NFL president’s remarks are in the righteousness of "ass turning down" protagonists.

The news with Collin-Capenik always looks so hot, and the sword is arrogant. The speech of Nfl President Roger Gudel has ended in less than a day, and Katnik’s lawyer Mark Glagus jumped out to refute Mr. Mr. Cape Nick’s remarks. He said that ”all teams don’t sign Cape Nick because he can’t win the game” is the ridiculous nonsense he heard, and he moved out another four-guard as contrast – Mark Sanchez.

Glagus is asked in today’s ”Today” program, asked GuDel’s remarks, because Goodel talked about the issue of Capenik in the public presentation of Kareni, as the ball The team’s bosses felt that he could not lead the team, this situation is only based on football itself, regardless of politics.

”Any boss who believes this argument will feel that Mark Sanchez is a better choice.” Glagus said, and he pointed out that there were several four-point guards who were obviously ”have already passed the peak”. Sign a contract. ”I think that the president is the case to get some criticism in social media. The whole thing of Capenik’s unemployment is a trick. It is a kind of behavior of the NFL alliance and team owners.”

Glagus began to talk, ”Why not let the team let Cape Nick go to trial? His level has let all the teams continue to learn, see if his strength disdain? So whole piece Things are essential. ”Glagus believes that the declaration of Goodel will help Capenik’s allegations against NFL.” In fact, the NFL alliance is tied to the President Triang, if there is a few balls The team will give him some opportunities for him (Katnik), no one will say this is a stringing behavior; and now? It is clear. ”

This time I returned to Mark Sanchez, who faded out of the visit, tied to a shot. In fact, the status of the Sangchez in the young is still nice, and the jets lead the jet team into the United States, and also in the playoffs stage sniper. Bried patriot team. But over time, the common vocabulary accompanying Sanchez is often ”bad” ”disappointment” or even ”joy.” In the Thanksgiving night match in 2012, Sanchez caused a slap in the arrival of teammates in the whole world. Since then, ”ass turning the ball” became a label that Sanchez could not take off, each time he was signed or a year of Thanksgiving night, everyone will ridicule.

This season, the Washington Red Leather Brigade won the quarter-Sangchez Smith after the injury season, and the Sanchez appeared for the injury. Chance. Sanchez is not expensive, and the two games will pass in the game in 19 times, push 138 yards, 0 times, 3 times being copied … well … well, this is the Sanchez we are familiar with.

This kind of performance will make Glagus seize the pain of the pain, and about Cape Nick’s dispute will not end this; but interesting is that there is a news that Alex-Smith is expected to be absent 2019 The year of the year, so the most close team with Kenik is just a red leather team! Things seem to become more and more interesting.

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