Washington’s ball time to be almost pirates. Double twice, the opponent’s three-speed conversion was 11 times. After the game, Braddy and coach Arian were blown out, such a team really unlike the defending champion.

NO.8 Kansas City Chief (6-4)

This is the chief we look forward to. After two months of attack and defense, the chief finally looks like a team that enters the super bowl for two consecutive years. Patrick Mahmems and the Chief Offense Group launched a striker on the raid, Pony came out of 406 yards and 5 times, this time did not be copied. Close-edge Tel Avis – Kelps and running Williams have rushed out of 100 yards, and the team promoted 516 yards. Defensive end, the chief only allows the opponent to get 299 yards and 14 points. With this victory, the chief returns to the United States.

NO.9 Baltimore Crow (6-3)

After losing it to the dolphins, the crow is really a bit unknown. They were originally considered to be the strongest team of the United States, but they played everyone in the critical moment. The next four games, the crow three games should be paired by the opponent Brown and steel people in the same area, and the team can’t lose.

NO.10 New England Patriot (6-4)

The preaching is not the first quarter-selection of the 2021 election conference, nor the second or third, but he is the best in performance. In the homestock Cleveland, the 198 yards were promoted in 23 pass 19, and the passed forward did not have been copied, and the stable and efficient attack. After the opening of the game, after the start of the game, the team was won, and the results came to 6-4. If they can take the next few partitioned civil war, it is very likely that the partition champion.

NO.11 New Orleans Saint (5-4)

NO.12 Los Angeles Lightning (5-4)

NO.13 Cincinnati Tiger (5-4)

NO.14 Cleveland Brown (5-5)

No.15 Pittsburgh Steel Man (5-3-1)

NO.16 Indianapolis Pima (5-5)

NO.17 Carolina Black Leopard (5-5)

NO.18 Las Vegas raid (5-4)

NO.19 Minnesota Viking (4-5)

NO.20 Denver Yam (5-5)

NO.21 San Francisco 49 (4-5)

NO.22 Philadelphia Eagle (4-6)

NO.23 Seattle Hawks (3-6)

No.24 Atlanta Falcon (4-5)

No.25 Washington Football Team (3-6)

NO.26 Chicago Bear (3-6)

NO.27 New York Giants (3-6)

NO.28 Miami Dolphin (3-7)

NO.29 New York Jet (2-7)

NO.30 Jacksonville America (2-7)

NO.31 Houston Texas (1-8)

NO.32 Detroit Lion