NFL Hall of Commerce Stars Dian – Sanders Baseball Road: Improper Foreign Land

The MLB fierce battle in the 2018 season, the fierce competition in the race of competition, one party did not stop, Beijing time this Friday NFL2018 season will also re-ignite the war, as a rugby and baseball two sports all-around players, if Di Ang – Sanders is young in young ages, maybe he will face the situation of the two difficulties, this article takes you a story between Sanders and the two sports:

Juvenile: ”three knives” players in the United States

In August 1967, Dion-Lu Win-Sanders was born in Florida, Mailesburg. In the era of abnormal race discrimination, the streets of the black community are playing, and the tall slimming is always caught in the thin Sanders, because this kid is really flexible. From the small show, the talent is completely displayed after he enters the North Makurg high school. The high school four years of career, Sanders has become the best high school player in Florida, Florida, Baseball and Basketball, 18 years old. In the year, MLB’s Kansas City Royal Sitting Sands was selected in Sunders, trying to bring him a big league, but Sanders is not so simple, decided to enter the university.

After the home of Florida, Sunders continued his three-knife, and Sanders on the track and field race can easily entered the 100-meter sprint project, and the pole jump also breaks the school history. University career 14 times, and abandoned the kicks to attack 1429 yards. His teacher, university football classroom Michael Bowden called Sanders as ”scale of sports talents”, and finally his No. 2 jersey retired in the football school; the performance of the baseball field is completely Weak, his hits in this year, his hit rate is reached. 331, 21 years old, completed 27 pirates, more exaggerated stories, one day in 1987, Sanders participating in the university baseball league game, in one day double The gap between the game, he returned to the track and field to complete the 4 × 100m relay competition!

Amazing decision! Sanders decided to both rugby and baseball

Football and baseball as the largest two sports in the United States, if you want two heads, it is too difficult, in fact, whether it is football and baseball, or basketball and other sports, it is impossible to survive in two professional alliances目 拉 拉 回 到 看, Michael Jordan, Trecy McGrady, Tim Tibo, Russel – Wilson, etc. It is pitiful that these players have a weird idea of ??these players. A large extent derived from the successful experience of the two alliances of Sunders round-trip NFL and MLB.

Of course, both the two occupational alliances are not the idea of ??Sanders awakening, in fact, in 1987, the elderly Sunders five-year-old Bo-Jackson has begun to go between NFL and MLB, and MLB regular games between April to September, NFL regular season in September to the beginning of the year, almost only September conflicts in the beginning of the year, and the objective conditions allowed Sanders to make the idea.

In 1988, the free player did the show, Sanders was selected by New York Yangji in the 30th, and immediately completed the contract, involved in the trial of the small alliance; in the joint training camp of the Football Stadium, the scouting and coach most valued 40 The code sprint, Sanders relaxed 4 seconds 27 to get it, put it until thirty years later, this is also a good grade. At that time, there was a ball to say that Sanders worn such a result of such a score, nothing, and then Sunders changed a pair of tennis shoes privately ran once, achievement? 4 seconds 21! Excellent sports talents let Sanders first rounds of the 1989 NFL dragons, were selected by Atlantan, and when they were signed with the Falcon ball group, they included a strike, must tolerate two alliances in Sanders. .

”Two-way players” between round trips

After the small alliance trial, in 1989, the 21-year-old Sanders boarded the big alliance. For the New York Yangji, Yangji is full of confidence in this potential and topicity, September. He has begun to rush between NFL and MLB, but almost just a week. In 1990, his quick calf can help him complete a wide range of kilover in China and foreign countries, and the destruction of the aggressive between the buildings, but his hitting capacity is far from reaching the expectation of Yangji. The bad performance has attracted the smashing of the Yangji, which makes him directly cut off after the 1990 season. Jean Michael Maxel is blunt, his football career hinders his baseball career.

Compared to the frustrations of the baseball field, Tianshuo Sanders is simple in the football field. The first two seasons quickly played the fight against the Falcon’s main corner, and repeatedly staged the copy of the copy to attack and abandoned and attacked. ”The left hand touched the head, the big step into the end area” to celebrate the symbol of Sanders, people began to call him ”Golden Time” on the football field, cobbleball is just an advertisement in the middle of the golden time. Stop.

