NFL regular season award prediction: Mahomus monks two big prizes in the Swan Swan

As the last day of 2018, NFL has also entered the play game. The 12 teams will be fiercely compete for the superb bowl seats on February 4 in the next three weeks. Before the ultimate stage super bowl, NFL’s big prize, who also became a major focus topic, targeted this season, our Tencent NFL Editorial Department also gave his forecast, I didn’t know and you. Can the fans commented?

Annual return players: Andrew Ruk 4-point DVD Indianapolis

The best return player award is called ”Dongshan Re-Lottery” by Chinese ball, this award is a player who is awarded to a good performance than last season. There are a lot of reasons why last season performance, some players want to retire, some players are suffering from sick, and some because of coaches or their own causes, they cannot be integrated into the team. In these players, as long as this season can play an amazing high level of competition, then they are eligible to compete with this award. This year, the two major candidates in Dongshan will be the Houston Dezhou defensive end J. J. Watt and Pirata quartz Wei Adrus Rak, e.g.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

At this time last year, Andrew Ruck just retired from the Netherlands for more than a month. In the entire offset period, Rac is being bothered in the shoulder, and even the fans called on the piles to choose a new quarter-free replacement Luck in the election meeting. When is Rak return, I believe that this matter even his teammates are unclear. To be honest, the pony has not seen the past style from Lak this year, but saw a quarter-saving than 2014. 16 games, Rak played the highest-end score (98 points) and the highest quarter-off score (70.7 points). Although Frank Ridge coach did not arrange a lot of rapid rapid shots in the pocket, he raised 59.2% before the injury to 67.2%. Most importantly, this season Rak took the 8-1 record before encountering a giant, only 32 times, and there was no encounter for five consecutive games. La Kak is still likely to go to Europe, but this time it is not to take, but go to vacation.

Best defense new show: German-James Security Los Angeles Lightning

Defensive Rookie award in previous years are no longer called ”princes reading Award”, the award competition this year is fierce. In the last 24 hours, small series have been a candidate who can get the award over and over again like a couple of times. Dallas Cowboys Leiden – Van – Ai Shen is the team won the National League East champion an important part, his side have veteran Sean – Lee aura bonus. Colts linebacker Darius – Leonard throughout 2018 has been the team’s defensive core, only 41 times on the pass rush got seven sacks, as well as line after 12 tackles, has been the league all season grapple king.

German – James Why get this award it? First, he completed 15.5 times in pass defense destruction process, in addition to 3 steals and 3.5 sack Houston. This name Florida State University cornerback produced efficiently, become coach Gus former Seahawks defensive group – the cornerstone of Bradley reconstruction ”small boom burst Legion,” the play Kanmu – Chancellor of roles. But it is worth noting that the old ”boom burst Legion” in most big burly members, lack of mobility, which is the year when the Patriots and Seahawks battle, like to make reason with tight end against the Chancellor . Although James is playing the Chancellor’s position, but the 215 lbs of strong lad 40 yards speeds of up to 4 seconds 47.

Perhaps the only reason James can make is losing talent to Los Angeles Lightning defense group, they have Joey – Bosa and Melvin – Ingram rushed pass two generals, as well as the top cornerback Casey – Hayward. Compared to Leonard located pony, Lightning defense group turns out to be very rich.

Offensive Rookie: Sac Wan – New York Giants running back Barkley

If the prize awarded in mid-season, the award-winning Buckley hundred percent, but the season is finished, we can not ignore Baker – Mayfield half of the season performances. In the first 11 to 16 weeks of 6 games, Mayfield ball hit rate as high as 71.5%, scored 14 touchdowns and only four interceptions, 115.2 passing score, the average exchange 8.8 yards every shot . In this way the performance, not just the best rookie quarterback league, one of the best quarterbacks in the league. When the team with the champion or the second sign away a player, that person will certainly be placed Zhongwang, not only to play efficient data in the field, but also have the ability to build the team locker room culture, it is that a person Mayfield . Browns just completed a 0-16 season, the team’s future seems to be Hugh Jackson – the whole bleak, they desperately need to attack the old system, fortunately, they found what they need in Mayfield body .

