NFL-27-day buddy package worker VS Eagle MVP level four-point guard

Beijing time on September 27th, 8: 20 am, NFL2019-20 regular season entered the fourth week of competition. The Green Bay Packaging Team of the Jiji Sanli Winning Welcome to the Philadelphia Eagle of the Woundment of the Wounded Ferry.

How to fight for injuries

In the season, I have just been in the past 3 weeks, the Philadelphia Eagle entered the injury. Last week, I took over Destan Jackson and the lack of Alshon Jeffery made the eagle to swallow the second defeat in the home. And the corner of Ronald Darby, in the face of the injury in the third quarter of the lion, so that only 3 healthy corner Douglas (Sidney Jones) ) And Madox (Avonte Maddox). Originally defensive second-line, the eagle team is more snow, which is also facing ”Aaron Rodgers) of” Aaron Rodgers), and the eagle defensive coordinator Jim Schwatz (Jim Schwartz) can be facing this week. What kind of strategy is you thinking about?

Despite this, there is still some good news in the offensive end of the Eagle. Although Jackson determines that the abdominal injury will be absented on this game, it is absent from the Leg injury. Jeffrey in last week has participated in 2 days of training this week. This field is not a problem. The same absenteeled Corey Clement, which was also returned to the training ground, and Carson Wentz’s weapon library was basically complete. It is only to let the opponent get a 11.3-point packaging, Wenz can not play the MVP level performance.

Carson - Winz.

Carson – Winz.

Sitian Sweets at the MVP level?

The two teams in this game have a star quarter-free, but it is not so stars in this season. As the only five-point guard of the only five-year-old MVP, the existing MVP is divided into four-point guards, this season is limited to the tactical arrangement of the new coach, and in many pass data, the four points in the second half of the league. Ward. The first quarter of the union of the glory is also slowly silent with age, injuries and team factors, and there is no trace for a long time. Rogers can use a HAIL MARY to kill the peak?

The eagle, Kason Wenz played the magnitude of MVP in the first 14 weeks of the 17-18 season, once a big fever of MVP candidates, but unfortunately he replaced him on the 14th week of ACL injury and afterwards Nick Foles crossed the achievements of the team and the continuous rise of super newcomers, so that everyone will gradually forget Wenz once is also a rising star. This season is in traditional data statistics, Wenz’s passed success rate ranks 26th, the number of ball passes, the number of passes of the number of bony, 19th, no stars. However, this is all in the case where the team’s external group is injured. In the high-order data statistics of PPF, Wenz’s Passage Rating Tall League Third, 8 large-size wonderful passed columns, the team, the team, 10 times, the ball, the ball, no can’t catch it The most alliances, the scores of the eagle pickers are only ranked twins. This is like a smock of women without rice, making a big meal. Just don’t know if it’s another mother Wenz can’t avoid three losses.

Packaging staff new coach Matt - Raverle.

Packaging staff new coach Matt – Raverle.

Whether the packaging worker offensive can improve

The new coach of the packageman is not good in the past three weeks. If it does not rely on excellent defense, the packaging work is impossible to win 3-0 record. Compared with the Titan team taught last season, this season’s packaging team is almost financing, and Rogers use Rogers into Mario Tag. Moreover, the team seems to be caught in a strange circle, and the first half of the game Rogers is free to lead the attack. The team’s offensive performance is smooth. The data that is playing is also very good. However, after a short half of the bits, Raffler’s extremely conservative offensive policy allowed the team to get 4.3 points, advanced 112 yards, and the three-speed conversion rate is 11.8%. Despite the continuous winning, Rogers also expressed support for Raverle, but so ugly offensive status really allowed the packaging team to successfully kill the playoffs, and compete for the super bowl of championship? And see if Laverler, Rogers and packaging team can run together as soon as possible.