Sanders is still very eager to play baseball, but in the process of contracting, his conditions must tolerate him to return in two alliances, which makes the majority of the majority of the team unacceptable, and its personal capacity He is not a candidate of everyone, so until the end of January 1991, Sanders re-finals the new Dongjia – Atlanta Warrior, I believe everyone can understand the Warriors’s high-level ideas, Sanders is the football for Atlanta. Team effectiveness, so it is relatively convenient for the baseball team.

When I came to the Warriors, Sanders was placed in the left field, and his blow performance was still unreasonable, and the hits the whole season did not come. On July 31, Sanders slammed the key three-point gun in the game of the strait Pittsburgh, and Joy had just continued to continue, he returned to the rugby training camp report, starting to absent the big alliance. Including the Warriors in the National Federation of the Pirate, and in Seven of the World Competition, Sannesota Shuangcheng, Sanders has always followed the Atlantian Funding Eagle to fight his personal third NFL season, but only from the TV. Message.

In 1992, achievements and contradictions

In 1992, the Sound of the NFL season, the premiell of the patron, Sanders’ teammate Luis Risi said: ”He participated in the attack on the side line, and everyone complied with what strategy was attacked, but I impressed It seems that Sanders seems to have never participated in the training of attacks, can he get it? ”

Sanders received the other party’s kick in the first 1 yard in the front area, after ten seconds, he jumped into a iconic to celebrate dance in the other side of the other side. The Sanders who entered the peak period was almost perfect.

Back to the baseball stadium, Atlanta Warriors fierce in the National United States, Sanders’s hit rate exceeds 30%, and the 13th three-stroning of the leader, the excellent performance makes everyone shut up, and in the Falcon’s locker room, No one complained that Sanders missed rugby training because of the baseball game.

Falcon Cardo Jerry-Granville said in Sanders: ”You see the 81st or No. 17 of the other party is the top hand of their number, you treat him as a cat, the whole game keeps this cat Wrong. ”In fact, the 25-year-old Sanders has become the strongest person of NFL, but because Sanders is always absent from time to train, in order to move, Grundi is very small to use the tactical discipline Requires higher regional defense.

Entering the MLB playoffs, Sanders insisted on continuing to help the Warriors to continue to fight, which means that Sanders goes more time to and from the two alliances. Before the start of the Warriors and the Pirate Series, the pirate pitcher coach thunder-Miller said: ”We hope that Sanders has played more than the most tired person.”

On October 11, 1992, Sanders has just participated in the Warriors and Pirates in Pittsburgh, and the last three games debut defended the left and defeated the main game. It was a warrior to win the victory, otherwise the warrior high-level How much will be somewhat incooling. The reason is that it is almost the first time after the end of the game, Sanders immediately boarded the helicopter, and rushed to Miami outside the thousands of miles, where there is a fight against the Miami dolphin, and the NFL game on the afternoon of the afternoon, Sande Scratch the four all-star outside the other party Mark Dufa restricted to 4 codes, the Falcon also won the game victory. After the game, the Falcon team said that Sanders’s calf is actually a little swelling. This allowed him to stay in the locker room late, becoming the Falcon player who left the locker room, Sanders finally replaced ”Selling” The black orange striped T-shirt, as usual, high-profile appeared in the line of sight, sitting into the luxury sedan, and flying back to Pittsburg with helicopters, continued to prepare the warrior and pirate playoffs.

In the MLB playoff game of the Sanhe Stadium, Sanders witnessed the defeat of the Warriors 4 to 13 in the tension. He did not get any opportunity, the Warriors’ headshot abalbi-Cox is still playing a round: ”We just Did not find the opportunity to play Sunders. ”In fact, many reporters of the team are clear, the Warriors and Falcon two teams are quite a micro resignation for Sanders long-sleeved dance, and the continuous fighting Des’ body status also bright red lights.