Mayfield is certainly good, but after our editorial department of the vote, or the best offensive rookie went to Buckley. Barkley can say before entering the league is a star player, he’s coming directly activate the entire Giants offense group, won the entire season small 2000 yards (1307 yards rushing the ball, the ball 711 yards) mixed code number, take under the first attack and 78 times more than 50 yards eight times advance (rushed the ball six times the ball 2 times), after the first two league data. Season, Barkley be offensive red ball in a gear, the second gear and can cover the barrier, but also to three-block Eli – Manning provide backup target ball, behind the offensive line devastated almost against this giant personal ability to get the average of 4.9 yards yards rushing. The end of the regular season last week with 91 catches for Buckley breaking Hall of Fame running back Reggie – 88 times the ball running back Bush’s record in 2006 in the New Orleans Saints hit, also from 1980, Billy – Sims the first time since his rookie played 1200 yards ran +600 code + data access code number, the year Simms also won the rookie of the year. Mixed yardage over 2,000 yards, is the first in league history to get the achievement rookie.

Best Coach: Matt – Nagy Chicago Bears

In particular, multi-season dark horse, pony for example from 1-5 to qualify for the playoffs, from 0-3 to win the championship of the United States and South Texans, Pete – Carol is also very successful reconstruction of the Seattle Seahawks, so coach of the year attributable full of suspense. This award is not necessarily nominally awarded to the ”most improved team,” the coach, but for the Los Angeles Rams and the New Orleans Saints and other giants, like, they’re supposed to get the first-round bye is considered to be a hot ball team, and ultimately did do it, giving the impression that it is only ”achieved the expected”, after all, this is just a regular season award. Back to the awards themselves – Andy Reid tune of Macho sign Williams to become the league, but this team will be very strong combat power is relative, the sudden emergence of unexpected Bears.

Matt – Nagy and quarterback Mitchell – the first season Trudeau Bisi Ji partner’s success, the Bears after a lapse of eight years Packers beat the Vikings and sat back down again the top of the north country position, to know that they still Division cellar last year, the Bears are also the only team this season soaring division title in team directly from the bottom. Najib just before the Chiefs called a few weeks of offensive tactics, but when he was young Trudeau Bisi Ji tactics designed to take full advantage of Tariq – Cohen and Taylor – Gabriel characteristics of players, but also perfect Drury Bisi Ji developed flexible legs. With a strong defense and a heavy exchange of attack to help the team among the newborn amongst the strongest teams in the column, all this is inseparable hard Najib’s tune.

Best Defensive Player: Aaron – Donald Los Angeles Rams defensive tackles

Season MVP has been awarded to 32 years no defensive player this year, we believe no exception. Therefore, the best defensive player award is the defensive player of the highest honor. As if often awarded to the MVP quarterback as Defensive Player of the Year is also usually issued to red setter. Middle linebacker and defensive second-tier must play particularly exaggerated the season, to be able to compete with the red setter. Red setter this season, second-tier players are not so prominent, middle linebacker Darius – Leonard, Di – Crawford hit top performance, but not enough to impact Defensive Player of the Year. Two cornerback Zhawei En – Howard and Kyle – Fowler, although there are a lot of fancy steals data, steals turnovers can put pressure on the quarterback with the front line itself is also a great relationship.

As a whole, the defensive group of Ram Stars seems to be a lot of personal abilities of players, but Alon Donald’s historical level data proves that they are the best defensive players this season. The whole season cuts 20.5 times to kill more than five, as an internal defensive cutout, Donald has set up the most of the largest players in the 1982 data statistics. From the perspective of data, 41 hit four-point Boubi 8 times, 8 times, resulting in 65 compression as the full league, 104 breakthrough pockets than 13 times more than the second place. From the perspective of performance, Donald will show a few absolute rulings on each game. Almost every time from the kick, it is a wonderful lens. In the view, Donald seems to be with other defenders. It’s not the same sport.

Finally, JJ Watt and Carrier Mark also played very well. In addition to this two, there is a Hawie’s Bobby Wagner, Wagner has almost one person to press the Haiye to crash the defensive group, and will Its re-integration is completed. At the same time, Wagner’s ability to smash him a strongest line guard in the world. If the Haiying team lost Wagner, even if we just think about it, it will not be cold. Wagner is great, but does not deny Donald’s first defender’s hegemony.

Best Offensive Players: Patrick – Mahomus quartz from Sakae Kansas City Emirates

Since the regular mvp is often the player of the offensive group, the annual best offensive player award has existed some disputes – MVP is also the best offensive player in the year? If so, what is the meaning of the best offensive player? If not, then the difference between the two is. This award is the same as before, and the reporters vote. The officials of the United States gave the selection of the selection (just as the name suggests), so this award is related to the MVP, but it is difficult to say clearly. In history, the year’s best offensive player in 46 years, 27 winners have got MVP in the same year.

In fact, if Mahmus has got MVP this year, the best offensive player’s award is likely to fall to Dru Bris, and to some extent is a comfort. Of course, Mahmems may also have MVP and best offensive players at the same time. After the voting of Tencent Editorial Department, the number of ponyg votes took the best offensive player award at the absolute advantage of 13-11, and the regular game MVP income account.

The most valuable player: Patrick – Mahomus quartz from Swan Kansas City Chief

Since we predict that Mahms is a big prize at the same time, it will talk about these two awards. In fact, NFL seems to be more intense than this year’s MVP competition. Mahms and Bris were a big fever player from the season. If a lazy child puts difficulty in playing NFL Madden, I may have the opportunity to play the data of Mahms this season. This season, Mahomus threw 5097 yards 50 recorded on the array of 12 times. Become the third single game of Benedon-Manning and Tom-Breddy, the third single season threw 50 years old players, it is hard to imagine that Mahms played a great season but missed MVP scene.

Mahmus is far ahead of the privileged number and the number of passes. In addition, Mahms also left a lot of amazing moments in the 2018 season, such as people who did not look at people, change their hands, etc., giving the fans extreme visual impact, which also deepened him in people’s minds. Impression points. However, some people think that although Mahms’s performance is very counter-sky, Brisker leaders’ success is even more great than Mahms as the chief.

First of all, Briser has been full of good partners, Michael Thomas and Alvin – Kamara is a luxury ball goal for any four-point guard. But the chief of Andy-Rudget under the Terri-Hill and Travis-Kelps have played the peak performance in their respective locations, and even Chris Conley, Sami-Waterkin Sothing and Demtrib Harris can think of a high-level player, Carrim Hunter is also a good partner in Mahms, which makes the chief to become the union technology. The most explosive One of the teams. Even so, we can still observe that most of the ball data of this seasilic chief is concentrated on these key players. Different, Briser will give Thomas and Kamara, but at the same time Dan-Arnold, Kius Cork Cork and Osding-Carl, you may not call the name of the name. Overded.

The last thing to say is that the 16th week of the Emirates has not locked the number one seed yet, and even the partition champion is different. Saint Snow in Bris, Teddy-Bridgewater, was sent to Taddy Bridgewater, so in the data, Mahmus didn’t play a game than Bristo, which is more beneficial to Mahjo. Ms won MVP and the best offensive player.

In fact, Tencent editors were very difficult, and everyone knew that Bris was still taking a regular mvp in this life. This may be his last chance in this life, so he also won a lot of votes based on this reason. However, reviewing the 2018 season, we remember more or Mahms escaped in the pocket on the court, and can say that Mahms’ appearance, subvert the alliance’s traditional offensive mode, is a cross time Significant super stars.

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