Time Warriors General Manager, I used to choose to choose from in the royal family, Jackson and Sunders, John Shurtz said: ”I think Sanders and Jackson are equally good, but Sanders has never handled well The relationship between the two alliances, this looks very confusing, and he is even more biased into a rugby player in his heart. ”

With the pirate playoff, the final warrior seven dangerous. Subsequently, Sanders has reached a consensus. Since the legs are difficult to play in the football court, Sanders lacks the two-week falcon, but to fight against the World Competition with Toronto Bluebird, Six In the game, Sanders first sent four games, 15 combats hit 8 security, which also had 5 pirates, nearly perfect states, still failed to help the Warriors lost the World Competition for the second consecutive year.

In the subsequent NFL season, Sanders completed the miracle of attacking thousands, and in his career, he was selected for a while. From the results, Sanders was more suitable as a football.

Imperfect baseball career

Sanders’s professional football career, two super bowls, a one-year best defensive player, six season, eight professional bowls all-star game, in 2011, the professional football celebrities were selected. And from 2008, gradually entered the TV sessions, participated in the programs related to multi-file rugby, and the NFL draft meeting in recent years served as an interview with the reporter, but it was said that he stably operated his football career, never stopped Can you have his baseball career?

After the end of 1992, in 1993 Sanders followed the Warriors to the season, but the national contest was lost to Philadelphians, Sanders’ s position in the team became more and more chicken. In 1994, Warriors sent Sunders to Cincinnati, and opened in August NFL training camp, Sanders directly gave up the last half of MLB. Such a professional attitude, 1995 Sanders was sent to the San Francisco giant, and it was still awkward. In 1996, because Sanders and Dallas denim, Sanders signed a maximum of NFL’s largest contract, and everywhere Sanders was extremely tired and directly gave up the game of 1996. In 1997, he returned to the red man in 1997, after three years in 1998, three years of three years will all bet all in the football stadium. Until 2001, decided to retire from the football court, 33-year-old Sanders was short-lived in the red man for two months, and finally ended the big league career.

The duty threshold career Sanders almost did not have won any honors, the longest period is three and a half years to wait in the Warriors, he has never regarded any major alliance team as a ”home”, and has never been in any one. More than 100 games in the season, Sanders responded to baseball career with ”part-time” mentality, so the god of baseball also gave back to his corresponding transcript.

In fact, as the ”golden time period” of the football court, why is Sanders to stick to the baseball? In addition to achieving personal achievements, as the previous illustration of this article, Sanders naked the right hand football, the left hand ball, but the neck hangs a dazzling gold chain, and the Dollar LOGO of the diamond, but also is not only Realize personal achievements, and also take care of ”money”.

In that year, Sanders was 2050,000 in NFL. It was the highest ranking of the total assessment. It can be put in the present, the highest level of horn is the Josh Norman, the annual salary of 15 million, probably Sand. Si’s seven times, although it is the highest, but Sanders is not satisfied, ads, ads, on the show, in 1994 In order to create income, Sanders even sent a ”golden time” to sing a car, So you can understand that Sanders’ pursuit of money.

Take a question: Why is it more and less about the left hand in NFL today?

What is the relationship between this issue and Sanders? Of course it is related! Most of the beautiful young people have talented, usually in front of the occupational alliance, as the Sunders, such as the year. Most sensible players can make two choices, usually take into account their future development, and ”money”, compared with the right hand athlete, although the left-handed is not a phoenix, but there are not many, when many left-handers are choosing When it becomes a baseball pitcher and quartz, it will make a thinking, and the quadrant will only have one person to appear, and the substitute does not appear, the salary is also very poor; but becomes a baseball pitcher, a team has a team. Nearly ten pitks have the opportunity to come to the field, and the play time is guaranteed, and the salary is relatively stable. In addition, the football field is not very different from the left and right hands of the quarter-off, but the crash of the baseball field is unparalleled in the rugby competition.

These, if Sanders has a game skill on the baseball field, and can provide a considerable salary, will his career choose football? Or Is the choice of Sanders? Is it the disrespect of the big alliance?

In the Commercial Alliance, there is no eternal love, only eternal interests.